How to Create a YouTube Video in 5 Easy Steps

This post will show you how to create a YouTube Video in 5 Easy Steps, more importantly you will be able to use this super sticky content to create sales and build your brand effectively.

5 easy steps

When it comes to marketing your business, you have a huge range of channels to choose from. Email marketing is still highly popular and an effective way to generate leads, especially when you utilize methods like segmentation to ensure you are targeting the right audience. Social media is also a brilliant way to raise interest in your business by creating useful, compelling content.


However, more marketing experts are using video to sell products, whether it is a video that is embedded on a website landing page, used to send out as a part of an email campaign or promoted through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Did you know that YouTube has more than a billion users?

And that it has local versions covering more than 88 countries?

The popularity of YouTube means that most marketers will upload video content onto the YouTube website to generate viewers. It also means that you don’t have to upload huge files onto your website, as you can just embed the video link to YouTube; ensuring it won’t slow your page loading speed down.


We know that YouTube is a fantastic opportunity to market all kinds of industries, but if you’re new to this domain, then you may need some help creating videos. Here are five steps to making a YouTube video:


  1. Planning – Before you even think about recording content, you need to develop a content plan. What style of video will market your products or services the best? Do you want to provide a demonstration video of how to do a certain skill? Or do you want to give an overview of your products and why customers should choose your business? Develop a script if necessary.


  1. Lights, camera, action! – Find the best video recording equipment that you can get your hands on. Most laptops now have built-in cameras, and if you set it up on a table, it can produce a smooth and steady recording. However, if you are on the move or need to use different angles, a smartphone with a decent quality camera will do the job. Make sure there is good lighting and no distractions.


  1. Record the clip – The more content you record, the more you have to use when you edit it down. However, if you are just recording a quick video to quickly show the function of a product, then you may want to try and capture in one short video that doesn’t need any editing work.


  1. Editing – Depending on how complex the content output of your recording is, you will need to decide which editing tools to use. If you want to add text and effects, then you probably want to use something like iMovie for Mac or Windows Movie Maker. You can also purchase more advanced editing software that will help you to achieve what you need. Alternatively, you can use tools within YouTube to clip the video.


  1. Upload and share – Uploading onto YouTube is easy, just follow these instructions. The next bit is to get people to view your video, so you may want to buy YouTube likes to get you further up the rankings. Use social media accounts to promote your video; encourage comments and reply to customers and clients.


Creating YouTube Video is a sure fire way to build evergreen content that users love. Just follow these five steps and you’ll be on your way to a successful video marketing strategy for your business growth. For more tips on how to create a successful YouTube channel, read more.