Evergreen Media – Digital Marketing That Won’t Die Anytime Soon.

Forget about marketing trends, focus on evergreen media for digital marketing benefits that you can reap for the long haul.

evergreen media in marketing

Digital Marketing trends change with the wind.

So much so, it’s way too hard to keep up with what might be trending now.

Stop trying to catch rainbows and go for the unicorn – evergreen media.

What is evergreen media?

Evergreen media is composed of the media channels that won’t be fading out of existence in the short run.

More importantly, evergreen media is the type of digital marketing that draws in views for years!


So Let’s Look at Which Evergreen Media Channels Should Tie in to Your Marketing Strategies:



1) Social Media

social media

Love it or hate it, social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

In fact, studies suggest that there are currently 4.021 billion internet users worldwide and of those, 3.196 billion use social media.

So although Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and their ilk are continuously fighting for the top spot and new forms of social media seem to pop up all the time, it’s safe to assume that social media will continue to exist and remain relevant; so using them properly is critical.

Social Media is generally cheaper than traditional outbound marketing methods like TV and radio ads and allows you to target specific consumers based on age, location, preferences, relationship status browsing habits interests and much more.

Using social media as part of your ongoing marketing strategy is, therefore, a no-brainer.

That being said, social media, by nature, is NOT evergreen.

Social media is all about what’s new, current, trending and ultimately fleeting.

The key here is making sure your content is going to ‘stick around’ as long as the media channel is. To do this you can republish your evergreen media ie; articles, videos what have you. Just switch up the presentation a little bit to make it fresh and useful to your audience.



2) Mobile Media Marketing

mobile media marketing

You only need to put your phone down for a brief moment to see that everyone else is glued to their mobile devices too.

Even though I’m writing this on a desktop, we all have to recognize that mobiles are far more popular and consequently more important when it comes to digital marketing.

In fact, Google announced the roll-out of their mobile-first indexing system back in March 2018 which now means that sites which display well on mobile devices are ranked higher on Google than those who do not.

How is mobile media evergreen?

Great question.

We’re talking about a marketing medium that simply isn’t going away – it’s evergreen.

Sure, mobile shapes and sizes are going to change, but people are consuming their content on the go, and that ins’t likely to change.

Mobile marketing isn’t just about creating websites that display well on mobiles.

There is far more you can do such as creating an app or using geo-location targeting to bring people online into your store.

As Ashlei Valles stated,

Evergreen marketing relates to marketing campaigns (and in this case online marketing campaigns) that are on-going and seek to provide your store with new sources of customers and sales. These types of campaigns have virtually no expiration date and are not time specific (i.e. special sales around a holiday such as Black Friday). True evergreen campaigns are based on value, not promotions or pricing.

The opportunities for mobile marketing are endless but one thing’s for sure: the future is mobile and prioritizing this market is, therefore, a key to your success.



3) Omnichannel Marketing

omni channel marketing

Omnichannel Marketing is the integration of multi-channelled marketing and sales approaches and techniques.

Honestly, omnichannel marketing is the definition of evergreen marketing, in that it is the hub of all media sources that you’re going to use to keep your media evergreen.

From simple things like offering the “order online and pick up in store” option that many companies are now embracing to more complex demonstrations of omnichannel as seen by companies like Disney who create a seamless experience across multiple platforms.

With so many online marketing channels, Omnichannel Marketing has to be a part of your marketing campaign strategy.

The good news…

You don’t have to be a giant retail store or a global company like Disney or Starbucks to embrace Omnichannel marketing.

For example, even a Dentist on the Central Coast can embrace omnichannel by offering patients an online booking system and allowing them to choose their entertainment options for their treatment online ahead of time.


Harvard Business Review reports that of 46,000 surveyed shoppers,

a whopping 73% shopped on more than one channel (only 7% shopped online-only, and 20% shopped in-store-only).

Findings showed that they spent 4% more on average every time they visited a store and 10% more online in comparison to single-channel shoppers.

And when they did research online in advance, they spent 13% more in-store.

In short: more channels = more revenue.


4) Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence

It may sound scary, but Artificial Intelligence is a fascinatingly useful tool and it’s here to stay.

By processing huge amounts of data at high speed, Artificial Intelligence allows us to analyze consumer data like never before.

More importantly, combining AI into your marketing strategy to help deliver a more personalized shopping experience will help you streamline marketing efforts while delivering better brand messaging to your audience.

With platforms like Search and YouTube reaching billions of people everyday, digital ad platforms finally can achieve communication at scale. This scale, combined with customization possible through AI, means we’ll soon be able to tailor campaigns to consumer intent in the moment.

This is like having a million marketers in your pocket.

From analyzing customer browsing and purchasing habits to coaching your sales staff, AI can increase your revenue in a myriad of ways.



5) Video Marketing

video marketing

Thanks to ever decreasing attention spans, video is becoming more and more important in the digital marketing industry.

In fact, the last two years have seen an increase of almost 10 million daily views in mobile video usage.

Research also shows that today’s consumers are 64-85% more likely to purchase your products after watching video content.

Many eCommerce marketers are using video with little to no budget and dominating both YouTube and Google search with video content that converts!

If you’re wondering how to improve conversion rates with video marketing, take a look at this article; which covers 5 key components to video marketing that converts!

A video is, therefore, a crucial tool for any marketing strategy, especially as the millennial and Gen Z generations become increasingly dominant as consumers.



6) Colour Psychology

color psychology

As the world around us gets more and more technological, don’t forget to go back to the basics of human psychology.

The psychology behind marketing is the backbone of a great marketing campaign.

Understanding your customer and what motivates their decisions is super critical to marketing effectively.

Take for example;

93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.

Colour psychology is the research into how different colours affect human behaviour and decision making.

Graphic Design Companies, Marketing and advertising specialists have been using this for years to invoke certain reactions from their consumers.

From fast food brands using red to trigger hunger to car companies using blue to create a sense of trust and appeal to the male demographic, colours remain a staple part of the marketing process.


Colour psychology doesn’t have to end with your company’s logo. It can be utilized in every part of your digital marketing campaign.

So next time you’re writing a marketing email, creating a landing page or designing a newsletter, think about the colours you use and how they can help you to convert customers.





Digital marketing doesn’t have to be scary or confusing. Despite new trends and advancements occurring regularly, there are some techniques that will be around for a very long time. If you’re overwhelmed with the plethora of techniques and options available to you, focus on the evergreen media and digital marketing techniques mentioned above, and the rest will follow.