Essential Steps to Find the Most Profitable Keywords for Selling

In this post, Erik Emanuelli, will show you how to find the most profitable keywords to sell your products or services with higher conversion margins and low competition.

Find the Most Profitable Keywords for Selling

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Profitable keywords are essential to selling your products with high conversion margins and low competition. With the term profitable, we want to highlight the concept of something advantageous for your business.

The study must start with a detailed view of your business or product and then find the most profitable keywords using some tools to analyze the target market.


What is a Keyword?

Before explaining how to find profitable keywords, it is helpful to specify that a keyword is composed of one or more terms that reflect a search performed by a user on a search engine. 

It’s the reason keyword research is essential for the SEO optimization of web pages and position of a product high on a marketplace to increase sales opportunities, such as Amazon.

There are different types of keywords, and they are mainly divided by search intent.

  • Informational keywords. Keywords that users type who want to search for information.
  • Transactional keywords. Keywords that express a purchase intention such as download something or buy products.
  • Navigational keywords. These keywords presuppose the will to find a specific brand, website, or business.

The keywords can also be divided according to the number of words they contain:

  • Vanity keywords. They are based on 1 or 2 terms that only generically describe a topic. These terms have a high search volume and, therefore, high competition.
  • Medium tail keywords. They are made up of 2 or 3 terms with lower search volumes.
  • Long-tail keywords. These are specific keywords consisting of 4 or more words with low search volumes but little competition.

When looking for a keyword to sell, the relationship between the average search volume and the competition is fundamental. 

The profitability of a single keyword is given by two main parameters: supply and demand. Obviously, the higher the search volume, the wider the user base. At the same time, there is also a lot of competition on inflated keywords. Hence, it is more challenging to obtain results.

Keep in mind that in the search for profitable keywords, it is helpful to focus on precise terms with little competition that respond to search intent for niche markets or well-defined users.


How to Find Profitable Keywords

Searching for profitable keywords is an essential step to improve the visibility of your products and, therefore, maximize the opportunities for success. This strategy aims to identify the exact words people search for a particular product and select those most likely to convert.

When you decide to sell online, you cannot ignore a well-defined analysis that must start, first of all, with the study of the reference market and strategic planning of activities.

After the first phase of analysis of the target market, you can start keyword research to find profitable terms. Here’s how to do it.

  • Analyze the market trend. It’s essential to understand if your product or business has a demand in the market and if the trend is growing. One of the most used tools to analyze the movement of possible keywords is Google Trends, a free tool to analyze the searches made by users and check their progress at various times of the year.
  • Study the competition in the market. Check if there are any valuable elements to understand possible research intentions and discover competitors’ strategies.
  • Check main competitor’s keywords. After finding the competitors in your niche, you can identify which keywords they use. It’s not about copying the competition but understanding if there is room for improvement to be implemented in your business.

To find the most profitable keywords for your business, it is also essential to identify a well-defined market niche. 

A market niche is a sub-category of a market segment and is very important in selling because it brings together users with the same interests. For this reason, if you decide to choose profitable keywords for a market niche, you will have these advantages:

  • less initial competition and higher conversion rate;
  • decision-making on the price as the user will have less opportunity to compare prices;
  • lower marketing and advertising costs.

The first step in studying a market niche is to identify your buyer personas and what they are looking for on the web. Once the market niche has been defined, you can use various tools to facilitate keyword research. The only problem with market niches is that they quickly become saturated, being very specific and restricted.


Searching for Valuable Keywords on Amazon

Suppose you have decided to use Amazon as a marketplace to sell your product. In that case, you cannot exclude the search for keywords on this marketplace to improve the visibility of your products and, consequently, increase sales opportunities.

Given the massive number of users, Amazon represents an extraordinary opportunity to sell your products online. To make sales, your products should be positioned on the first pages of the Amazon search engine.

Don’t assume that you know in advance what keywords people will search for your products. People often use Amazon’s search bar in the most unthinkable ways, and most importantly, keep in mind that your perspective may be different than that of a potential buyer.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not have an internal tool to understand the search volume for a given word. For this purpose, a few strategies facilitate the search for profitable keywords.

As a first step, you can use a tool made available indirectly by Amazon, namely the autosuggest. This feature is the automatic compilation of Amazon, and the suggestions it proposes in the search bar are not random but correspond to the keywords most searched for by users browsing the marketplace.

To find the most profitable keywords, open Amazon in an incognito window to get unfiltered results from your search history, and start typing your product name:

At this point, you have several valuable keywords to better position your product, but you don’t know what the search volume of these possible profitable keywords is.

How to get this fundamental data?

Sonar is a free tool that allows you to get advice on likely profitable keywords for Amazon and gives you an order of magnitude of the search volume. This site does not provide the exact number of monthly searches for each keyword but uses a scoring system from zero to five bars.

Sonar also allows the study of possible keywords to sell by giving additional suggestions over Amazon’s recommendations. The best thing is to search Sonar for all the keywords indicated by the Amazon autosuggest and collect all the data in a single table. In addition, another exciting feature of Sonar is the tab called “extended,” which provides all the synonyms and related keywords.

Keyword Research Tools

As you have seen in the previous paragraphs, many tools can facilitate the search for profitable keywords to sell a product and better position a website on search engines.

However, it is necessary to distinguish between the search for keywords intended to facilitate the sale of a product through Amazon and the keywords used to optimize a site or an eCommerce for search engines. 

Using a tool designed solely for keyword research on Google could return wrong results for the sale of products on Amazon. Often, users search for products directly on the American marketplace when they already intend to purchase, without going through Google.

Here are the primary tools to find the most profitable keywords for your website.

  • Ahrefs: one of the most comprehensive SEO audit tools on the market.
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner: a free tool offered by Google Ads specifically for keyword research and planning.
  • Answer The Public: another free tool for finding users’ search intent.


Final Words

In order to find the most profitable keywords is essential if you want to profit with your website or sell your products and services online.

Hopefully, this small guide has given you some hints to get started.

I’d love to hear what you think and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, thanks!