How to Embed and Display Reviews on a Website

How to Embed Reviews on a Website (And 3 Ways to Display Your Business Reviews)

How to Embed Reviews

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Do you want to embed reviews on your website? These tools, practices, and strategies will help you do it easily, keep reading.


Customer feedback and positive reviews are a key trust point for any website. To make the most out of you customer reviews you have to embed them on your website. This post is going to help you achieve this quickly.

Reviews are trusted as much as word-of-mouth by 84% of people, according to Bright Local. Moreover, it is indisputable that internet reviews are the medium that consumers trust the most. You will read about several website review display methods and the reasons you should use them in this insightful post. Therefore, let’s start!


If you want to display your business reviews on your website, this list of the best tools will allow you to embed reviews on your website seamlessly.

Best Tools To Embed Reviews On Any Website

1. Taggbox: Reviews Platform

Topping the list is the Taggbox reviews platform. It is a leading and highly promising tool that enables users to seamlessly collect, curate, and embed reviews from different review platforms to your website.


Taggbox users have the option to aggregate reviews from different review platforms like Yelp, Airbnb, Facebook reviews, and Google reviews. Moreover, the users also have the ability to customize the review as per their personal preferences and likings. They can choose from a wide range of customization and styling options like themes, templates, fonts, colors, etc. The content moderation panel of the tool allows the users to eliminate any unwanted reviews that may ruin the reputation of your brand. 


Taggbox understands this and hence has incorporated this feature to help brands manage their reviews efficiently. Not only this, but the users also have the option to leverage analytics after publishing their review widget. This way they can get detailed insights into details like total impressions, overall engagement of the website visitors on the widget, the number of likes, clicks, etc. The tool also offers automatic content updates that liberate the users from having to update the widget with reviews manually. Overall, this tool is highly responsive and responsive. 

However, if you come across any issues while using the widget or the tool, you can take assistance from the back support team anytime.

2. Elfisght

Elfsight, a platform for social media aggregation, is the next tool on the list and it enables users to gather, curate, and embed reviews into their websites. To compliment the overall design and feel of the website, they can also change the widget’s width and height.


Any content that users believe is detrimental to the reputation of their brand can be removed using the platform’s content filtering features. The platform’s cutting-edge capabilities are also available to brand users.

3. Nudgify

You can go ahead with Nudgify as your next option. Utilizing this tool, users may quickly create visually appealing review widgets. The tool offers a variety of customization choices, including templates, to meet your needs and preferences.


In order to achieve their ideal preferences, customers can also modify their style. Additionally, the tool supports more than 30 different languages. The sites or areas on which they want the review to appear can also be chosen by the consumers.


Another social media aggregator called enables users to embed anything they desire, including user reviews from different review platforms, on their website.


The platform performs admirably in terms of improving website traffic and user engagement.

The embedding procedure uses a user-friendly interface without the need for any code.

5. Review Widget

The Review widget can also be embedded on your company website using the Review widget tool option. The tool is very simple to use and does not need any specialized knowledge to utilize. The tool’s ability to let users modify the widget to their tastes is its best feature.

Users can customize the widget’s appearance and appeal by choosing from a variety of template alternatives provided by the tool.

How to choose the Best Reviews Platform out of these?

Now, that you know about all the responsive tools that can be used to embed reviews on your website, and if you are confused about which one to go ahead with, we have mentioned a few features that you need to take into consideration while shortlisting your preferred tool. 

  • Possibility Of Content Moderation

Since content is king, it’s crucial to consider it when building a review widget. Different review platforms cater to many trolls that like unnecessarily trolling brands by posting offensive and harsh content, just like any other social media network.


In order to control the content by deleting any objectionable content from the review widget, you must narrow down your list of potential tools.

  • Regular Content Updates

The ability of the review widget tool to automatically update content from the platform to your widget is one of the most crucial characteristics you should take into account when making your choice.


Of course, you could do it manually, but that would take a lot of time, and need you to constantly keep an eye on the reviews left by the customers.

  • Numerous Customization Possibilities

The customization panel is a different feature that requires your attention. Make sure your tool has a lot of options and lets you customize the review widget.


The tool should include a wide range of options for fonts, colors, themes, templates, and other design elements.

  • On-Site Uploads 

Lastly, you can ensure that the tool offers you an On-site upload option. If you are alien to this feature, then allow us to tell you that it eliminates your need to collect content from individual review platforms. Your website visitors will have the option to leave reviews directly on your website. 


This makes the process much simpler and easier as it makes you showcase your reviews directly on the website with much more ease and fewer complexities.

3 Amazing Ways to Display Reviews On Your Website

Now that you have been well acquainted with the best tools and features you need to consider for displaying your customer reviews on your website, this section will give you insights into the different locations where you can embed reviews seamlessly on your website. 

1. Home Page

Displaying customer reviews on your website’s top page is a smart move. This will be your chance to give your site visitors the first impression of your brand unless they click on an ad that directs them to your website.


This means that the reviews of businesses, not those of products, should be highlighted. You want to convey to site visitors how reliable you are by using feedback from clients who have previously purchased from your brand. If you have positive reviews or a high star rating, displaying this clearly is crucial.

2. Testimonials Page

Another great location on your website to embed reviews is the testimonial page. Considering that the majority of customers initially navigate through the testimonials page of the website to read the experiences of fellow customers.


Customers tend to trust other customers and read their testimonials before they make a purchase. Hence, it is a great idea to create a separate testimonial page and embed the reviews on one particular page to convert your website, and visitors, into existing brand customers.

3. Product Page

Creating a review widget and displaying them on your product page is the last yet effective move to make the most of your review widget and reap better results. You can even display the review widget in the form of a sidebar widget on the products that are currently on discount or have a promotional off. 


This would further intrigue your website visitors to check out the products by purchasing them, which would gradually lead to more sales and conversions.

Top Benefits Of Embedding Reviews On Your Website 

We have almost reached the end of this post and if you are still wondering why you need to include reviews on your website, then we have highlighted a few reasons in this section. 

Embedding reviews help in – 


  • Increasing the engagement of your website 
  • Reduces the website’s bounce rate 
  • Instills trust and confidence in your website visitors 
  • Increasing the stay time of your visitors 
  • Leads to more sales and conversions 
  • Improves the overall look of your website 
  • Build your brand social proof

Key Takeaways 

We have reached the end section of the post and are positive that you must be super pumped to include reviews from different review platforms on your website too. 


Additionally, you got to know about the most responsive tools, the best locations to embed reviews on your website as well as the features that you need to consider during the selection process.

Your brand’s website needs to have quality content that holds the ability to convert your visitors seamlessly and this strategy can surely help you attain the needful. Go on and begin the process right away to notice tremendous results and take your brand to the zenith of success!