Technology Trends and E-Commerce – Tips To Increase Online Sales

Want to increase sales online? Embrace technology trends for E-commerce with these tips that will increase online sales for your store.

E-Commerce Tech Tips To Increase Online Sales

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Ecommerce is facing many new changes and evolving in every possible way. It has streamlined the way companies make a profit. As an e-commerce manager, you’ll be interested in creating a greater return on your investment. There are numerous ways to revolutionize your business approach, but picking the right one matters. Every successful business is about strategizing and planning.


We took the liberty of compiling useful technology trends that drive E-commerce sales for you. So here are five ways you can implement and enhance customer retention tactics online. We have also included pitfalls you should avoid to not lose sales:


  • Interactivity Has Increased Due To Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has shifted the way customers can view products. Customers can now access virtual showrooms and virtually experience the effects before making a purchase. It is a significant trend changer as it has streamlined the process of carrying out E-commerce. 


Customers can now enjoy viewing their products comfortably and more accessible than they ever could. Augmented reality also makes it possible for them to use their phones to place the furniture around their house and make numerous decisions within seconds. AR is also utilized in stores as customers can use any AR device at the store and learn more about a product by viewing it. It saves time and provides them with accurate descriptions of their products. 


  • E-wallets Are The Future

E-wallet technology has changed the way purchases are carried out. Two of the most popular e-wallet trends are biometric authentication and fingerprint scanning. It makes your purchase far more secure and feasible compared to carrying your bank information in your wallet. It also makes it convenient for companies to utilize your data and customize your user settings according to your preference. If this technology entices you and you are eager to know more about the advancements brought about by e-commerce. You can see fastintell for more info and learn the benefits of e-commerce by shifting the landscape from a traditional business model. 


  • PWAs Are Easy To Use

Progressive Web Apps help shoppers complete their tasks efficiently. It does this by instantly loading, which makes for a much better user experience. Customers also find it very easy to adopt. It requires no download, and users visit the web link to prompt its engagement. It also enables SEO to rank websites higher and much faster for customers to find. All of these lead to a customer’s happiness and satisfaction while shopping. 


  • Use Pop-Up Offers

Pop-ups are an exciting way to generate traffic. When customers visit your website, they see a pop-up that acts as a sales or email pitch. Your pop-up should have exciting offers such as free shipping or a gift with a purchase. You must also include the option of adding to your mailing list. Use slides in pop-ups and different styles to cater to make your website look exciting as it removes the mundane greeting. Remember, the design of the pop-up is just as crucial as the pop-up. Pop-ups look good with different fonts and colors.


  • Utilize Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook comprise social media. They are the fattest tools in connecting you to your users. Once you have made a business account, you must work your way from there. Use hashtags such as ‘holiday sales’ to make it easier for customers to find you. Post pictures of bundle packs and special deals. Announce flash sales which create urgency as they are limited-time sales. When you gain a new follower, offer them a coupon. Hold giveaways and encourage your customers to tag their friends and family. All of these will create an engaging atmosphere. 


Pitfalls To Avoid

While you are working on establishing a successful e-commerce route, there are certain factors you should take and save yourself from doing. If you are not vigilant about the way you carry business. You may end up causing more loss for yourself than good. Here are some pitfalls to avoid:


  • Don’t Choose The Wrong Platforms

As an e-commerce business, you may end up joining a platform that doesn’t let you customize your business or work well with your products. A wrong platform will introduce problems like lower conversions and traffic reduction. It can become costly for your business as you will try to make up for the losses. Make sure the platforms you choose are user-friendly and have tools to help you boost your business. 


  • Avoid A Complicated Check-out Process

Don’t make complicated check-out systems that are hard to follow, such as asking them to create an account before they check out. Keep your website open. Let them check out as guests while providing their billing information and address. When customers are ready to purchase and check out the added hassle of a complicated procedure, they abandon their cart.


  • Beware Poor Customer Service

When customers engage with your product, they will have questions unless you use chatbots or post relevant product information. With frequently asked questions, customers will have to wait for you. When a representative doesn’t answer right away, the customers get uninterested and log off. It also reflects poorly on your testimonials. It is effortless to get stuck with low customer ratings because of lousy service.


  • Don’t Forget To Develop A Brand

Please don’t assume that your products speak of themselves. When engaging with a brand, customers need more than products. They need to know what your brand stands for as this brings familiarity. Your brand depends on simple logos, messages, and identities. An example is how their simple logo knows Nike. When you cultivate a strong brand identity, your audience will want to make it go viral. So always choose an easy-to-remember name and catchy logo. 


  • Don’t Fail To Do Market Research

Market research is the process where you visit websites to study market trends. Market trends inform you what the customer wants and what the business can provide. When you don’t conduct market research, you don’t have a plan. Your business suffers a staggering blow. Even with market research, you cannot set a benchmark for your products, which will cause you to fall behind. Stay updated with the current market and marketing strategies. 


  • Don’t Do Everything Yourself

Businesses are a collaborative process. You can’t handle every aspect of it on your own. Make sure you hire the right and competent employees to work with you. When you choose to work in isolation, you overlook essential factors such as keeping an eye on your finances. You also prevent yourself from burning out and have an effective system. 



E-commerce is a channel for conducting business. To successfully handle your business, use the latest tech trends hitting the market. Augmented reality has reshaped the way customers view products. E-wallets have made it easier to secure your data and make purchases without the hassle of bank details. PWAs load pages faster and connect customers to their preferred websites right away. Using pop-ups, you can entice your customers to indulge in your bundle deals. Finally, utilize social media to get a brand name going for yourself.