Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

Not all marketing strategies are the same find out what digital marketing strategies work best for technology companies.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

Digital marketing requires a strategy, regardless of the industry, but the technology field is crowded, and to stand out above the competition, your digital marketing strategy must be on point. New tech companies start every day, and the field will only grow more crowded with time. Breaking through the noise ceiling is easier said than done, but it is entirely possible to achieve. While the options might seem overwhelming, there are strategies that best suit tech brands, so you don’t have to waste time with unhelpful tactics. By using top digital marketing strategies, any tech company or brand can successfully market online and rise above the competition. 

Demos And Specifications

Customers want to know what they are buying. If you are selling wireless headphones, your customers will want to know how they compare to other models. A study in 2017 found that 50% of people who buy tech, either for personal use or on behalf of a company, expect a demo of a product or technical specifications at the very least. The key is to present a demo of your product and the specifications in an appealing way. 

Videos showing your product in action are an excellent way to highlight key features for customers. Avoid putting essential specs in front of a busy background; keep the text clean and comfortable to read by using simple backgrounds and graphics. Technical specifications should be clearly laid out in the most simple terms possible. Some measurements and units cannot be put in layman’s terms, but strive to make the technical specifications easy to digest and understand. For specs that cannot be simplified, consider linked to an explanation or educational page so customers can learn and then further appreciate your product. An educational page explaining common technical terms that appear alongside your products is another page you can use to pull in traffic, making the page multi-functional. Content that is useful for your customers will only benefit your company, even if it is not a direct sales page

Influencer Marketing

People trust other people; a customer is far more likely to trust a new product when the recommendation is coming from someone they consider a friend. Influencers might not be the traditional type of friend, but customers value what their favorite influencer has to say about a product. Partner with a relevant influencer to promote your products and use the relationship influencers have with their fans to your advantage. Pair your products with influencers in the same field for the best results. If you want to promote gaming headsets, reach out to gaming influencers to get your products in front of an interested audience. 

Optimize For Mobile And Desktop

Mobile browsing and shopping has taken the crown from desktop in recent years. There will always be a desktop market, but more and more people are shopping from their mobile phones as smartphones become the norm worldwide. There is no excuse not to have your website optimized for both desktop and mobile, especially in the technology world. Adobe found that 39% of customers will leave if a website takes too long to load. Customers will not stick around to fight with your website design if it is not optimized for mobile viewing. Do not alienate a significant portion of your customers by neglecting website optimization. 

Free Word Of Mouth

The Internet has given customers a variety of platforms to use their voice. Entire websites like Yelp exist purely to let customers voice their opinions. Customer testimonials are fantastic marketing content. Use the positive reviews your customers leave as marketing content by including the quotes on your website, social media posts, and email blasts. 


You can also use social media for free marketing. There are hundreds of millions of people on social media, and while not all of them will end up as your customers, you can use social media to market to potential customers for free. Use the tips and tricks of each platform to get your content in front of the right people. Respond to people who ask you questions on social media and respond to positive posts to cultivate your social media following. 


Digital marketing for technology companies is critical. Use your website to demonstrate your products and cleanly list technical specs so customers can understand what makes your product special. Connect with relevant influencers in your field to put your products in front of an interested audience. Do not forget to optimize your website for both desktop and mobile. Use customer testimonials for marketing content and global word of mouth endorsements. Embrace social media for free marketing and audience growth. By following the best practices for digital marketing, any tech company can successfully break through the noise ceiling and stand above the rest.