7 Tips for Creating Engaging Content for Your Audience

Do you ever wonder why your competitors’ content gets more engagement? Check out these 7 expert tips for creating engaging content designed specifically for your audience.

Creating Engaging Content for Your Audience

Image Source: Pexels


Social media has found its way into the lives of just about everyone. Even if you are an adult and adamant about not getting on Instagram or Facebook, your company likely uses LinkedIn or your children can’t get enough of TikTok. Regardless of your stance, social media is here and has made the lives of influencers and brands more successful based on their content.


Continue reading to discover seven tips for creating engaging content for your audience regardless of your following size. These tips will give you a leg up and make your content spark for your readers.


1. Share Your Brand’s Story

Whether you post on social media for yourself to share your life with friends or as part of your business, you are a brand. What you share represents your brand. Your friends likely look forward to your posts because of how you define your brand. What you are sharing is your brand identity.

A brand story is the narrative of yourself or your content. It is communicated in many ways and is how you express who you are. Telling your brand story is essential and something that only you can do. Brand stories are compelling and leave an unforgettable impression on others.


If you are an entrepreneur, a bold and engaging way to tell your brand story is to hire video production services. In addition to elevating your story and ultimately bridging the gap to connect you to customers, AudPop says their “software helps businesses connect to our Creator community through turnkey video contests and film challenges, and with AudPop’s Creator freelancer marketplace.”


2. Use Popular Hashtags

Everyone loves a good hashtag. In addition to tracking trends, hashtags will expand the reach of your company and brand.

There are several types of hashtags and the most popular are:

  • Community hashtags connect readers around a topic
  • Branded hashtags increase brand awareness
  • Campaign or product-specific hashtags are short term to promote a campaign or product
  • Industry hashtags connect users within a specific industry with topics, events, and ideas

3. Inspire Action

Inspiring action on social media takes more than telling someone to go and do something. Instead, inspiring takes strategy, planning, and thought. Some tips to inspire action include:

  • Knowing what they need
  • Knowing how you can help them
  • Asking how you can make their dreams come true
  • Asking how you can make their lives easier
  • Knowing their mindset

4. Stimulate Emotions

You are already halfway there if you can move your readers or customers to feel something. Simulating emotion is excellent for engaging on social media. To begin, you must be able to create compelling titles or captions. That is what will make people want to follow you.


Another idea is to humanize your brand. Your customers already know you are professional and can deliver goods. Therefore, show them the human side of your brand by taking them behind the scenes and letting them see a bit of humor.

Lastly, ensure that your content is joyous and awe-inspiring. That will leave readers with a positive feeling and view of your brand.


5. Keep Your Content Distinctive and Original

It doesn’t matter your niche; there is likely someone or another company doing the same thing. However, that does not mean that your content cannot be distinctive and original. There are several ways to keep your content distinctive and original, but the main way is to be authentic.


6. Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

Your regular customers or readers will have feedback based on your products. Your job is to make sure to use that information for your good. Not only is responding to feedback essential, but it is also how brands can gain new customers and how you keep new customers coming. When they see a responsive brand, they are more eager to shop their products.


7. Make Content in Real-Time

It is so easy to put off creating content when something is happening in the news. However, your readers will not want to read your views about something that happened weeks ago. Instead, write and post content in real-time. Your content will be more engaging if it is written in real-time.


As you have read, providing engaging content on social media is vital to influencing and engaging customers. Although there are more, using the seven tips listed above will give you a leg up as a brand and influencer on social media.