Does Link Building Still Work for SEO? Must Read

Does link building still work for SEO? The real question is, does SEO work without link building? Find out what needs to be done in this post. 

Does Link Building Still Work

Stop looking at individual components of SEO strategy and start looking at the bigger picture for what is necessary to rank content online.


Writing great content is clearly a necessity for any business marketing online because it will help them get the traffic they need to their website. Without high traffic, it is difficult to make any sales let alone retain customers for a longer period of time.

There are already 12,000 posts online that pretty clearly indicate publishing content alone is not enough to generate traffic.


If you’ve tried — then you already know this to be true.

So, the question, does link building still work for SEO? Quite honestly isn’t even a relevant question to ask.

It is a necessity for businesses to incorporate link building into SEO practices to ensure that the marketing efforts of businesses attract more traffic and potential customers. This way, the business can ensure that the high traffic can be converted into customers if the content of the website is interesting. 


So, does link building still work or not?

Instead, let’s ask…

  • What is your SEO strategy?
  • What is your content strategy?
  • What are the best sources of links for your content?

Why? Because you simply can’t have one of these without any of the others.

Read on to find out the answers to these questions in order to increase sales and generate more traffic for your website.


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What Is SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of using certain specific keywords in your website content to rank it higher in Google search results. The higher your website ranks, the higher traffic you can expect in it.


SEO practices are important to be used by businesses because it helps their website to generate more sales through greater visibility of the web page. If your web page becomes more visible because of the use of certain keywords, then the chances of you incurring more sales also increase. 


SEO is used by most firms to generate more traffic to their website because the people who visit the webpage are all organic users. For any business, generating organic traffic is any day more beneficial compared to generating inorganic traffic. 


This is because when people search for what they are looking for in Google, they use specific keywords to search. Therefore, if your website content has these relevant keywords spread equally throughout a few times, the chances of your web page appearing at the top is significantly higher. The higher your page ranks, the easier it will be for you to generate more traffic, leads, and conversions. 


Therefore, having a good local SEO strategy in place regarding the type of content you are publishing on your webpage is important for businesses of all types, especially if the business has gone digital and has its own website.


Your eCommerce website can greatly benefit from the inclusion of SEO since its high ranking can make more users go to the website and probably buy something that they like. Therefore, you can say that SEO helps you earn more money 

What Is Link Building?

Link Building is the act of creating several links between articles that create pathways between each other. This is done with the use of internal links, also known as hyperlinks. In this form, when you want readers to jump from one article to another, you can place a link in one of the words or phrases. Clicking on it will take the reader to another page. 


Link building is done between different web pages that have similar and relevant content on them. For example, you can place lots of links in your content about “Top Ten Smartphones To Buy In 2022” that include all the links to the ten smartphones mentioned on the webpage. 


In the above example, you can place links to all the smartphones that directly take them to an eCommerce website from where people can then buy a smartphone. This is also a common practice for affiliate marketing if the eCommerce website is not your website. You can also paste links to written reviews of the smartphones on the list that you have done yourself. 


In this way, you can build traffic between different web pages altogether by connecting them together using hyperlinks. This build-up of traffic is called link building. If you want links between different web pages that are not controlled by the same user or business, you can take the help of a blogger outreach agency.


How do you Go About Link Building Outreach Yourself?

What Kind of Links Should You Look for?


How Does Link Building and SEO Work Together?

Now, you must be thinking, how do I mix the functions and uses of SEO optimization and Link Building together to create lots of traffic instead of using a paid online advertising strategy or simply publishing content with no effect. You can use them together for your business by:


  • Creating SEO friendly content that is interesting to read and engages the attention of your visitors and readers. You can take the help of an SEO content writing agency if you want to create good content. 
  • Use link building by placing relevant links to your other articles that connect your web pages together. However, do not use too much link building since it lowers the retention rate of readers in your webpage. 
  • Lastly, you reach out to others in your industry to share your content in hopes that someone else will find it useful enough to share consequently building external links to your site.


How Do You Go About Link Building?


You simply can NOT pick and choose elements of SEO and have a successful strategy. Don’t ask, Does link building still work? Don’t ask does SEO still work? Instead, approach content writing for your websites as an essential part of attracting customers. Further more in order to get your content in front of your customers, you have to share it, market it and yes build links to it.

Use SEO and Link Building together to generate the maximum amount of traffic by using relevant high-ranking keywords and multiple pages of content.