DIY SEO for Huge Website Ranking Improvements Out of the Gate

Looking for DIY SEO actions that will help you get that new website ranking? Keep Reading.

DIY SEO for Huge Website Ranking Improvements

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Everybody has heard about SEO, but how do you do it yourself?

Some people seem to have great success with little effort while others spend a fortune with agencies to rank content. The truth is there are a lot of little details involved in SEO, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself.

If you’re new to launching websites and doing SEO, this post is going to cover some powerful DIY SEO actions you need to implement as soon as you launch your site.

We’re not going to talk about technical SEO or link building. If you’ve already done the items covered below you can learn more about link building here;


The DIY SEO tasks we’re going to look at now are simple to implement. We’re also going to focus on a ratio between results and efforts, meaning anyone can do these DIY SEO tasks with minimal effort while getting BIG returns.


1. Fixing the issues related to indexing and crawlability of your website


You need to ensure that your website can be found and indexed by the search engines and this is where SEO comes into the picture. The fact is that no one goes as far as the second page of Google SERPs.

The indexing and crawlability issues are easy to fix, but if left unaddressed will most certainly hold your site back. The easy part is that all you need to do is ensure that you are not blocking the important pages from getting indexed by Google. You need to have a robots.txt file. You need to have a sitemap in place to ensure that your web pages are found easily by search engines. For discovering the sites and pages on the web, the search engines make use of software known as a crawler. They access various websites by using links to discover new web pages.


2. Analyze the data by setting up traffic monitoring tools


Everybody wants to know, “what can I do to just make my site rank better”?

One of the more important things related to better SEO is monitoring website traffic. After considering the data provided by the traffic monitoring tools you can decide what kind of content works for your niche. You can monitor what articles are providing greater traffic and what pages will convert better. You can use the easily available tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics for this purpose. If you’re running a WordPress site, I highly recommend the RankMath plugin.


3. Optimize headings, titles, Meta, and content by adding keywords


Many people make the mistake of building several links without optimizing the titles or content.

This is exactly why analyzing your website traffic is so important!

Topical keywords and great content are the magic ingredients to ranking websites. Creating a title that is rich in terms of keywords and also is catchy for the eye might not be easy but you will at least have a keyword in place. Those already familiar with Adwords will know about the importance of keywords in the title as people click on them. 

Thoughtful headings:

Each paragraph on a website’s content has headings, and HTML5 names these headings as H1, H2, H3 and so on, in decreasing order of importance. The first paragraph usually has an H1 heading tag, then the next one has H2 and so on. Typically, the size and thickness of the lettering of H!, H@, H3 tags are also in reducing order. So some developers are tempted to use H1 tags for more than one paragraph. It would prevent the page from being viewed as spam by the search engine.


4. Get Google My Business


When you own a local business it is significant to have a local listing. Creating a Google My Business Listing is Easy and it’s Important. You can visit the Google website to create an account and follow the easy steps they tell you to follow. It is a terrific way of ranking your business on Google for all your services. 

To get an idea of how powerful Google My Business Listing are simply “Google” a service and see what comes up.

For example, if you’re looking for web development in New Jersey to help your business stay on top, you might see something like this:

seo in new jersey

Formerly known as Google Places, Google My Business. is a free service that’s used to display business information across Google Search and Google Maps. The search engine giant pulls business information from these listings to use in its local business listings. So if you run a local business, you should invest the necessary time and energy into creating and optimizing your Google My Business listing.

5. Target the less competitive keywords


Although targeting the more competitive keywords is a good idea as suggested by the market leaders, it takes up a lot of time and money. Money terms are super competitive and super difficult to rank a website for. Many people are not willing to spend this amount or put in the effort. Therefore, it might be a good idea, to begin with, lesser competitive keywords and build your way up the ladder. When your business grows and you have gained valuable experience you will have access to a larger capital for outsourcing different tasks that are not your area of expertise.

A website that is well optimized for search engines gets the maximum number of visitors. Put simply, keywords are key to how visitors engage your content and how search engines rank it.

It is important to note that better keyword research provides better content navigation for users regardless of whether the content is about services, products or any other information designed to engage your audience.


6. Write more relevant content


One of the simplest ways of improving the content is by writing more content.

There are many opinions about this topic. Some people say the readers do not have sufficient patience to go through a 2000 word post. This may be true for the click-bait posts from social media but it is not the case for someone looking to cure hemorrhoids.

The fact is that longer content always ranks higher in the search engine and it is accepted as a standard by various SEO experts. You could get SEO for big brands and experts of the field will make sure to optimize your website content for you. 

Every blog needs consistently published quality content if it wants to be successful. Successful content is well written, informative and strategic in nature and any website owner can create it. Click here to learn how.


Final thoughts 


As we already stated, SEO can be complex, but it also doesn’t have to be. There are certain ways to improve your website ranking drastically, such as analyzing the data, fixing the issues that might be related to your website. Moreover, something really important is also taking care to create content that is rich in value for your audience. These are simple and effective DIY SEO tactics you can and should implement from day one to get your website traction.