Facebook SEO: 9 Cracking Tips To Win Higher Page Ranking

What? I can win higher page ranking on Facebook! Facebook SEO is a thing and with these tips your posts can get more visibility.

Facebook SEO


Without any doubt, social media marketing has huge potential to increase your conversion rate. The use of social media in your business offers you the following benefits:


  • Increase in brand recognition
  • Provide golden opportunities to increase conversion
  • Ranks better in SERP


There are various social media channels to boost the popularity of your business. Among them, Facebook remains the primary platform to promote your business. With more than 160 business people on Facebook, it becomes a great challenge to attract new followers and to stand unique in the crowd. Facebook remains the golden opportunity to drive potential customers for your business. 


How to ensure your success on Facebook? It is done only by expanding your organic reach with the best Facebook SEO principles. With over 160 million Facebook business accounts, it becomes challenging to stand out from the competition. The best way to get top on Facebook, know the perfect SEO tactics and implement them on Facebook to gain organic reach.

What Is Facebook SEO?

Everyone on the internet will have heard of the word SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nothing but the right strategy to boost the traffic quality for your website. Also, it understands how to categorize your page content to uplift your Google rank. Therefore, with the right SEO technique, you can identify the keyword and relevant search terms to optimize your website.


And, everyone will have a question about what SEO exactly does for Facebook page optimization? Generally, Facebook is a website where the same SEO principles need to be applied to maximize organic traffic. While using the SEO key principles in Facebook, boosts your organic visibility with improvement in ranking.


Ready to know about the importance of Facebook SEO? Keep reading the article to find the nine best Facebook SEO tips to enhance your page ranking.

1. Conduct SEO Keyword Research

Before getting into Facebook SEO, it is most essential to know the right keyword relevant to your business. Using the most suitable keyword will increase your ranking both on websites and on Facebook.


Keyword research is all about analyzing the terms that people use to find your business. Identifying the right keyword is simple! Start finding the terms on Google search and discover the related phrases that users search for. Also, use some efficient tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz to find the keyword suitable for your business. Then, with a handful of powerful keywords, use it on your Facebook page to increase the chance of reaching new audiences.

2. Create The Right Facebook Page Name

Creating a name for your Facebook page is one of the important steps to improve your Facebook SEO. The perfect username suitable for your business page provides a great opportunity to boost your ranking within the Facebook platform. So, know the related keyphrase and add it to your Facebook page name to grab the attention of target audiences. 


When you include a keyword in your page name, your customers will get a clear idea about your business, and the search bot will show on the top of search results. Never change your Facebook page name frequently to achieve higher traffic.

3. Optimize Your FB Page URL

One cannot publish a website without a domain name. The same principle applies to Facebook also. Why create your Facebook page without customizing your vanity URL? Customizing your page URL on Facebook creates a great impact on your traffic and boosts your Facebook SEO.


The vanity URL is just the username that you gave for your business page. For customizing your Facebook URL, head into Page Settings and provide your username. Ensure that the provided username is clear and attracts your target audiences.

4. Backlinks To Boost SEO Ranking

Building more backlinks adds credibility to your Facebook page and creates trust among the search engines. In Facebook SEO, having backlinks is like gaining good reviews for your site. Grow as a trustworthy site and boost ranking with quality backlinks from high-authority websites or through blog articles. 


The backlink quality matters more than the backlink quantity. The more quality backlinks to your Facebook page are more likely for Google to top rank your page on search results. Encourage plenty of reputed bloggers to add your page link on the bottom of their posts to increase your Facebook page ranking.

5. Add Keywords On About Section

The About us page on Facebook remains the mediator for search engines to describe your business in a more accurate way. So, never forget to optimize yours about section with the right keyword. The about us page on Facebook is like the meta description of a website on Google. When a user searches using your keyword on Google, the text of the about us section will appear below your Facebook page title on the search results.


If you provide the about us section on the Facebook page by highlighting the keyword, you will be in the top position to boost your Facebook page ranking on search results.

6. Share Engaging Content With SEO Keyword

Every post on your Facebook page should be stuffed with your branded keywords. Also, including keywords on the captions of your Facebook photos, videos, and articles uplift your ranking among Facebook. Inject SEO keywords at the right place of your Facebook page and increase your visibility among target audiences.


Ensure the keywords you provide in the captions are relevant to the content. If not, it may lead to the loss of your audience. The place of keyword insertion is important to get betterment in Facebook SEO.

7. Boost Local SEO With Contact Info

Providing contact information is a powerful SEO strategy for small businesses to grab the attention of local markets. Users on Facebook often search for businesses in their area. If your Facebook page contains all your contact information, then your organic traffic increases with a boost in SEO. 


Fill out the correct contact information like address, website link, phone number, email id, and location to stay audiences on your page. With your information, it lets your visitors keep in touch and also improves your site ranking in local searches.

8. Add Relevant Custom Tabs

Do you know, you can customize the tabs on your Facebook page? Yes, providing custom tabs relevant to your business will boost your SEO ranking. To edit your Facebook custom tabs, tap into Page Settings >> Templates and Tabs. Most of them use the default tab, and if you need to change it, move on to the Edit option and select the template suitable for your business. 


Customize your tabs relevant to your business for making it easier for your audiences to leverage your FB page. Provide your target keyword on the tabs like events and community for dragging the attention of your audiences.

9. Share SEO Blog Content On Facebook Notes

Generally, posting blogs with keyword-rich content is essential to boost your website SEO. But, do you know Facebook requires the same to maximize the success of your business page? To make this possible, here comes the Facebook notes to share your keyword-rich blog content. 


The Facebook note is a perfect place to provide a business update to your audiences. You can either create new content or re-share your existing blog post to increase the website traffic. Also, check whether the content contains the top SEO keywords to drive higher traffic.

Final Thoughts

Keyword research is the main factor to boost your Facebook SEO with higher traffic. Optimizing your Facebook profile remains a booster for search engines to rank higher on the SERP. When your Facebook page has a suitable keyword with proper SEO optimization, you will easily get direct traffic from your target audiences.


Follow the above SEO tips on your Facebook page to promote your business and shine on the search results!