How to Create Online Presence for Business: Starters Guide

If you’re wondering how to create an online presence for business look no further, here’s a great starters guide to boost your digital presence.

How to Create Online Presence for Business: Starters Guide

In the 21st Century, the fastest way to grow your business presence significantly is by doing it online.

Whether your company runs operations online or offline, enhancing online presence is critical for its growth. Growing a business presence is necessary for any business local or national.

An online presence is defined by the ease of finding a company, brand, or product online.

The aim of creating an online business presence is often to create brand awareness.  There are numerous online tools that you can leverage to enhance presence. These tools offer numerous benefits such as:

  •       Improved brand credibility thereby attract more customers
  •       Enhanced access to your customers
  •       Increased accessed to products
  •       Increased chances of the possibility of growing your business internationally
  •       Easy to marketing platforms
  •       Elevated chance of experiencing brand growth


For you to reap these benefits, you need to hire personnel to help you create and enhance your online presence. Among the professionals that you can hire include a social media manager, web developer as well as brand ambassador. These professionals are familiar with the way customers behave, act, and think. Therefore, they can help you create content that will have people talking about your brand. These professionals are also familiar with conducting an analysis of online data which is essential in tailoring products according to the needs of the consumer.

Once your business grows from the enhanced presence, what next?

Imagine running an international business in countries with different time zones. You will need to hire a 247 Call Center to handle issues that your customers may be facing. Sourcing the services of a call center that works around the call will:

  •       Enhance customer satisfaction which will boost your business
  •       Resolve problems that arise in a timely fashion
  •       Elevate your annual revenues from customers calling to make enquires about the products they want to buy.


Don’t worry, let’s go back to the question of how to create online presence for business, before anything else.

Here are 7 Essential tips you to create online business presence for business:


1. Develop a website

With everything so automated, you may want to create a website to improve your online presence. But before you develop one, you need to identify a suitable platform to host your website. An unsuitable platform is bound to inhibit your business presence and stall your growth. One of the best platforms you could use for your website is WordPress.

However, when developing a website, there are four things to consider. These components include:

  • Visuals: When customers visit your website, they will scrutinize everything you put on your website. Thus, you may want to enhance the visual components of your webpage such as colors, images, and the font to attract customers.
  • Content: You should put up content that appeals to the customers and update it often to maintain traffic on your website.
  • Message: New customers will tend to stay on your website for a short time, hence, you should create a message that captivates them to stay.
  • Design: You need to ensure that your website has a simple design and is functional. Now that most people use their mobile phones to access most things online, you may need to make the website mobile friendly to enhance customer access to the website.

To get a better understanding of the web design process, click here


2. Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO leverages search engines to direct your customers to your webpage.

To enhance how visitors locate you, you will need to create a good website for it to rank high on the search engines. Keywords are instrumental in making your business rank higher. Doing the right keyword research to create the right landing page copy is critical to achieve this. 

It is worth mentioning that when evaluating what site is relevant, search engines will often look for the relevance of your content, the performance of your webpage, customer user experience, as well as the authority it has. If your website meets these criteria, chances are that it will rank higher. Furthermore, it is imperative that you coin an SEO strategy that meets your business goals. If you’re optimizing your website for local services, you will need to make use of adequate local SEO services


3. Leverage social media

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram command massive audiences across the globe. From the look of things, these platforms will only keep getting better. It is unlikely that they will go away soon. Therefore, social media is the best platform to leverage to keep people talking about your brand.

Using social media to your advantage requires that you create accounts and acquire people’s following. The process of making use of social media can be expensive. Therefore, you need to identify the platform that works best for your brand and one that will not create a hole in your budget. You wouldn’t want to channel money to a cause that would be counterproductive. It is at this point that you need to make use of the social media manager that you hired.

For you to grow your business presence, you also need to work with influential figures on these platforms. Due to the numerous followers that they have, you could hire them to serve as brand ambassadors. Such a strategy will have your brand experience exponential growth.


4. Invest in a good marketing strategy 

A good marketing strategy will always earn your business recognition. However, you may need to create marketing content that appeals to a large group of people. This content can be added to your website using a blog. You can use WordPress to add a blog then populate it with content that attracts a huge audience.

Additionally, you up to your website marketing strategy by developing an opt-in email list where customers sign and you offer them regular correspondence about your brand. Given that people appreciate free things a lot, you could also hold giveaways and contests. You will be surprised at how many people will be talking about your products and services after they benefit from them.

Lastly, you could build an affiliate program where people with a vested interest in your brand and have a large online presence can share information about the company. In return, you need to offer them an incentive in the form of a commission to motivate them to sell your products and services. With such marketing strategies, your brand will shoot from having a regular presence to the most sought for the brand. 


5. Manage your reputation

In the tech era we currently live in, consumers will always be drawn to products with better online ratings. You need to encourage your customers to leave feedback and reviews about your products and services so that other people who are interested in them can find you.

Having a positive rating will have people talking about your brand thereby growing your presence.

While encouraging customers to give reviews, you also need to manage the business’ reputation by:

  • Acknowledging customer’s reviews whether positive or negative in a public manner
  •  Demonstrating confidence in the company’s brand
  •  Show your business culture by humanizing it so that people can relate to your products and services
  • Building and nurturing relationships with customers



A powerful business presence radiates confidence and customer satisfaction.  It is also the epitome of success. Your business will grow its presence by leveraging what is trending at the moment.

Having a website, using SEO’s, and utilizing social media are among the things you can employ to create online business presence. When your business secures a strong presence, it becomes easier for you to expand and conquer international markets. It was worth noting that achieving presence is not a one-time activity, it is a process that will go on for as long as you remain operational.