The 9 Best Digital Marketing Productivity Tools in 2022

We have created a list of 9 essential digital marketing productivity tools every marketer needs to be using to manage campaigns in 2022.

Digital Marketing Productivity Tools

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Digital marketers have a LOT to manage, these 9 Productivity Tools for Digital Marketing Teams in 2022 have been voted the absolute best by marketing pros. 

Being a Digital Marketer is tough. You have to manage clients and campaigns across multiple channels all while staying on top of the latest tech. I don’t know about you, but I’m in two minds about tech… on one hand, it makes life easier, and on the other more complicated. I hate learning new programs all the time. I just want to jump right into the meat of things. You know figure out a campaign strategy and make forward progress in marketing my client’s business.

So, going back to that tech dilemma, in this post I’m going to focus on the positives and hopefully cut down your time spent learning how to use new tools. This post has the 8 most loved productivity tools that are essential for digital marketing teams to keep on task and hit goals.

1. Ahrefs for SEO 



Ahrefs is one of the most powerful SEO tools. It outranks every single SEO tool out there when it comes to building backlinks. Whether you are a beginner in marketing or a pro SEO person, you will love using Ahrefs. It is the best tool for marketers as they claim to have data of more than 26.9 trillion backlinks and they track around 20.8 billion keywords as mentioned on their website. 

You can use Ahrefs for finding backlinks with the help of the Free Backlink Checker by Ahrefs.

You can take advantage of other free SEO tools provided by Ahrefs that can help you to check broken links, website authority, keyword rank, SERP, keyword difficulty, and much more. Just search “Free Keyword Tools by Ahrefs” and you will find these tools.

Apart from that Ahrefs also offers a full suite of advanced paid SEO tools.  


  • Dashboard, Site Audit, and Backlink Checker
  • Keyword Explorer, Site Explorer, and Content Explorer
  • Rank Tracker, SERP Checker, Link Intersect, and Domain Comparison
  • WordPress Plugin and many more


Ahrefs has four pricing plans. They are as follows if paid annually:  

  • Lite at $83/month 
  • Standard at $166/month
  • Advanced at $333/month 
  • Enterprise at $833/month 

2. SmartTask for Task & Project Management



SmartTask is an all-in-one cloud-based project management software that helps you plan and manage your marketing campaigns with ease. You can have an overview of all your projects with the help of different views like list, board, calendar, and timeline view. You can also manage multiple projects with the portfolio view and allocate resources with the workload view.

It allows you to track time on tasks assigned to you with the inbuilt time tracking feature. You can chat instantly, share files, and make video calls without leaving your workspace. It also allows you to create customized dashboards to monitor your projects from one location.

SmartTask integrates with tools like Slack, Mailchimp, Jotform, Zapier, Integromat, and 1000+ other applications so that you can work in sync with your favorite tools. It has gained popularity as the most cost-effective alternative to ClickUp, Asana, Basecamp, and other top tools in the project management space.


  • Manage tasks with List, Board, Calendar, and Timeline Views
  • Project Milestones & Task Auto-Scheduling
  • Portfolio & Workload View
  • Advanced Search, Time Tracking, and Timelog
  • Recurring Tasks, Automatic Check-In, and Task tags
  • Video Conferencing & Call Recording
  • Task from Email, Project Templates, and Integrations 
  • CRM, Custom Fields & Productivity Scoring
  • Custom Charts & Reporting


SmartTask offers a Free Forever plan with unlimited tasks, users, projects, and contacts. They are offering two plans namely “Premium” at $5 per user/month and “Business” plan at $8 per user/month if billed annually. 

3. Publer to Manage Social Media


Publer is a superhero tool that is used to manage all your social media accounts in one place. You can schedule, collaborate and analyze your posts for Instagram Business accounts, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, LinkedIn Pages and Profiles, Pinterest accounts, and much more.

You can use auto-scheduling to avoid wasting your time manually posting on each platform. You can also do bulk scheduling and schedule up to 500 posts at once. Fascinating, isn’t it? You can invite team members for collaboration and can also check analytics for different projects in one place.


  • Post Scheduling for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all social media platforms
  • Auto Scheduling and Bulk Scheduling
  • Account analytics, Post insights, and Top Performing Posts 
  • Hashtag suggestions, Automatic RSS posting, and Recurring Posts
  • Shortcodes, Link shortening, Team Collaborations, and Link in Bio feature
  • Browser Extension


Publer offers a Free pricing plan for 5 social accounts and limited features that are enough for a person. It offers a professional plan at $15/month and a business plan at $28/month and these prices get drastically reduced if you select long-term plans.

4. Mention for Brand Management


Mention is a great tool for brand monitoring and social media management. You can track every mention of your brand. It lives up to its name, quite literally. You can use this tool for tracking your brand name mentions on the web and social media. You can get info about your brand PR on social media with perfect analytics.

You can measure the impact of your recent social media campaign. With the alerts feature, you can do an advanced search and get accurate results about your brand mentioned on the web and social media. You can create content for a specific audience if you do social media listening. You can also do competitor analysis. 


  • Basic, Standard, and Advanced Brand Mention Alerts
  • Precise Reporting
  • Web Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, and Instagram Tracking
  • Social Media Management and Content Calendar
  • Competitive Analysis


Mention offers free pricing to get started with and then charges $24, $83, $166, and customized billing for Solo, Pro, ProPlus, and Company Plan when billed annually. 

Pro Tip: You can also use Google Alerts if you don’t require this much functionality or if the pricing is too much for you!


5. Grammarly for Spell Check, Punctuation, and Vocabulary


Grammarly is a boon for mankind, especially marketers. You all have to check that copy and content for approval. Grammarly is not only used for checking grammar but also for plagiarism too. It is used to check every minute detail in grammar, be it punctuation, spelling, tone, or sentence structure.

The suggestions given by Grammarly are too good. We advise everyone to check their content with Grammarly first before moving ahead. The article you are reading now is also passed through Grammarly. It also has an API that is used to check content in real-time. Say what! Yes. With the help of API, you can check content in Mail, Slack, Docs, Social Media, and almost everywhere.


  • Spelling Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Tone Adjustments
  • Grammarly API 


Grammarly offers free pricing and charges $12 per month for the premium plan and $15 per member/month for the business plan.

6. Slack for Communication


Slack is a synonym for communication in workplaces. Whether you are working at a full-time job, a remote job, or in a hybrid environment, you ought to have slack in your device. Slack is used for literally everything in the office. Whether you want to ask someone to check their mail or send them something, Slack is there.

Slack is the WhatsApp of office communication. You can create channels for organizing your teams. You can message and chat with anyone from your team. You can safely share files from anywhere and integrate them with more than 2200 apps. Slack also has its API to automate tasks and so much more.


  • Instant Messaging
  • Channels, Huddles & Clips
  • Workflow Builder
  • Advanced Search & File Sharing
  • Integrations with 2200+ apps


Slack offers Free pricing for small teams. Afterward, it charges $6.67/month per user for the Standard plan, $12.50/month per user for the Plus plan, and customized pricing for the Enterprise plan (all plan rates are valid if paid annually)

7. Canva for Graphic Designing


Canva is something we all have used in our lifetime. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry. We will tell you how it can benefit you. You can use Canva to design great social media posts for LinkedIn, Instagram, or any possible social network you can think of. You can create awesome designs, presentations, posters, and other visual content.

You can make flyers, logos, infographics, and whatnot. You can add animated texts, edit and convert PDFs, run live sessions, trim videos, resize videos, record online videos, crop and merge videos, and also do video transitions with Canva.


  • Social Media Graphics
  • Flyers & Logos
  • Presentations, Infographics, Desktop Wallpapers
  • Book Covers, Mind Maps, Posters, Planners
  • Proposals, Resumes, Invoices 
  • Video Transitions and Templates
  • Crop and Merge Videos
  • Edit and Convert PDFs 
  • Online Video Recorder 


Canva offers Free pricing and it is enough for most teams. If you want more functionality, then you have to pay $12.99 per user/month for the Pro plan and $30 per user/month for Enterprise users. 

8. Google Workspaces for File Sharing & Collaboration


Google, the OG. The best the world has ever seen. We all know that Google is the best at what they do and they prove it every time. Google Workspace is a business suite of apps that Google provides to make our work easier. Almost everyone in the world uses these apps for planning, storing data, sharing files, and collaborating on projects.

Google Workspace has Gmail for sending files and emails to each other. It has Google Meet for video conferencing, Sheets for excel sheets, Docs for creating word files and pdf files, Slides for creating presentations, Forms for creating Forms and sharing them, Sites for creating websites and so much more. 


  • Gmail, Sheets, Sites, and Docs
  • Meet, Chat, Calendar, and Drive
  • Jamboard and Vault
  • Forms and Keep


Google Workspace pricing starts at $6 for the business starter plan and from there it keeps on increasing regarding the usage and amenities that we require.

9. Flipsnack to Boost Engagement



As a digital marketer, you have to go the extra mile to catch the attention of your target audience. With Flipsnack you can cut through the clutter with one of the most intuitive interactive content marketing tools. Flipsnack allows you to quickly create digital flipbooks that bring your marketing PDFs to life by adding interactive elements.

Generating quality leads is a marketer’s biggest challenge. Often, a lead marketing strategy begins with a content e-book. Already using e-books as a content marketing tool? Bring your PDFs to life in Flipsnack. Or, design e-books from scratch in our intuitive Design Studio. Easily add customizable lead forms and capture leads in a CSV. It’s that simple!


  • Internal and external links,
  • Videos,
  • GIFs,
  • Product tags,
  • Virtual tours.


Flipsnack starts at $14/mo and goes up to $79/mo for enterprise-level corporate publishing. You can however try it free for 14 days. I highly recommend giving it a try, as I believe you will find this tool well worth the money when it comes to creating and repurposing content that keeps your audience engaged longer.

Final Thoughts 

There are so many digital marketing productivity tools available to marketers, but these apps are highly reviewed and used by marketers just like you and absolutely help you to reduce your work and increase productivity. 

We have tried to mention everything that is required to make digital marketing teams more productive. You can use these tools to manage your marketing campaigns more efficiently and productively.