Effective Email Design Trends to Hit the Inbox for 2023

With so much noise filling your inbox, you need effective email design trends to cut through it all, examples here.

Effective Email Design Trends


Wouldn’t it be boring to look at the same kind of emails over and over again?

Getting customers to open emails get harder each year. Images and a bit of text arranged in a column layout turn off your subscribers and make them resistant to your emails. Thankfully, we have new and effective email design trends every year that bring freshness to the subscriber’s inbox. 


In 2023, we will get to see some interesting and effective email design trends including minimalism, dark mode, AMP emails, and interactivity. Let’s take a look at each of them.


1. White Space is More Than a Trend

White space in any design helps clear the clutter and easy to absorb email layout. Clear sections, headlines, and CTAs, will make it more likely for customers to take action.

There are two ways in which you can add white space in your emails:


  1. Active white space around the important email 
  2. Passive white space around the template borders and the space between different sections


White space also serves the purpose of separator and breaks down the email content in different sections. As a result, the email becomes more readable and easy to scan. 

Take a look at this email by Shinola that makes the best use of white space. 

email design trends 1

2. Use Geometric and Abstract Shapes to Engage

It is a great idea to use shapes to break up space and help convey an idea. You can either use them as simple illustrations in the header or background, or make them the center of attraction in the email. Some brands use hard geometric shapes to impart a unique look and feel to the emails while others use organic, hand-drawn abstract shapes to draw attention. The latter makes the emails more fun and engaging for the readers. 

Take a look how Tattly has used the power of shapes in their email design.

effective email design trends

3. Ride the Waves

Just like white space helps in breaking up the email content, waves also break up the usual grid format in the email templates. They create visual cues so that the reader scrolls till the end. You can also use a wave to bring attention to the call to action. 

Take a look at this email by Winc that makes perfect use of waves to create an impactful design. 

effective email design 3

4. Take Note of Neon

Neon colors make your emails more vibrant and add real punch to your CTAs. They impart a happy feel to the emails and grab the subscriber’s eyeballs. If you want to highlight a particular message in your emails, neon colors are a great idea. While too much neon can get somewhat overwhelming for the readers, you can always use it once in a while for that visual oomph. 


Just keep in mind 3 important points before using such colors. 


  1. They should match your business personality. 
  2. Dark backgrounds are better in case you want to use neon colors.
  3. A neon background should be avoided in all cases. 

email design example 4

5. Let Email Gradients Captivate your Subscribers

Gradients add depth to flat email designs. They encourage the readers to scroll through the end of the email and increase the engagement rate. You can either use single color gradients or multiple color gradients. The former has one color going from light to dark while the latter has multiple colors going from one to another color. 


If you want to go a step ahead, you can even add animated gradients in the email background like this example by Oura Ring. 

email design trends 5

6. Use APNG, a better form of GIF Animation

According to a survey by Mailmodo, 67% marketers use GIFs in their emails. However, the problem with GIFs is the low resolution that results in some visual noise. APNG is a high-resolution GIF that supports 8-bit alpha transparency and 24-bit colors. It does not have a black border in the image, thereby being more visually aesthetic than GIFs. 

Here’s an image that clearly demonstrates the difference between the two formats. 

7. Animate the CTAs to Boost Conversions

The ultimate goal of every email is to get a high click-through rate with conversions. The placement and color scheme of the CTAs help with this. In 2023, email marketers will try out more animated CTAs that draw better viewer’s attention. You can create animated CTAs with the help of GIFs or CSS animation. Magic Spoon has smartly embraced this trend in their emails. Take a look.

Did you notice how they have even used a wave pattern and gradient background in the email? It has subtly amalgamated different email design trends to create a stunning email design and woo their customers. 


8. Give Memes a Shot in Email Design

Go beyond the vanilla visuals and try using memes in the hero image. It will make the emails more effective by adding some humor. People can connect with memes more than other forms of messaging. 

Bear in mind these 3 points while using memes. 

  1. Don’t use it in a way that distracts the reader from the primary message. 
  2. Include copyright details whenever you use the meme anywhere in your marketing material. 
  3. Show the meme to your team and confirm that it does not look offensive or inappropriate. 


Wrapping Up


2023 will be a medley of different email design styles like animated CTAs, gradients, neon colors, memes, and a combination of real images, illustrations, and geometric or abstract shapes. If you are looking for more insights into the topic, head to the infographic created by the experts at Email Uplers: 9 Email Design Trends 2023 to Look Forward to.

9 Email Design Trends - Email Uplers

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