Digital Marketing Tips for Growing Your Cannabis Brand

Growing your cannabis brand online requires a bit of finesse when it comes to digital marketing, find out how to stay in the Green.

growing your cannabis brand

Image Credit: Sips Elixirs

Most businesses simply have to embrace digital marketing. If you are looking to grow your cannabis brand then it is important that you come up with an effective strategy for creating a huge digital presence.

However, you need to also consider the fact that there are some rules and restrictions based on where you are located.

Each and every state has its own restrictions and there are some marketing rules when it comes to cannabis. For instance, it might not be allowed to use any mascots or cartoon characters to promote your brand, because these might appeal to a younger person.

Another great tip… avoid using the word cannabis in any paid ads for social media or online advertising!

Think about exclusive offers 

This is a method that has been used for as long as people have been selling anything, and cannabis is no different. If you want to draw in new customers, one of the tried and tested ways of doing so is to reduce your prices or create other exclusive offers. You can also extend this to tactics like loyalty programs to reward regular customs. You need to make sure you’re sticking to local rules and restrictions which might have specific laws on how you can promote the sale of cannabis from a medical cannabis dispensary or a recreational cannabis dispensary.


A promotion such as free paraphernalia when you buy cannabis products can be a good offer, but also lets you put your own branding on these freebies. This is a win/win situation. 

Post capturing and engaging blog posts and stories

People spend a lot of time scrolling through their news feeds and social media. In order to capture someone’s attention, you need far more than to just put your offer out there or information about your brand and hope that someone pays attention. Go the extra mile to try and get peoples’ attention.


Some examples could be stories about how your cannabis products have helped people. For instance, if you sell CBD to help people as an anti-inflammatory, you could get video testimonials. This is a chance for you to get creative. You know your target audience and you should make a point of creating something that they can be excited about and latch onto in order to help you to find new customers or even “go viral”.

Find out which social media has your most targeted audience

It is a good idea to have a strong social media presence that covers the majority of different social media platforms. You might find that one platform is better than another in terms of targeting potential customers.


A lot of people in the cannabis industry find that more visual platforms are better for promoting their business. For instance, you might find that putting different strains and products you stock on Instagram builds a buzz, but if you put it on other social media like Twitter there might not be the same level of uptake or sharing. Social media is free advertising if you get it right, but if you’re not meeting your target audience then there is not much point in spending time creating content for your social networks.

Think about influencers

One of the best methods to get the word out there about your cannabis brand and cannabis products is to reach out to influencers. A lot of influencers are known for their cannabis use and CBD use. Take someone like Seth Rogen for example, who now even sells his own cannabis products.


If you can, it is a good idea to try and partner with influencers. This can be a great way to get people to endorse your products, and benefit from the fact that they have already built up the trust with their followers. If they are happy to endorse your products, you’re not just getting in front of more potential customers, but you are taking advantage of the trust people have in influencers. 


Managing a network of people who are interested in your cannabis products, including Instagram stars and cannabis-related Instagram stars, is a great way to build your customer base and awareness of your brand.

Don’t save money on SEO to market your cannabis brand

If you are going to try and get eyeballs on your cannabis brand then you need to at least think about SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the art of getting your website to the top of Google.


To create a good SEO strategy, you need plenty of good content on your website. Try to make it as rich as possible, and this means plenty of written content but also photographs and even video. It also helps if you can get people linking to your website. This will act as a vote of confidence in Google’s eyes.


Another benefit of all of this content is the fact that it will make you appear as an expert in the eyes of the reader, who may trust you more. If you’re going to invest in your cannabis brand to get people to find it, SEO is one of the wisest investment strategies. You can spend money on content, but also consultation from experts who can turn your website into something that sends all the right signals to Google,, encouraging it to rank your website highly.


Digital marketing is something that most brands should be thinking about, and as people move away from finding brands on the high street, and start to find companies online, cannabis brands need to keep their finger on the pulse.