8 Important Tips For Creating High-performing Video Ads

Learn how to turn your video into high-performing video ads that will engage and convert your customers into sales.

8 Important Tips For Creating High-performing Video Ads

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It wasn’t that long ago when marketers all thought of video in terms of TV advertising. Now video ads can be seen by an even larger audience with far more engagement online. Even better, many small businesses are doing this on a much more reasonable budget than traditional video ads.


Think about it, effective advertising reaches prospective consumers and tells them about your goods or services. Advertising should ideally attract the attention of potential consumers and convince them to utilize your goods.

Where do your customers spend their time? How do they engage with video? Do you think they trust TV ads more than online video with purpose?

The Answers to Questions Like these Make Video Ads Very Appealing


Video advertisements that spark consumers’ curiosity and then follow up with a compelling final call-to-action are proven to be one of the most successful customer conversion strategies available.


According to studies, the typical user recalls 95% of a message when viewed vs. 10% when it is read. This indicates that prospects are more likely to recall your message through a video advertisement than from an image or text advertisement. 


Furthermore, a good video ad experience enhances a user’s buy intent by 97 percent and brand association by 139 percent.


Advertisers may use digital video advertisements for data collecting, brand exposure, increased targeting, and customization, all of which are features that conventional TV advertising lacks. Because digital video advertising enables marketers to communicate with people in a format that they prefer, they are consequently far more effective.


According to HubSpot research, more than half of customers prefer to view videos from companies above any other sort of content. It is still important to understand that not all videos are good videos, so learning how to create high-performing video ads is a must.


Fortunately, this post is going to cover some tips for creating high-performing video ads:


1. Tell an Engaging Story

Tell an Engaging Story

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Today’s viewers have very short attention spans, and many people ignore traditional marketing and television advertising. Even yet, if you can find a method to pull in your audience, television may still be a powerful medium. 


To accomplish so, you must go beyond the traditional commercial style and convey a narrative. For example, consider the most successful Super Bowl commercials. Then, consider developing a short TV show or film instead of an advertisement.

2. Make It Useful

Traditional television advertising has the disadvantage of interrupting the viewer.

You are watching the newest episode of your favorite program when all of a sudden, you see a laundry detergent ad. This kind of interruption makes it difficult to maintain attention and may even cause animosity.


Advertisers on television have been increasingly sensitive to this kind of disruption. They are also becoming better at matching advertising to the TV show and the demographics of the audience. Even so, we are all irritated by certain advertising!


You may make your adverts more relevant to the video content when using video advertising. As a consequence, your ad seems to be more of a value-add than an interruption.


To better integrate into the video where they are broadcast, some marketers create hundreds of slightly modified ad variations. This may seem to be a daunting undertaking, but modern technologies are making it much simpler. Shoot in the proper proportions.


Because in-feed videos on Instagram cannot be extended to fill the whole phone screen as they can on Facebook, Voss believes that people will swallow a video ad inside an Instagram post. The video will occupy the whole screen in Stories, but it should be prepared and recorded vertically.


According to Olumide Gbenro, CEO of media marketing firm Globo Media Marketing, the finest commercials ‘fill the full space,” Remove the horizontal movies and format the editor to 600×600 pixels. This has a completely distinct appearance and should grab the audience’s attention even more.


For Stories, however, a 1:1 aspect ratio of 1080×1080 and 1080×1920 is usually recommended.

3. Communicate A Single, Straightforward Message

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Even remembering someone’s name is difficult, much alone a sophisticated commercial message. For commercial messaging, use the “KISS” principle: “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” The simpler the headline, the better for print advertising. Every other ad element, whether it is “pricing,” “selection,” “quality,” or any other single-minded notion, should reinforce the main statement.


4. Make Sure The Advertisement Seems Professional

Computer graphics and desktop publishing tools may give professional-looking templates for creating good-looking print advertising if you have the time and skills. Consider enlisting the assistance of editing service professionals like Video Caddy or art studios with experienced specialists on staff and access to pricey and innovative computer software. In the long run, they may save you time and money while providing superior outcomes.


Professionals should create, develop, and purchase electronic commercials (e.g., TV, radio, and the Internet) and outdoor commercials for a fee or a portion of media dollars spent (i.e., generally 15 percent of gross media spending).

5. Join Forces With Other Creators

YouTube producers have formed deep ties with their viewers, maybe more than any other advertising platform. As a result, more people than ever are following and participating with their favorite artists’ channels daily.


Advertisers will have a new opportunity as a result of this. You have a new means of reaching their audience by engaging with video content makers.

6. Make it Memorable

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Do something out of the ordinary but unforgettable. A tagline may help people remember what you do, particularly if you include comedy or another way for the audience to relate to it.


 To link, you may utilize a symbol that symbolizes a certain topic area. To make it easier to remember, using a jingle should or rhyme no more than six or seven syllables long can work wonders.

7. Make Use of a Good Voice Over

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When making an audience feel a certain emotion or purchase a certain product, the human voice has a significant impact. The perfect voice can make or break an ad, and it may even become a brand symbol. So please spend some time considering your brand’s personality, the voice that symbolizes it, and how that voice will carry your ad, keeping the ultimate goal in mind.

8. Continue to Test


Your task is just half done after you have developed and placed your advertising. However, you should still keep an eye on your numbers and observe how each ad is doing.


Do not be scared to move your advertising around to other time slots or networks to see what works best.


This is where Google’s machine learning can assist. You should not, however, be frightened to make manual modifications. Only then will you be able to determine which advertisements perform best in various situations.


Final Thoughts


It takes lots of hard work and dedication to create high-performing video ads. However, if you have the right video content plan and display a wee-bit of creativity, you can realize the fullest potential to tell inspirational video advertisements and encourage people to watch and take action. So, when do you plan to create high-performing video advertisements? 


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