Eight Ways to Reach Your Customers with Your Branding

Find the right channel to reach your customers more effectively with your branding, take a look at these common ways to reach your audience.

Ways to Reach Your Customers

Making sure your company remains relevant is an important part of branding. In times of uncertainty, you want people to continue to interact with your brand, even if they’re not buying products, so that you can continue to build trust, for when they are ready to buy again. 

Today’s businesses have so many ways of reaching their potential customers with their brand message that it’s often difficult to know which platforms are most effective. Whether they’re traditional marketing methods or digital channels, your company needs to be able to find the right channel to fit its brand and reach the right customer bases. 

So, with so many options at your fingertips, finding the right platform is about understanding your customers. What do they want to see, and how can you reach them with it? The way we consume media is constantly changing, so it’s always worth trying new things and reevaluating your approach.

Traditional Marketing Methods

1. TV Commercials 

If you’ve got a big marketing budget, then TV commercials are still a good way to get your branding out there. 

However, streaming services have taken a huge chunk of the audience away from traditional media channels, and this is something to consider when weighing up your marketing options. 

Streaming services are starting to overtake paid TV in many big countries, and this represents a big change for marketers. Still, TV commercials have the capability to reach a very large audience, if you’ve got the budget to afford it. 

In recent years, digital marketing spending has been on the rise, whereas TV ad spending is falling globally. This doesn’t mean, however, that TV ads won’t work for your business. It just reflects the numerous different options marketers have for reaching their target audience. 

2. Print Magazine and Newspapers

Print magazine and newspapers are two more areas where viewership is down as a result of digital technology. Again though, this doesn’t necessarily mean these mediums should be overlooked for your advertising. 

The fact that readership of a certain magazine might be down will be reflected in the costs of advertising, making it much more accessible for your business. The question is not how much advertising costs, or how many people you reach, it’s about how much it costs to reach each person and being able to reach the right people. 

Print magazines and newspapers still offer plenty of opportunity to do this.


3. Direct Mail 

While many companies are focused on marketing to people’s digital mailboxes, there’s still a great opportunity to reach people with your branding through direct mail.

Direct mail marketing is cost effective and gets some very good response rates. Through direct mail, you can target very select geographical locations, and know that you’re reaching the right audience. 

4. Billboards 

It’s so simple, but yet, such an effective way of getting your message in front of people – a billboard. No matter how big digital marketing becomes, you still see big businesses using billboards as a way of getting their message in front of people. 

You might not be able to target too many specifics about who sees your advert, but you can get lots of people to notice your branding through a billboard. 

5. Radio 

Branding doesn’t have to rely solely on images or text, radio advertising also offers a good way to reach people with your message. With radio advertising, you can reach a large, captive audience, and convey your message in an easy to consume way. 

Businesses have been using radio to expose people to their brand since the beginning, and it’s still an effective marketing tool. 

Digital Marketing Methods 

1. Social Media

Social media has quickly developed into an excellent platform for businesses to promote their brands on. More than one billion people are active on Facebook around the world and this presents marketers with a lot of opportunities. 

One of the good things about Facebook from an advertisers point of view is that they have so much information on their users, which means there are lots of possibilities for targeting certain groups. This allows companies to maximize their advertising spend by making sure they’re reaching the right people. 

Social media isn’t just about paid advertising though, the way information gets shared on these platforms means brands can spread their content for free – if they do a good job. 

2. Search Engines

When people want to find information in 2020, the first place they often go is to the search engines. Having a presence on these search engines is vitally important to your brand as well as your sales. 

There are two ways of doing this, one is through search engine optimization, the other through pay per click ads. The purpose of both is to make sure that when consumers type a query, one of the first things they see is your website. 

Not only do you want these people to click to your website and buy your products, but you want them to associate your brand as a company that solves whatever problem they might have. If you can feature at the top of the search engine results pages, then you’re going to do this. 

3. Email 

The digital world offers another way to reach people’s mailboxes, but it’s actually a very different form of marketing from direct mail. When someone gets a letter or flier through their mailbox, it elicits different emotions from an email popping up in your inbox. 

Different people respond in different ways to different mediums, and if you can build your email lists, this is just another way of reaching people with your brand. 

4. Push Notifications 

Push notifications are a great way to continue to engage with visitors to your website. When people visit your site, they will be given the option to opt in for push notifications. If they accept, then you can notify them through their browser when you post new content or have a special offer on. 

These communications can be personalized to help ensure that people are continuing to engage with your brand.