Graphic Design Consult

We always begin with 1 or 2 free initial consults to make sure we have a basic understanding of you, your business and what your needs are.


Graphic Design Proposal

The next step is a proposal that outlines the project scope, goals, timeline and fees.

A great example of how we typically work is to get a deposit for a 15 hour block of time = $1,800.

For most graphic design projects this allows us to do initial research, provide concepts and a final press ready version of a logo, label, or package design.

Initial Graphic Design Concepts

After we come to an agreement and receive your deposit, we immediately begin work billing against that deposit. For most graphic design projects, we typically provide 2-3 unique concepts for you to review. Our graphic designers will then work with you to refine the design concept of your liking to perfection.

No, we don’t limit the number of revisions!

Graphic Design Variants

While many smaller graphic design projects can be completed within the initial deposit time frame, some require continued design after the initial concept phase.

Say for example, the graphic design project required for your company is to establish a new product line for your brand. In this scenario our graphic designers would work the initial concepts towards a global brand styling and finish one label or package to completion. We would then move towards the unique and individual product elements that would complete the press ready labels or packaging roll out required to make each product distinct while working with the master brand that was established.

Design Deliverables

During the graphic design process we keep you updated with transparent reporting on progress goals. The design work is completed upon your approval. Once approved and any additional progress billing has been paid, Pixel provides ALL developmental and finalized artwork to you via a permanent dropbox link.

Pre-Press and Press – If you are not printing through us, we will gladly work directly with your production vendor to coordinate press ready art set up details to spec and transfer of art files.