Find Out How Much Actual Traffic Your Website Gets With These Stunning Tools

The best tools to monitor not only your website traffic, but how much traffic your competitors websites get, are essential when running and optimizing your website marketing strategies – get them here!

Find Out How Much Actual Traffic Your Website Gets

Traffic is a vital element in any website when looking for Web Design Services as it allows you to know whether people are visiting your website or not. It also helps you to know whether your SEO efforts are working or whether you need to do something to improve on it. Although many websites don’t publish their stats to be viewed by the public, there are several tools accessible in the market to help you get these statistics.

Knowing how much traffic your competitors are getting allows you to understand whether your SEO strategy is on the right track or not.

The only info that you will get about other websites is about ads on the advertising page. This page has info about demographics, monthly traffic, and marketing materials. If this information is not accessible, you will need to look for traffic estimation tools. This article will look into 5 of WordPress traffic estimation tools to help you with the traffic count

1. SimilarWeb


If you want to check the amount of traffic your competitor’s site gets, then this is the perfect choice for you.

SimilarWeb doesn’t only monitor your traffic but also check top ranking websites with its Top Website Rankings page feature. The tool shows website traffic according to category and country. For free version users, it’s limited to the top 50 websites. You can also search for specific domains and see that particular site’s stats. You will get three kinds of reports instantly when you try to look up for a website. They include global rank, country rank, and category rank. This information is perfect if you want to check your competition. Scrolling downwards, you will see the engagement stats for that particular website. They include average visit duration, bounce rate, and pages per visit. Those are not the only stats that this tool shows. Scrolling down further, you will access information such as traffic source breakdown, top referring sites, social media traffic, audience demographics, and more.

2. Quantcast


For the best and most accurate traffic results, this is the best tool for the job.

However, the results will be spotty from site to site, and you will get limited reports compared to SimilarWeb or Alexa. Quantcast works in a way such that you have to set the tool up first before it starts to collect data about the website’s traffic estimates and other stats. For sites that don’t comply, Quantcast won’t provide accurate information. You won’t get traffic info about websites that are less popular with this tool. If the tool can rack a website, it offers terrific information including demographic breakdown. Here you will get info about shopping interests, visitor ethnicity, occupations, media interests, and political affiliations.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs to monitor website traffic

Ahrefs is quite handy and powerful when it comes to implementing search engine optimization services.

What I love about this tool is how it mines all kinds of search traffic data on your site and also your competitor’s website. Ahrefs will not only give you accurate measures of a site’s monthly search traffic, but also a breakdown of what keywords are used to find your website and where the traffic is coming from. The tool also gives you information about your backlinks where you will get to know which sites are linked to your website, how the data fluctuate over time, and how often they are linking to your website. As with all good things, Ahrefs provides its services at a price. You won’t be able to access any free plans. You will only be given a seven-day no-restrictions trial for $7 and after it elapses, you will have to pay $99 per month for the lowest plan. Although it looks expensive, the data it provides is indeed worth it.

4. SEMRush

SEMRush SEO Tool

Usually, SEMRush is used as a search engine optimization tool for finding target keywords to bring you more traffic to your website.

If you are a regular user, it will also help you see what kind of search traffic your site and that of your competitors get. However, the numbers won’t be absolute traffic numbers. If that is what you are looking for, then the best tools will be either SimilarWeb or Quantcast. SEMRush will work well if you are trying to compare search traffic patterns between two or several sites. In this case, you will get the most accurate results. SEMRush will give you not only effective keywords but also the exact number and their search engine positions. You will be able to see search patterns on a regional basis. Since SEMRush is a freemium tool, the free plan will get access to a basic overview and 10 free searches per day. Their lowest plan goes for $100 per month if you want to unlock higher limits and more data

5. Alexa

Alexa website traffic

When you want to find traffic estimates for your site, this is the best tool that will give you accurate results.

The only issue with this tool is that it recently got rid of its free plan. If you search for any website, Alexa will give you its Global Alexa Rank and Country Alexa Rank and its rise and fall over the past one year presented in a simple chat. The tool also provides limited demographics and keyword information. Although the information is limited, it’s enough if you want to compare two sites to see which one is more popular than the other. Its insight plan will give you more data and it’s available for $79 per month. They will require your credit card details to use the seven-day free trial which you will have to cancel before the period elapses.

Final Thoughts 

Running and marketing a website requires a lot of tracking here and there. You should always be on your toes to ensure that you are heading in the right direction for your website’s success. Or you may end up losing a lot of traffic to your competitors. Tracking your site helps you to know if your SEO implementation is working or not. You will also understand what your competitors are doing to stay ahead.