scam alertThere is a company located in Miami Florida posting jobs under our name, Pixel Productions Inc. that direct you to (onebuckresume ) — This is a scam! We have worked very hard to build a great company, strong brand image, graphics and message that our customers have come to trust. A Florida company has stolen our brand logos and graphics and is using them illegally along with the closely altered domain of that redirects to our legit site: www.pixelproduction(s) We are doing everything we can to combat and remove these false ads, but as you may know, these types of internet criminals are resourceful and clever.

They use fake craigslist ad listings with real companies names then tell you to use their resume service, OneBuckResume to put your resume into their executive-classic format. This is a disgusting practice as most of the people applying don’t have jobs and are scammed into spending money on a job that does not exist. Shame on you Linda ( if that is even your real name). Your stealing from people and your tarnishing good brand names.

Anyone who sees our name Pixel Productions Inc. come up in a craigslist ad, please be warned those posts are not from us. The real Pixel Productions Inc. is located in Medford, Oregon and you can verify this by phone: 541-773-3351

Here is a sample of what people receive once you apply for a job:

My name is Linda- I’m the staffing manager at Company X. I’ve reviewed your application, and your qualifications may be a good fit for our administrative staff. Everything looks good, however I will need you to send me your resume in executive-classic format (company requirement for new hire résumés). Please re-send me your resume in the correct format, along with the first date you can begin so we can move forward.

If you are unfamiliar with an executive-classic format, I’d recommend finding a template, or a quick resume builder online (I know or ResumeEdge should support the format).

Please email me if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Linda Pritchard