A Guide to Diagnose Amazon Brand Health For Sellers – 2023

Taking advantage of the Amazon Brand Registry means more sales and powerful insights – know how to diagnose your Amazon brand health.

A Guide to Diagnose Amazon Brand Health

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We’ll go over how you can determine how your Brand Health is diagnosed and what else you must be aware of in terms of protecting and promoting the precious product that is your customer’s experience.


First, a Quick Look at the Brand Dashboard

amazon brand dashboard

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The Brand Dashboard is under the Brands menu on the newly created Seller Central navigation. When you’re on the page you’ll see that there’s a Brand Health section up top with boxes for each of its indicators. Below that, you’ll find the Brand Benefits section where you can read customer reviews as well as gain access to Brand Analytics, Manage Your Experiments, Search Terms Optimizer as well as virtual Bundles tools.


Brand Dashboard in Seller Central


The Amazon Brand Registry gives you exclusive access to all of this information and much more. If you’re not yet a member it is a good idea to make it your top goal.


Understanding Amazon Brand Health


The health of your Amazon Brand Health is made of the following indicators Competitiveness in price Prime eligibility, price competitiveness, and the rate of in-stock.


Why are these three factors important?

It’s because Amazon customers would like to purchase products at bargain prices and they prefer products that are available and they’d like to purchase products that offer all the benefits offered by Prime. These expectations create more positive customer experiences, which is something Amazon has valued since the beginning. Additionally, they’re healthy for you also, since products that meet the standards have more conversion rates as well as sales, traffic, and featured offer placements.

Let’s look more closely at each measurement.


Price Competitiveness


Amazon is constantly monitoring other major national retailers to make sure that your products aren’t being sold elsewhere other than at a lower cost. To assess this the marketplace analyzes the percentage of page views priced competitively when compared with other retailers over the last 30 days. You’ll also be informed of non-competitive page views or the number of page views you’ve obtained, but not at the most affordable cost.


Amazon suggests that you keep your prices at a reasonable level to ensure you’re eligible for the main deal. A well-planned pricing strategy is essential!


Amazon Prime Eligibility


This section of your Amazon Brand Health shows you the proportion of page views during the last 30 days that are for Prime-related products. It will also be able to see the page views that were attributed to products that aren’t that are eligible for Prime. Products that are not in availability or not in stock are not included in the calculation.

Amazon Prime eligibility is obtained via Amazon Prime eligibility can be achieved through Fulfillment via Amazon and Seller Fulfilled Prime programs.


In-Stock Rate


Amazon determines the in-stock rate by calculating the percentage of page visits for products that are replenishable and were in stock over the preceding 30 days. You’ll also find out the number of views that were directed to items that are currently out of stock. Items with suppressed or closed listings do not count.


Your Account Health Matters, Too


In addition to the realm of Brand Health, you’ll also need to keep a watch over Your Account Health, which can be located in the menu Performance of Seller Central. But, this health checkup will show how you’re doing concerning Customer service, policy compliance, and shipping. Bar indicator for Account Health Rating depicting an account at risk your account Health Rating (AHR) AHR is a test feature that will give you a clear picture of the policy’s compliance at one glance. What other categories will follow the same pattern? The visuals are more engaging and comparable ones are also used in the app.


It is the Account Health Score (AHR) can be described as a brand-new feature that lets you track the health of your account by assessing your compliance with Amazon’s selling policy. It considers aspects like the number of policies that are not being addressed in your Amazon account at any time, the degree of the violations, and the degree that you can positively affect the experience of your customers through your selling practices.”




Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, isn’t it? The same is true for the health of your Amazon business. Maintaining your account and brand health will ensure that you are well-informed in the eyes of Amazon. Review regularly your performance and react to any notification from Amazon in the quickest time possible. If you are having any problem maintaining your account health Amazon account managers are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in managing and optimizing Amazon accounts, ensuring maximum account health.