Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing +Infographic

Trying to weigh out the pros and cons of email marketing vs. SMS marketing? The experts at Semaphore have already done it for you, check out the infographic here.


Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing +Infographic

After creating the most innovative product that solves a prevalent problem, business owners and marketers face an even greater challenge: reaching out to their target market.


One would think the task would be much easier in the digital age, thanks to social media platforms since these platforms provide broader reach and easier interactions between brands and consumers. 


But how should business owners and marketers cut through the online noise?


They can do so by having a direct line of communication with each customer. And this predicament is where email and SMS marketing comes in. 


These two forms of marketing are far from being antique and extinct. The ongoing debate about email and SMS marketing among marketers worldwide only highlights how consistently relevant these tools are in your marketing arsenal.  


Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing: The Pros and The Cons


Although both are effective ways to reach consumers directly, they each have distinct strengths and weaknesses.


Take email, for example. It’s often used by students, professionals, and especially marketers. Email marketing allows marketers to deliver highly personalized content to their audiences and customize the entire look and layout of the message. 

Now take SMS. Although it’s strictly text-based, it’s also helpful to remember that people are far more likely to open SMS messages than emails. Its text-based nature also makes it easier to set up than an email campaign.

Here are just some of the pros of SMS marketing that may engage businesses to use it:


  • You can circulate SMS text messages to other customers who are interested so that you can become partners with your customers with businesses in their marketing efforts.
  • It is simple to trace the favorable outcome of SMS marketing, which makes it uncomplicated to make adjustments to an SMS marketing campaign where it is necessary.
  • It helps businesses develop a loyal consumer base by giving exclusive deals and news to customers who participated.
  • It presents the ability to send instant messages. For instance, real estate agents can immediately notify customers about new listings. And if a restaurant is having a slow day, it can send out a today-only promotion to attract more customers.
  • SMS marketing targets an interested group of potential consumers or niche marketing groups who signed up to receive messages.

SMS marketing doesn’t need an internet connection to reach customers, but its word count limits it. Meanwhile, email marketing is easily customizable but has a chance of landing in the spam folder. 


Email Marketing vs. SMS Marketing: Which One Should You Choose?


No matter how you look at it, there is always a weakness to counter a strength. But at the end of the day, what ultimately matters is whether or not it fulfills the unique goals a business or marketer has.


It’s advantageous to better understand both to see how you can expand your marketing efforts and reach your target market the way you want. Check out the infographic below to learn more about email and SMS marketing.