Crushing Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for 2020

As we navigate this COVID-19 pandemic, business strategies must adapt, learn how to crush your Ecommerce marketing for 2020 and thrive online.

Crushing Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for 2020

No one could have predicted our current world state. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every corner of the globe, companies are faced with the reality that their planned marketing strategies may no longer be effective. The norms of everyday life that old marketing plans depended upon have drastically changed, and now companies from all industries are being forced to adapt. The times have changed, and the world is experiencing an unprecedented event, but not all hope is lost. More people than ever are online every day, making now the perfect opportunity to capitalize on ecommerce marketing. With situational awareness, smart thinking, and a change in perspective, any company can successfully implement ecommerce marketing strategies. Here are a few ecommerce marketing strategies that will help your company crush 2020. 

Maximize Your Online Store

When you think of an online store that has succeeded beyond expectations and has mastered the ecommerce world, you likely think of Amazon. While Amazon’s scale and level of success are approaching unattainable status, you can learn from and use the same tactics as Amazon to improve your business. Only selling a product online is not enough, and your business should take every chance you get to improve your ecommerce space. 

Branded Shipping Pages


Many ecommerce companies forget about shipping and therefore miss out on plenty of marketing opportunities. Offering multiple shipping options for buyers is a fantastic start, but you can and should do more. Most ecommerce companies leave shipping information, confirmation, or tracking pages bland and don’t include any branding. By leaving these pages bare, you are missing out on free advertising space. Adding branding to tracking pages is especially useful as customers will often return to tracking pages every few days until their package arrives. Branded tracking pages not only increase your brand’s visibility, but it also adds convenience for your customers. Customers want to know when their order will arrive, and supplying a tracking page makes your business more convenient. While the world is adjusting to new standard procedures, offering convenience will boost your brand above the rest. 

Convenience With Communication

Customers often cite shipping expenses or long delivery times as a reason they abandoned a purchase, so do your best to inform your customers of your convenient shipping options. Part of Amazon’s rise to dominance is due to the convenience they offer. Free 2-day shipping has become the standard for many ecommerce customers, but 2-day shipping is not realistic in today’s world. Thankfully, most customers will understand that 2-day shipping is not feasible, but those customers will not be understanding if they are not informed. If your shipping prices and delivery times have changed, communicate those changes to your customers. Highlight your best shipping offers or promotions to incentivize customers to complete their purchases. Also, offer a wide selection of shipping options if possible. Some customers are willing to pay more for overnight or next day shipping if the option is there. Appeal to your entire audience by offering a shipping option to suit every timeline and budget. 

Quarantine Doesn’t Mean Stopping

During unprecedented and uncertain times, it may be tempting to cut down on expenses and stop programs to reduce risk, but marketing efforts should not be one of the things you cut back on. There are more people online than ever as millions of people are staying home, making this the perfect time for ecommerce businesses to increase advertising. SEO marketing requires long-term commitment before you start to see results, so curtailing your SEO marketing now will only hurt you in the long run. PPC ad prices have decreased, and now is the perfect opportunity to grab up the empty ad slots other businesses have dropped. Ecommerce companies, more than brick and mortar businesses, rely on digital marketing to grow, so resist the urge to cut back and instead double down. 

Use Fun Customer Engagement Tactics To Generate Leads

Most people around the world have been advised to stay home as much as possible, and this has led to millions of people jumping on the Internet to kill time. These new users are bored and looking for something to do, so give them something to engage with that also helps your business. Create lead generation branded quizzes that relate to your products while still being entertaining. Start a user-generated content contest to encourage customers to be creative with the supplies they have at home. Encourage customers to subscribe to your newsletter with the promise of coupons or deals later on. The key to engagement is asking the customer to perform an action and getting the customer to perform that action. Determine what your goal is and create content around that goal to generate leads for the future. Quick customer engagement content also gives you more time to develop a more robust ecommerce marketing strategy without losing steam. 


The world is going through turbulent times, but that doesn’t mean your website marketing efforts must suffer. By adapting to the current situation and responding to new needs, your business can crush 2020 with effective ecommerce marketing strategies.