Experiencing Super Weird Job Interview Questions Lately?

Job hunters are more likely to face some super weird-ass job interview questions to help interviewers uncover what lies beneath the resume.

Finding a job these days is no easy feat. With so many other qualified skilled jobhunters vying for the same role as you are, it may seem impossible to stand out against the crowd.

For companies like Google, Facebook and Airbnb who, without a doubt, get their fair share of applicants it may seem even more difficult to get noticed. Sure, you can present a beautifully designed resume, graduate college with a 7.0, win a Nobel prize, or list other notable achievements. But what these companies are interested in is the stuff that’s not written on paper.

To give you an idea of what an interview process is like at some of the most desirable companies in the world, Fundera created an infographic that illustrates the weirdest interview questions ever asked. It’s safe to say that if you find yourself in the interview chair at one of these companies, you’re bound to be put in some pretty bizarre scenarios. From situations involving pizza boxes and a pair of scissors, to instructing someone how to fold an origami cootie catchers with just words, you’ll be surprised by just how weird the interview process can get.

These seemingly bizarre questions are designed to test how quickly you can think on your feet, your ability to problem solve on the spot, and also, to see if you pass the “Is this person cool?” test.

Check out the infographic below and put yourself to the challenge!