DIY Product Photo Editing Best Tips To Do It Quick

Struggling with good product photos for you online store? These DIY product photo editing tips will streamline your business.

DIY Product Photo Editing

DIY Product Photo Editing – Learn the Best Tips & Techniques Right Here!


Product photography is one of the most crucial approaches for marketing and selling a product online. Because online customers don’t have the chance to touch or feel the product, they inevitably need to get everything about the product only from its image.


For this, the product photo matters a lot more than you can imagine! It needs to be realistic, flawless, and appealing to the potential customers to get stimulated enough to order.


But how to do this? The clear answer would be editing; yes, it is that important. With that intention, this article contains the best DIY product image editing tips for you.


So let’s get started without further ado.

What is Product Photo Editing?

Simply put, editing a product photo for commercial purposes is called product photo edit. The purpose is to showcase high-quality images to potential buyers.

Editing, in a broader version- post-production, is a task of photoshop. This work is one of the most effective ways to help engage potential customers with the product. Moreover, being one of the most crucial parts of the post-production spell, it helps boost sales through different promotional activities.

Importance of Product Photo Editing

The purpose of a product photo is to engage potential buyers or customers with the brands. In other words, the image of a particular product must pique their interest.


High-quality images have great potential in: 

  • enticing potential consumers 
  • creating trustworthiness and brand value 
  • helping boost sales & fulfill a business goal 
  • beat the virtual combat


Sellers recognize this part as the key to exploring online business and creating brand value, and that’s why they put their best effort into making images attractive.

DIY Product Photo Editing Tips & Techniques

DIY Product Photo Editing Tips

There’re a lot of image editing tips & techniques for product photography. Those can help translate more profit to your online business. 


When you are editing the images, try following these tips. Friendly reminder, these are only the tips (not a tutorial).

  • Create and store your own presets.
  • Make RAW corrections and Lens corrections before editing.
  • Do spot cleaning. 
  • Crop and straighten your images.
  • Do perspective correction (not the same as straightening images).
  • Pay attention to the histogram (and edit according to it).
  • Reduce Noise, but don’t go overboard.
  • Use other product images of your favorite brands for inspiration.
  • Edit according to the format and specifications of the eCommerce platform (e.g. Amazon, Instagram, Etsy).
  • Adjust Vibrance, Saturation, and Sharpness side-by-side (one influences the look of the other, but technically they are all independent parameters).


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Types of Product Photo Editing

Types of Product Photo Editing


What are the product photo editing types? There are different types of product photo editing based on every product photography. Here are the most popular DIY photo editing types.

Background Removal

When it comes to editing product photos, background removal is vital. As you know, for showing a product online, a cluttered background isn’t good. Therefore, removing the background is the most effective way. This helps customers focus on the subject.


Retouching is the set of tasks to remove all the flaws that occurred while shooting the photo. This is a core part of product image editing that determines the quality of an image. Using professional retouching can give your product a perfect look.

Clipping Paths

Another most sought work- a clipping path is a way to work on a particular part of an image.  By creating an edge or path, you can add or remove color or object in any photo. A great example is removing a background from an image, check out this easy bg remover tool.

Color balance

The purpose of color balance is to adjust colors to make the products of images appear like the real ones; by creating a sense of aestheticism.

Invisible Mannequin

An invisible mannequin is used for clothing items to make the product more realistic. By rendering the product in 3D, photo editors show its size and shape. This is an effective style of photoshop to help online shoppers visualize the clothing products. 


It is a creative task because it separates the subject from the background. That helps viewers to measure the product from a different perspective. 

Spot Removal

Photos are used for marketing, so they better not have a single spot. However, if it has one, removing that is a good trick to play.


Doing those yourself is great. However, managing adequate time after focusing on all the business things isn’t always possible. The good news is that- there’s an easy and permanent solution if you don’t have enough time, that is- hire a product photo editing company. 

Best Place to Get Product Photo Editing Service

Who doesn’t want to create brand value for a business? Sometime DIY photo editing just isn’t an option. Professionally edited product photos can help a business to step up.


Product image editing for ecommerce has become easier these days. Expert editors are out there providing these services. Those are widely available, ensure quality, and are easy to hire.


Eager to know who provides the best product photo editing services? Here are the TOP 5: 


  1. Offshore Clipping Path 
  2. Clipping Path Studio
  3. Fix the Photo
  4. Pixc
  5. Cobwebs Design


Check these out and see which one is perfect for you. 

1. Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path is a reputed photo editing service provider that provides the best quality image editing services. Offshore Clipping Path (OCP) was founded in 2010. It has been providing almost every type of photo editing service. With the ‘free trial’ option, you can experience their professionalism and service quality. 

2. Clipping Path Studio

Clipping Path Studio is another prominent company. It has a long experience in the photo editing industry and has attained reliability from its clients by providing the best quality image editing services. With a wide range of services, it has been satisfying clients worldwide and performing their job with a team of well-versed photo experts. 

3. Fix the Photo

Fix the photo is another one that has numerous photo editing services along with some advanced ones. Though the pricing is somewhat costly, the service is convincing. 

4. Pixc

Pixc is another popular one. With a team of professional photo editors, it delivers its services and ensures quality. In addition, they offer two different plans to charge the services. 

5. CobWebs Design 

Last but not least, CobWebs Design. It offers second to none quality, and almost all types of image editing services are available. A dedicated team understands the needs of their clients, and their highly professional services are provided at affordable prices.


Should you edit product photos?

Yes. It will be challenging to survive in this fiercely competitive market without premium quality photos. It is one of the weapons for virtual combat. There are a lot of tools that make DIY product photo editing a solid option.


What are the best DIY product photo editing apps?

It depends on the device you use. For example- 

  • Smartphones- Google’s Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Desktop- Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom.


Where can I edit product photos?

You can hire outsourcing product photo editing companies from online. Those are affordable and available for all kinds of photo edit.


How much does photo editing cost for product photography?

For product photography editing, pricing ranges start from $0.29 cents to $10.


Final Thoughts

That includes the essential information for DIY product photo editing. Hope these tips and techniques mentioned above in the article will assist you in working smoothly.