12 Tips to Increase Email Marketing Click Through Rates

Want to Seriously Grow Your Email Marketing? Follow these 12 Tips to Boost Email Marketing Click Through Rates and Conversions. 

Email Marketing Click Through Rates


“Reaching an inbox isn’t your goal – engaging people is” – Matt Blumberg.


Sounds about right? I mean, reaching a customer’s inbox is one thing, but making them engage with you is the real flex. 


Statista says that there are around 4 billion email users worldwide and Constant Contact reports a $42 return on investment on every dollar spent, which makes email the most powerful marketing tool to be used. But if the right measures are not taken, even a platform as effective and efficient as email can result in a failed campaign.


Are you struggling to make your email campaign successful? If yes, then this article is what you’re looking for.  


The following 12 practical tips that will magnify your email marketing click through rates and overall marketing efforts to coax the subscribers to engage with you. 


Excited to learn? Let’s dig in; 

1. Create an Email List Through Double Opt-in Forms

Double opt-in is a method of subscription where the user subscribes twice to be added to your email list. 


This means that they confirm their willingness to hear from you twice. It’s an excellent approach to get high-quality leads. 


Moreover, creating email lists through double opt-in forms allows you to eliminate subscribers who treat your emails like greymail (rarely opened emails). As a result, you’re left with subscribers that will result in a high engagement rate only. Hence, it’s a very favorable practice. 

2. Add Ridiculously Attractive Email Subject Lines

Subject lines are like the trailer of a movie; they attract the audience to see the rest. 


According to Invespcro, 47% of subscribers open their email by reading the subject line, while 69% emails are reported as spam because of their subject line. 


Your subject line can make or break your campaign, so if you want to increase your email marketing click through rates make sure your subject line is compelling enough. Your subject lines can be promotional, (40% off on all items), personalized (Best in Boston) or funny, (Dad jokes, we’ve got ’em!). You can select your subject line according to your campaign’s nature. 


Enticing subject lines have a higher chance to attract your subscribers and increase open rates so try to make them persuasive. 

3. Segment Your Email List – Exclusivity is Cool

Never underestimate the power of segmentation. 


Segment the list of your subscribers into groups according to criteria like location, age, purchase history, etc. This allows you to send only relevant emails to your subscribers. 


According to Hubspot, segmented email campaigns result in a 760% increase in revenue. And Mailchimp states that segmentation results in a 100.95% higher click-through rate. 


Hence, proving that segmentation significantly impacts email engagement.

4. Benefit from Using Attractive Email Templates

What if I tell you that you can create the best-looking email without wasting effort, time, and money? Sounds cool, right? 


By using professionally designed alterable email templates you can produce your campaigns quicker and have consistency in your designs as well. 


But before choosing email templates, make sure that they are responsive to all devices or not. Here are some professionally designed marketing email templates by Unlayer that will help you create attractive and eye-catching emails. These templates are responsive to all devices and can be customized according to your brand and campaign with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. 


It’s a must-have tool for any successful campaign.

5. Personalized Email > Any Other Email

Add a personal touch; it wins over the reader. 


Personalization in emails increases engagement. According to Experian, personalized emails result in six times higher open rate. 


You can personalize emails in the subject line, email copy, or graphics. Another great tactic is to send personalized offers according to their interest. 


The feeling that an email is tailor-made according to your interests motivates the subscriber to engage with you.


6. Select the Best Time and Frequency to Send Emails 

To avoid spamming your subscriber, you must set a frequency interval to send your emails. This way, you will avoid annoying them and build anticipation among them for your email. 


Coschedule says that Tuesday is the best day to send emails, while Hubspot says that the highest click-through rates are at 10 AM (21%), 1 PM (22%), and spike at 6 PM.  


But honestly, when it comes to selecting the best day and time, it’s wise to say that there is no specific ‘best time,’ and you have to decide one for your campaign through tests and trials. 

7. Personal IDs Win Attention

Another great way to increase email marketing click through rates is to send emails through personal IDs. 


It gives a feeling that the email is coming from a credible source and increases the likelihood of people engaging with it. Steven Macdonald from Superoffice says that 64% of people open emails based on who is sending them. 

8. Never Forget Interactive Elements

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 81% of marketers believe that interactive content grabs their attention. 


Interactive content in emails may include questionnaires, surveys, polls, CSS animations, videos or carousels, etc. The addition of interactive elements is a sure-shot tactic to increase user engagement and nurture bonds with your subscribers. 

9. Write Conversational Content

If you really want to boost your email marketing click through rates, write your email copy like you’re talking to a friend or colleague. 


Use their first name, add numbers in the text, and use pronouns like you or yours. Additionally, write a very scannable email copy. This will help the reader get your message quicker and better. 


Additionally, try to get your message across in fewer words and ensure clarity in each sentence. Make sure you add something of value to your copy: a piece of advice, a tip, a fact, anything. 

10. Add Eye-Catching Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons are a necessary part of any successful campaign. According to research conducted by Wordstream, emails with CTA buttons increase click-through rates by 371%. 


Adding CTA helps in increasing conversion rates and persuading the user to continue the buyer journey. Make sure your CTAs are enticing, adequately placed, and create urgency among the users. 


A vibrant CTA button can up your email marketing game for sure and generate a significant revenue of 1617%. So don’t forget to add them. 

11. Send Behaviour-Based Emails 

Send behavior-based automated emails to your subscribers to make them feel special and grab their attention. It’s an effective way to stay on top of your subscriber’s minds.


These emails are sent as automated responses after a subscriber takes a certain action. For instance, welcome emails are sent when someone signs up to the mailing list, or transactional emails are sent after purchase. 


According to GetResponse, trigger emails have an open rate of 38.03% and a click-through rate of 6.76%. With successful results like this, it indeed looks like an essential tip to consider. 

12. Test Performance and Then Test More

Regularly test the performance of email campaigns to understand what factors lead to success. Email testing helps you identify and fix errors in your campaign. It also prevents your email from going to the spam folder and leads to better results. 


Conduct A/B testing with elements like email copy, subject line, CTA buttons, etc., to analyze what leads to your campaign’s success. Most importantly, test how your email appears on different devices. 


Make sure you do this regularly, and it’s not a one-time effort. 


The tips mentioned above will help you magnify your email marketing methods and increase your email marketing click through rates and conversions. 


Just plan your strategy clearly and incorporate these tips to get the maximum profit.  Another important factor is to never stop learning new marketing techniques. 


Marketing strategies and innovation go hand in hand, so you must use the new styles and techniques that can amplify the success of your email marketing campaign. Till then, the tips mentioned above will help you increase click-through and conversion rates.