Is it Time to Invest in an Employee Experience System?

Not sure what an employee experience system is, this post is going to break it down for you in 5 key points.

Employee Experience System

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5 Features To Check Before Investing In An Employee Experience System 

Employees are the most valuable resource of any organization, acting as the key to unveiling the business’s prosperous longevity and overall success. But have you ever emphasized the experience offered to your employees? The experiences of employees have a long-lasting effect on their perspectives and actions.

Implementing the employee experience system is an important strategy for every industry. An employee experience platform will allow you to empower and enable the employees while eliminating the daily challenges and encouraging them to pursue a strong employee lifecycle.

What is an Employee Experience Platform?

The employee’s success is the backbone of the success of your business. While human contribution can support employee engagement, adding technology will ensure every employee feels valued and heard, increasing the retention rate more than ever. 

An employee experience platform is a long-term investment that allows businesses to connect, inform and engage with thousands of employees worldwide. Simply put, the right employee experience platform will help you to build a custom-made digital workplace, meeting the needs of both employees and the organization.

5 Core Features Essential for an Effective Employee Experience System

Finding the perfect digital employee experience system with comprehensive features for your enterprise is challenging. From ensuring the right mix of tools and channels to working out the enhanced ROI, our experts have compiled the top 5 must-have features in an Employee Experience system.

  • User-friendly UX to make everything easy for everyone

For managers to employee users, you may want to make it possible that the employee experience system should offer an easy, intuitive, and enjoyable user experience. It should be your top criterion while evaluating the suitable option since a non-intuitive platform will demand numerous training sessions, making the employees repel from using it.

Therefore, a simple and hassle-free onboarding experience is critical to making your employees use the employee experience system and get the best out of it. The chosen system should provide excellent flexibility for the users to engage via desktops and mobile apps. In a nutshell, it should be able to improve the overall experience and brand recognition.

  • Multi-channel access to reach everyone

Providing access to all remote and non-desk workers in dispersed locations, in different time zones and languages is key to bringing the team together. A survey shows that 34% of employees have reported that granting mobile access to the HR system enhances their work experience. However, it is still a challenge for many organizations. 

To overcome the difficulty, the modern employee experience system should have standard multi-channel capabilities to reach every employee via desktop or mobile content to communicate about updates and other events. It should also have an audience segmentation facility that enables the sending of the entire communication at the granular level, either to an entire organization or to defined groups, created based on the metadata of employees.

  • Help desk to adapt to the needs of employees

In a nutshell, HR in an organization receives dozens of requests or complaints from employees from various departments daily. Similar to a brand replying quickly to their request from the customers, the same applies when it comes to the request from internal employees. The help desk feature in the employee experience system will make it easy for HR to streamline the problem-solving process and eliminate any repetitive issues.

This will also give in-depth insights to HR, creating standardized responses and enabling the employees to find the answers to their queries on their own through AI-powered HR chatbots. In certain cases, if the employee still needs to reach out to HR directly, they can track the status of their request and get access to the response time. Such effective scalability and flexibility will enhance the employee’s productive and happy experience on the platform.

  • Strong feedback channel for an enhanced experience

Onboarding is an important aspect of an employee’s lifecycle in an organization since it allows them to set a standard example of what to expect from you. Like an excellent onboarding experience, incorporating an employee feedback channel is critical to improving the employee experience. When the employee issues are not addressed, it will negatively impact their lifecycle with the company. Hence, getting an employee experience system with employee feedback channels will make employees hear their concerns and make it simple for the organization to provide prompt solutions for the issues. The channel should capture the feedback throughout the employee journey and provide actionable improvements pertaining to the data consolidation.

  • Well-defined employee portal to maximize the retention

Empowering your employees through a well-defined employee portal is important to extend their journey with your organization. Choosing an employee experience system that benefits all levels of employees from top to bottom through a frictionless self-service portal will potentially build employee trust and retention.

Offering simplified and intuitive navigation from a single layer will allow the employees to find tasks easier and seamlessly initiate the functions. A good employee experience system can cover all the critical services within the platform, seamlessly bridging the gaps and working to connect to various back-end systems.

The Bottom Line

Employee experience has never been more crucial than in this competitive digital age. Hence, when it comes to choosing the right employee experience system, you need to know what to look for, that will readily complement your specific requirements. An employee experience platform bridges the gap between employees and business, improves time management, and brings all the core systems together in one place.

WorkInSync’s employee experience system is designed to bring your hybrid workspace together, under one roof, despite how big the dispersion is. Our advanced features help your team stay connected in real time and update on the latest initiations through a single secure dashboard.

Let your employees work better and stay productive all day long with WorkInSync’s employee experience system.