16 Quick Tips to Double Your eCommerce Conversions

Want to double your eCommerce conversions as quickly as possible? Here are 16 tips in a handy infographic that will help you get it done.

Double Your eCommerce Conversions

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In layman’s terms, your conversion rate is the percentage of site visitors that take some action that results in money for your organization.

This post will show you some easy ways to double your e-commerce conversions and get more people buying from your site.

The conversion rate for an online store is defined as the proportion of site visitors who go on to make a purchase. It can also be assessed on sub-pages, such as the landing page or the checkout page, to help you zero in on certain aspects of your purchasing journey.

Conversions might be anything from clicking on a link to participating in a survey or signing up for a newsletter. The ultimate objective of any internet store is, of course, the sale.


The conversion rate in online stores is calculated by dividing the number of customers who purchase by the total number of people who visit your site or a particular landing page. To Double Your eCommerce Conversions, benchmark yourself against leaders in your field. Just worry about beating your own company’s current performance and track record. A strong conversion rate is on par with comparable e-commerce enterprises in your industry while also being more significant than the average conversion rate you’ve seen in the past. Conversion rates in online stores can be increased through a variety of methods. 


Here is a list of our top ways proven to Double Your eCommerce Conversions.


1. Speed Up Loading Time

Many webmasters overlook the importance of maintaining a fast website, assuming it has little-to-no impact on their conversions. But long load times can and will influence consumers’ buying decisions, more so than you may realize.

To put the importance of speed into perspective, Amazon conducted a study a couple of years back in which it found that for every 100ms of additional latency, it lost 1% in sales. A single percentage point may not seem like much, but Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, meaning that just 100ms of latency can literally cost millions of dollars in lost sales. Speed alone is a way to Double Your eCommerce Conversions.

2. Optimize Page Design

If you want to engage your users – you better do it quickly.

500 milliseconds isn’t a lot of time so your audience should instantly grasp what your brand’s value proposition is, otherwise you will miss the boat.

The goal of your landing page should be to provide your prospects with just enough information to persuade them to take the most crucial action. The key is less relevant text plus attractive images equal to an effective landing page.

Landing pages are conversion focused and there is a science to creating one that is effective. This post is going to look at landing page design services, goals, expectations and strategies to turn visitors into paying customers. Learn how here.

3. Focus on All Devices

You should be taking a mobile-first mindset when designing any landing page for leads & sales. While traditional web design principles still hold true, the current ubiquity of smartphones and tablets makes them a vital part of today’s marketing strategy.

Today, 66% of enterprises identify themselves as mobile-first, with 40% of all sales occurring on mobile. As a result, more brands than ever are embracing mobile as a strategic acquisition channel.


If you want to double your eCommerce conversions you have to take into consideration a user’s ability, context, and situation. Ideally, you don’t want your site to be so complex that it won’t load on mobile devices or in situations with a poor internet connection.

In the same way, you should also make your site highly accessible to people with disabilities. Make sure that both your app and website have audio descriptions for blind or visually impaired people.

4. Call To Action Buttons

One of the best conversion-boosting elements of a website is the CTA button. But sadly, many websites use them rather poorly or not at all.

Research has shown that more than 90% of website visitors who read your headline will also read your CTA. This means that your audience is already familiar with the call to action and what its purpose is, and will want to see what you are offering on any given page.

Check out these 7 characteristics of Call to Action Buttons that actually convert.

5. Fast Checkout

The checkout experience is important because it is the final step in converting a potential customer into a customer.

If it is a slow or frustrating process, then people will likely abandon their cart. In fact, some surveys have reported that almost 97% of consumers have abandoned an online shopping cart at some point because the checkout service wasn’t convenient enough. This is why e-commerce behemoths like Amazon have streamlined their checkout experience as much as absolutely possible. Improving your checkout experience is a fast way to double your eCommerce conversions.

6. Social Media

Yes, generating sales is not social media’s primary function of social media platforms. But, social media enables you to strengthen the awareness of your brand and build relationships with consumers so that your efforts to increase sales become fruitful.

However, social media will help you to generate sales only when you adopt the right approach for each platform. It would help if you actuated the appropriate strategy for each social media channel as they come with unique challenges.

7. Make Use of Ads

Ads play a significant role in generating eCommerce sales. If you want to increase revenue by boosting sales a great place to start is Google shopping ads.

For eCommerce, Google Shopping Ads play a fundamental role in marketing your products online cost-effectively.

Google Shopping Ads promotes products on multiple services such as YouTube, Gmail, etc. So as a business owner, you can increase eCommerce sales using Google Shopping Ads.

8. Publish Relevant Content

you have to create useful content, set up an effective sales funnel, and follow the best SEO practices at once. In this article, we will consider SEO and content creation alignment which is essential for both online promotion and sales growth.

To create the right content for your e-commerce business, you need to start building the right semantic core. Follow a comprehensive approach to create the right core for each of your categories.

9. Build Relationships with Customers

what can you do to outdo your competitors?

Start by building relationships with your customer base. Many of your competitors’ digital marketing campaigns are going to fall short. You have an opportunity to take advantage of this by amping up your relationships with your target audience prior to diving in dollars first with your campaigns.

10. Improve the Sales Funnel

You should pay more attention to your conversion funnel in marketing. If your running an online store and wondering what a conversion funnel is — you’re going to want to read this post.

A conversion could be anything, depending on your site’s or your business’s goals. Typical conversion types might include a purchase or a subscription to a newsletter, leads, form completions, or anything that produces a contact or lead for your business.

When talking about conversions we distinguish two main types:

  • micro-conversion is like a video viewing
  • and macro-conversions such as a transaction, it depends on your goals as mentioned


Once again, a conversion occurs when a visitor to your website does something desirable.

11. Identify Your Target Audience

As previously mentioned, the single most important element is understanding who your customers actually are. Understanding who your actual and potential customers are will allow you to develop your marketing and advertising efforts around their preferences.

For example, if you want to reach potential customers, you need to get their vital info, such as their age, gender, annual income, and lifestyle preferences.

All of this information will have various benefits, such as being able to choose the best advertising platform that your audience is most likely to utilize, the ability to set prices based on your consumer’s probable expendable income, and offering products and features that suit their lifestyle preferences. Overall, you should never underestimate the significant impact that psychographics and infographics can have on your ability to effectively market your products and services.

12. Segment Customers

Have you ever wondered what is subconsciously going on in the clients’ minds when they purchase a product or a service?

In marketing, it is very essential for us to advertise, sell and know precisely for whom you do all of these marketing activities. You need to develop an ideal product for each customer, consider everyone’s needs and put each consumer on the pedestal.

But how do you build this consumer-centric and people-driven campaign?

How do we actually determine consumer values and beliefs?

13. Show the Product in Action

The numbers are in folks and product videos impact sales in a good way by providing a better product experience and 360-degree view and reduce the likelihood of returns and transactions once your customer has purchased the item. If you still need a little convincing, check out this post.

14. Use Testimonials

Product reviews as a marketing tool simply can NOT be beat. They are relatively easy to get, they are essentially free and the they drive conversion more effectively than any message coming direct from your business. We will talk about more conversions, customer loyalty, and better product awareness. We will also touch on how product reviews can be used to improve search engine appearance and boost exposure.

So, how do product reviews boost your store’s performance?


15. Use Scarcity

I’ve long believed that the power of conversion optimization is found in three main things — an intensive obsession with data and testing, a heuristic for approaching a site’s conversion potential and a deep understanding of human psychology.

This is why so many of my articles focus on the importance and application of psychology in conversion optimization.

Psychology works. It’s one of your strongest allies in the improvement of conversion rates. The more you understand it, the more you can unleash its power.

Scarcity is one aspect of humans’ mental models that has significant implications in the CRO world.

16. Free Shipping

One study showed 75 percent of patrons have abandoned an online purchase and nearly 60 percent have forgone certain retailers entirely as a result of poor shipping experiences. Free shipping is always a way to make a customer less likely to abandon cart.

Even so, the symbiotic relationship between the shipping and purchasing experience remains an afterthought for many retailers. Technological advancements have infiltrated almost all aspects of consumer life and play a significant role in almost any industry, and as a result, customer expectations are at an all-time high.

Free shipping isn’t always an option, so what can you do to improve your shipping experience?

We’ve provided a lot of information and resources in this post, and we know it can be a lot to take in. Not to worry!

Our friends at InviteReferrals.com have put together this great infographic that you can bookmark and reference at any time.

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