Email Marketing Strategies for Dentists an Expert Guide

Every niche is a little different, this In-Depth Look at Email Marketing Strategies for Dentists will help personalize your practices approach for success.

Email Marketing Strategies for Dentists

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A carefully optimized email campaign can bring incredible value to your dental practice with comparatively minute monetary investments.

The cost effectiveness is difficult to overstate – researchers claim that for every dollar invested, you get forty two back. Astonishing figures.

Email campaigns can bolster existing patient relationships, foster new ones, and rekindle lost ones. Dental marketing experts across the globe agree that email campaigns are the first and most important step to take when planning your digital marketing strategy for a dental practice.

This article will shine light on the most important aspects to pay attention to when crafting email marketing strategies for dentists.

Should I even bother setting up an email campaign?

Unequivocally, yes. Here’s a list of reasons why.

  • It’s a cost effective and highly efficient way of forging lasting relationships with patients, both existing, new, and lost. You will see your patient retention and patient acquisition metrics go through the roof as a result of a good email marketing campaign.
  • Email campaigns are an excellent way to boost and maintain your reputation. Your reputation means everything as a health care provider.
  • An email campaign can be a massive boon to your website traffic metrics. These, in turn, cause more appointments. A digital marketer will be able to show you exactly how many people have set up appointments after looking at an email.

It’s important to define goals

As any digital marketing expert will tell you, without setting a goal straight away, you won’t even know if your email campaign did anything.

Make sure you sit down and set informed and rational goals before you invest a single dollar in your email marketing campaign. A professional will even help you adjust your goals as more and more data comes trickling back.

Here are some goals you can set for your dental email marketing campaign:

Branding is key

Just like anything else carrying your logo, emails are an important part of how potential patients perceive you. 

Leaving your email signature as plain text without proper branding can diminish the ROI of your campaign by up to 23 percent, researchers say.

Consult a designer to make sure the color palette used in your emails is consistent with your brand. Optimize your signature and make sure you include all pertinent contact details and social media links.

Pay close attention to the formatting

When it comes to formatting your emails, consistency and taste are very important.

A consistent formatting scheme will make your emails instantly recognizable and professional. An untidy font scheme and hardly legible typefaces can actually do more harm than not sending an email at all.

An email shouldn’t just be plain text without any embellishments but remember to keep it tasteful. An absurd font with an unorthodox color scheme will make your business look amateurish.

If you’re struggling to get your branding and formatting up to snuff, there’s no shame in hiring a professional designer or marketer to lend a hand. When you keep the potential of a finely tuned campaign in mind, you won’t even look at it as an expenditure.

Don’t neglect mobile

Don’t neglect is sort of an understatement – more than 50% of email campaigns are viewed on a mobile device, according to research.

So, when launching email marketing strategies for dentists, always double and triple check what the messages look like on a mobile device. If they don’t look professional, you’re losing a lot of conversions.

Be fun and educational at the same time

In an ocean of content being published daily on the internet, your emails need to stand out and grab your patient’s attention.

Now, you may think the greatest thing a well-meaning dentist can impart on the public is proper brushing technique, insistence on flossing, and not to ignore bleeding gums. But, let’s face it – these types of messages have been hammered in every person’s subconscious since the day they knew what a dentist even was. You won’t exactly be breaking new ground.

The trick is to engage your recipients and pique their attention. There are thousands of interesting and engaging facts about dentistry to be found on the internet. 

Being creative and innovative can be taxing in both time and effort, but it pays off sooner rather than later. If you’re struggling to come up with new and original content ideas, a digital marketer can take care of that part of the process for you.

Make sure you are HIPAA compliant

The way some dental practices make missteps is by sharing successful procedures without the patient’s consent.

Of course, a good before and after shot is a huge asset for any type of business. But healthcare providers need to pay special attention to not share any personally identifiable information about their patients.

The photos should have no names, dental records, or any other personally identifiable information. Informing your recipients about what kind of content they can expect to see is also a good idea.

A warm welcoming email makes a patient stay

First impressions are very important. Onboarding is a process that you need to perfect – make sure that your patients realize that by becoming your patron, they join a welcoming community of professionals passionate about their jobs.

Include a nice picture of you and your staff, inform patients what type of content they can expect, and promise that you won’t spam their inbox.

Email appointment confirmation

In order to make sure your patients will be making their appointments, request a single click from an email as confirmation. 

That way, you can be sure that both parties respect each other’s time, and you automatically open a conversation if anything goes awry.

This process, like many concerning an email marketing campaign, can be easily automated.

Ask your patients how their visit was

Give your patients an opportunity to share honest feedback. Both positive and negative responses can be invaluable in email marketing strategies for dentists.

A negative response can help you improve your practice. A positive response is an excellent testimonial you can post on your webpage, with the patient’s approval, of course.

Keep a consistent schedule

However, if you decide to set up your email frequency, make sure you keep your schedule. It lets your recipients know you are responsible and serious about your practice.

Use the data wisely

The amount of data we share daily on the internet is somewhat flabbergasting. While that may be creepy for our day-to-day lives, you shouldn’t shy away from using the data gathered to your advantage.

A digital marketing professional should keep you in the loop with a monthly report of the most important metrics pertaining to your website, as well as your email campaign.


Finely tuned email marketing strategies for dentists are the best investment you can make for your practice.

Don’t hesitate to hire a professional, as there are many ins and outs to the process. Even if you get a good return, you never know how impressive it can really be when the parameters are set optimally.

Even with the agency fees, a professionally curated email marketing campaign for your dental business will boost your profits considerably.