Digital Marketing Tips to Market Commercial Office Space

Struggling to market your commercial office space effectively? We’ve got the digital marketing tips you’ve been looking for to get that space rented.

Digital Marketing Tips to Market Commercial Office Space

It really doesn’t get any more niche than trying to market commercial office space.

The marketing world dramatically shifted from the traditional marketing form whereby television advertisements and billboards were the primary focus. Today, digital marketing is taking center stage, but getting it to be effective, efficient and cost-saving when it comes to marketing your commercial office space, well that can be tricky.


From startups to established enterprises, today, their preferred mode of marketing is primarily digital. Digital marketing does not discriminate on the industry being advertised since it crosscuts from the financial sector to real estate, grocery shops to eateries, and so much more.


15 years ago, no one would have thought that commercial office space would have an alternative marketing method; digital marketing was nonexistence. Today, however, this is how you get people into your empty space. In this piece, you will learn about some practical tips to use when marketing your commercial office space digitally.


1. Do Your Homework – Market Research


Digital marketing entails positioning your brand or message to the right people at the right time. But, a lot goes into it if you are to get the most out of your efforts. Therefore you need to carry out research. You need to jump on popular search engines and see how others are searching for customers for commercial space for rent.

google search for office space for rent

Also, understand how they prefer being contacted. Check at the regional, the national and even the international data and grasp the trends in an online search. Here, you will be bombarded with several surveys, reports as well as market data that will position your add where you want — not just guesswork.


You can choose to utilize subscription services offered by other top-performing market research agencies. Some will ask for a monthly or even annual fee to furnish you with valuable marketing intelligence on your email.


2. Word of Mouth Still Goes a Long Ways


Still to this day, word of mouth remains among the most trusted forms of advertising.
According to research, the word of mouth referrals accounted for 82%, online reviews 66%, email subscription got 64% while a branded website accounted for 61% effectiveness. Since over 80% of the leads will come from word of mouth, therefore, you need to know how your email, ad, or other communications for your commercial space for rent drives the word of mouth advertising.

Most importantly, once you get someone in, even just to view your space, make sure your space for rent has more than just the bare minimum to offer. The key to marketing office space successfully is by offering value and amenities. Features, service and aesthetics are what makes an office space memorable and worthy of referring.


3. Keywords in Your Commercial Space Renting Ad


Consumers use specific search terms when searching for products or services online, and when it comes to commercial rentals, this is inevitable. It is the search engine that matches the user with appropriate content based on the keywords.


Therefore if your domain, website pages or content on the web pages do not carry the right keywords, prospective customers won’t find you easily.


When it comes to marketing commercial property online, focusing on location based phrases or long keywords can make a huge impact on whether your listing gets viewed or not. There are many keyword research tools online today that will help you select the excellent and effective search terms.


4. Your Online Reviews


While word of mouth is an effective form of marketing, still people will want to go online, search your space or your company and get the reviews to know whether you have a good standing before they can engage you in business. They will have an easier time to make a positive decision if you have positive reviews than if you have negative ones.

commercial property reviews

The screenshot above illustrates just how important that location based search visibility is. It also very quickly demonstrates the value of reviews.

Again, if you don’t have any reviews, the chances are that they will become more apprehensive about doing business with you. Therefore, if you are posting on your website, you should invite your current customers to rate and review you after every successful deal of office space rental.


5. Use Digital Advertising Platforms Cautiously


Studies show that up to 48% of consumers which represent almost half of them aged between 18 years to 34 years reported receiving too many ads on their smartphones. 43% of those aged between 35 years and 54 also agreed to the same.

What does this tell you?

You don’t have to spam your customers with too many adverts on commercial rentals. Avoid clogging the internet with too many ads as will lead to them turning off the notifications, and thus your efforts will hit a dead end.

Competing with Larger Advertisers

You really need to choose your advertising platforms carefully or you could end up spending a fortune to compete. A great example is Google Ads; which can be very effective and can most certainly put your listing at the top of the pack. But do a quick Google search and scan down the first page of results…. I’d be surprised if your results weren’t dominated by property listing companies. You don’t want to go head to head with their ad spend. Instead check out each listing service and see how much it costs go list your property on each of them. Many are free!

6. Use Local Images and Videos When Sharing


When networking, it is essential for you to use local videos and pictures of your commercial space for rent in your digital marketing strategy. This office space for rent in Bangkok is a great example.

Images, video and presentation are a game changer in terms of marketing your commercial office space. You can beat your competitors in their own game as many forget to include photos and video content and end up sharing only text. Text can be cumbersome to read, especially for a client who is in a rush to find an office space. Media improves your current and potential customer engagement levels.


7. Interview Potential Local Customers


It is wise to interview business owners or other prospects in your locality and if possible, facilitate face to face meetings. You can jot down feature articles about the businesses in your neighborhood and publish them. This drives more traffic into your business or ad. Publish the interviews on your social media pages as they are a great way to generate online conversations about the space and other insights.


8. Make the Most of Social Media Platforms


Today, up to 80% of youth and adult population has at least one social media account. This is why more and more individuals and companies are harnessing the power of social media platforms when advertising their commercial office space for rent. A great trick to use is retargeting, so that you can guarantee your property stays at the forefront of your potential customers mind. One way or the other, your ad will reach their prospective client.

9. Use Paid Advertising


While it is not the cheapest way to advertise your commercial office space for rent, paid advertising is definitely worth using as it generates qualified leads. Paid advertising is capable of supporting your commercial office space for rent. You can either use paid search ads or social media ads when talking about paid advertising. Nonetheless, you should not exclusively rely on it due to the fact that you are paying for it.

Pro Tip: Those location based keywords will come in very handy for search ads.

Here’s a helpful list of some of the best places to start listing your commercial office space today:



Final Thoughts


There are many avenues to market your commercial office space, but following the tips above as a guide will help you get your office space seen and rented more effectively. They are cost-effective, and you can use them no matter what the current size of your business is.

Why not put them to work for you?