Drive Traffic From Instagram With Shoppable Posts to Your Website

Using Instagram effectively? Find out how to aggregate content from Instagram with shoppable posts to drive traffic form Instagram for even more sales.

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Social media is where billions of people globally spend their priceless few hours daily be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or any other.


There were only one of the top 3 activities of the internet users that was missing from social media but Instagram has brought that to its platform as well i.e. Online Shopping or Social Shopping.


Shoppable Posts by Instagram has provided your customers with a whole new way of buying products.


I like the idea of shopping on Instagram, but what are Shoppable Posts?


Shoppable Instagram Posts: The explanation

shoppable instagram

Shoppable Instagram is the selling of products using Instagram through shoppable posts. Shoppable posts are Instagram posts with an option to shop directly from the post for the users.


Shoppable posts allow brands to use the Instagram posts with their products showcased in it to tag those products with shoppability and allow the users to buy the products in real-time.


This feature is provided by Instagram itself but you can use Instagram posts on your website and make them shoppable in a more effective & resourceful way with the Shoppable Instagram tool.


The Shoppable Instagram tool is a tool that provides you the option to curate the relevant visual posts from Instagram for business and embed it on a website as an interactive feed with the shoppable posts feature.



Instagram Shoppable Posts: Existing Challenges

Although Instagram’s shoppable posts have been a hit among the users there are challenges that exist for the brands or sellers on Instagram.


Instagram provides the option of buying the products but the users have to visit the seller’s website to complete the purchase.


Once the potential customer reaches your website, there are numerous factors that influence the purchase like product discoverability, too many clicks, shuffling through webpages and this creates a gap between your marketing and sales funnel.


These factors result in cart abandonment, a high bounce rate, and diminishing sales.


But having shoppable Instagram Posts on your website can help you counter these challenges effectively.



Shoppable Instagram: The Benefits

Shoppable Instagram is different from Instagram’s shoppable posts as Shoppable Instagram is enabled by visual commerce tools and is embedded in the website as shoppable feed.


Adding Shoppable feed to your website with a Visual commerce tool has diversified benefits for your business & website and we have listed a few here.


  1. Easy Product Discovery

benefits of shoppable instagram

Redirecting users from a different platform to your website had the issue that they would have to find the product they were looking for by shuffling webpages.


But with Shoppable Instagram Posts you can embed the feed on landing pages with redirect links to the products from the feed to their actual description pages directly.


This will save a lot of time and effort for the consumers with a superior consumer experience.


  1. Showcase Social Proof

What could be better than consumers having a trust, a sense of authenticity & reliability about your business?


Showing influential user-generated content for Instagram on your website through the feed will help in building social proof for your business.


Having UGC in the feed with Shoppable possibility will allow you to gain higher conversions as 9 out of 10 people tend to trust the user-generated recommendations while making a purchase online.


Having social proof with user-generated content will also help in enhancing brand image and consumer loyalty.


  1. Makes your website Attractive & Interactive

Since Instagram is a visual-heavy social platform and people are attracted to and engage with visuals more than text comparatively.


Having a Shoppable Instagram Posts on your website can help you enhance the attractiveness of your website with beautiful images & videos.



Besides, you can also enhance the engagement and interactivity of your website as once the people will be attracted to the feed they will then interact and engage more with the website & the feed.


Higher engagement and interactivity are positively related to an increase in conversion and sales.


  1. Increase Your Conversion & Sales

The ultimate goal for all your business efforts is to maximize your sales and conversions with minimal investments and supreme consumer experience delivery.


Shoppable Instagram Posts can help you achieve these goals effectively as you have one solution or guide i.e. Instagram feed to a diverse range of products.


Adding Shoppable feature to the feed posts will help users to make the sale instantly through a shorter buying journey and minimum time & effort investment.


Also the benefits of attractive visuals, UGC, engaging content, easy product discovery will help them in amplifying the sales.



Shoppable Instagram For Your Website & Business

These benefits can be availed by your business easily and simply by adding the Instagram feed to your website using the visual commerce tool.


These tools provide you the option to aggregate content from Instagram, moderate the content, customize it and your feed, add shoppable posts feature, real-time updates, and analytics to measure the performance of your shoppable Instagram Posts.


Shoppable Instagram is an excellent opportunity for your website and business as brings together the most influential social elements such as visuals, UGC, social media, engaging content, and shoppable feature into one feed to enhance the consumer experience and grow your website traffic & conversions.


So, it is suggested to make the best use of these visual commerce platforms for your benefits with minimum investments.