E-mail templates are must in order to create cutting-edge e-mail marketing campaigns

Automating marketing processes is essential for any marketer and E-mail templates are the best tool to help dial in your email marketing campaigns.

E-mail marketing templates

E-mail marketing remains the backbone to any online marketing mix, proving how effective it is as a media of communication for marketers even after four decades.

To succeed in marketing, it is essential to build meaningful relationships with consumers for which e-mail remains the chosen media that can elicit the right response from consumers. By sending e-mails, you can reach to the heart of consumers, but the layout of this communication is critical in achieving a positive engagement. To create a well-designed e-mail marketing campaign based on attractively designed e-mails, you must use e-mail templates. Having a good set of E-mail templates at your disposal is going to ensure that you’re maximizing both open and click through rates.

You can usually find many default e-mail templates in the library of the E-mail Service Provider you’re using but, marketers want something more specific and relevant to the brand. For example, to make it easy to send newsletters to subscribers, choosing newsletter templates seems quite natural. Similarly, there can be templates for meeting various business requirements like Product updates, event invitations, internal updates, co-marketing e-mail, dedicated e-mails to specific groups, new content announcement e-mail, and many more.

Almost two-thirds of consumers prefer to read beautifully designed e-mails instead of tons of plain text that takes longer to read.

Customers don’t hesitate to delete e-mails that do not appeal to them in the first instance.

For creating close engagement with subscribers, it becomes essential to create stylish communication by using e-mail templates. WordPress users can take advantage of numerous plugins to create customized e-mail templates for specific requirements of business communication.

In this article, we will discuss more about e-mail templates and their benefits.

What is an e-mail template?

The structure of e-mail and the manner of presenting content depends on HTML coding, and an e-mail template is an HTML file that you can repeatedly use for creating e-mail content. It allows you to quickly copy and paste content directly into the file, including images and links and together with cascading style sheets or CSS helps to create customized content to reflect better casual or formal styles.

The Reusability of templates is very appealing to marketers once you identify templates that yield great results. Clearly this allows you to build out multiple e-mail campaigns with different content in less time — all with expected results.

An effective e-mail template will help you quickly save and duplicate images, content, and links relevant to the campaign.

WordPress e-mail templates

If you’re using WordPress, the number of amazing e-mail templates available to you is pretty staggering.

In fact, there a several plugins that allow you to customize the template style, you can make it your own by adding a logo, some text and changing colors and editing footer to make it ready for sending e-mails that bear the distinct marks of your business and brand. The Customizer feature of e-mail template plugins makes things easier. You can either send a test e-mail to see how it appears or can look at a preview and even copy the templates into the WordPress theme and start using it.

Installing the templates is also easy as you have to upload it in /wp-admin/plugin-install.php and then go to the Plugins menu in WordPress to activate the plugin. You can start editing by clicking on E-mail templates on the menu.

Now, let us look at the benefits of using e-mail templates.

Create campaigns faster

Speed makes all the difference in capturing marketing opportunities, and marketers must create e-mail marketing campaigns swiftly for which the e-mail templates are simply unbeatable. Since the template already has the code built into it, creating the campaigns is not only easy but also very fast. It does away with the need to write an e-mail or create the content from scratch, and instead, you can simply copy and paste the content together with links and images and get going. Moreover, you can preview the content created and make changes to it to if required. The ease of creating content allows you to make use of the saved time in crafting better content to make it more effective.

Consistent messages

As you need not re-write or create content from scratch, the chances of any error creeping into it when creating multiple email campaigns are greatly reduces. There is also complete uniformity and consistency across the content no matter how many times you reuse the template. Assured and improved subscriber experience results from using e-mail templates as there are no chances of broken e-mails that can lead to poor experience of subscribers. It eliminates the chances of typographical errors that can happen even with the most seasoned developers. This is a great benefit because typos can have a very bad effect on marketing that can even ruin the campaign.

Consistency is very important for branding because it facilitates consumer engagement that goes a long way to give good returns in marketing. Any lapse in consistent content creation can lead to consumers losing trust in the brand that can be so much disastrous that they would never give it a second chance.

Deliver personalized experience

The majority of marketers believe that personalization of marketing communication is critical to winning over consumers. It is easy to create personalized content by using e-mail templates because the design and style are already in place and all that you have to do is to plug in your content and personalize it. The name of the subscriber is the most basic personalization feature that you can add to the content and include many more like weather, location, and even some call to action (CTA).

The template upholds your brand and helps to create e-mail content that connects with subscribers at a personal level, which gives a cutting edge in competition. Going ahead, you can make use of live e-mail templates that automatically populate content from your API or website to share real-time information.



If you’re marketing your business and finding it way too difficult to keep up on sending out effective emails — please take a look at E-mail marketing templates as a tool to streamline your efforts.