8 Tips for Conversational Writing to Boost Email Marketing Campaigns

We all know how effective email marketing is, but if you want to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns you’ll want to master the art of conversational writing.

conversational writing for email marketing

86% of all professionals prefer using email as a primary source of business communication, reports WordStream.

Moreover, customers that purchased goods from email spend 138% more than people who never received email promotions.

Just these two facts vividly demonstrate the benefits of email marketing, right? Most professionals prefer this channel of communication. They do not want to be disturbed or interrupted. However, they will gladly receive your offers via emails so they can check them later whenever they have a minute.

And as a result, if they like what you send them to their inbox, they are likely to spend more than those website visitors that never received your offers.

The only question left by now is how you can create emails that boost the effectiveness of your email marketing content?

And the answer is simple: create a conversation, not an email. Engage in a conversation with your customer. Tell him your story. Share your experience. Do not just try to promote your goods and services. How exactly can you do this? We have at least eight ways for you. So, read on!

Eight effective tips on how to take your email writing on a new level

email marketing

1. Start right.

The beginning of your email is crucial to the overall success of your article. The subject line sets up the tone of the letter and lets the readers know what this whole email will be about.

It is better to opt for shorter subject lines. They are easy to scan and give the general idea of the subject.

If you want to make it a powerful tool for your email marketing, consider adding emoji and writing this line the same way you would talk to a client in person. This approach can boost your open rates and make the customer read on, but wait, there’s more to it.

2. Watch your tone.

The same way you chose the right tone when writing various articles at school, you have to select the proper tone here.

Thus, when writing an essay on one of the cause and effect topics suggested by your teacher, you need to craft a formal paper that completely complies with the school requirements and expectations.

However, when writing an email to your target audience, keep your tone friendly and nice. They do not want you to be bossing them around. They expect you to be their friend.

3. Do not try to sell too hard.

don't sell too hard

Sure thing, when you talk to a colleague about an upcoming email marketing campaign, you use a long list of sales jargon. These terms make sense to you and your co-workers. But do not forget that these terms make no sense to your target audience.

So, it is in your best interest to present ideas in a simple way so they can understand you.

Besides, if a Sales professional reads your email and sees how many sales jargon words you used, he will know for sure that you are being very pushy. And that is quite repelling.

4. Make the content interesting.

Show your audience that you value their time. You do not want them to waste a minute of their busy day on irrelevant content. And demonstrate this respect toward their time with the compelling content. It has to be immaculate.

Find new fresh facts, or brush up the already known ones so that they shine in a new way. Conduct your research and investigate what exactly these subscribers want to learn about. And send a new email to their inbox only when you are 100% they will like this content.

5. Ask questions.

A conversation is impossible without questions. That is why you need to add them to your email as well.

The questions must be relevant and intriguing for your readers to respond to them and engage in a conversation. So, choose them wisely.

Besides, do not ask too many questions, as you are likely to lose their attention or seem too curious. Keep calm and pose a decent number of questions. This can take your email writing to a new level!


6. See your email with their eyes.

Sometimes we are so blinded by an idea we want to convey that we completely forget about our target audience. You should not lose interests and pain points of your audience of your sight.

For this reason, whatever you craft should then be scanned with the eyes of your customer. How relevant is this offer? Is this information of any value to him? How can you make it better?

Once you use these filters and apply them to your content, you will get a clear image of how your readers see what you have written.

7. Write fast.

We talk much faster than we write. And the only way to craft a conversational email is by writing it fast. This is the core secret that can make you sound natural.

We know that most people recommend you to edit and relentlessly proofread your emails after you craft them. But we advise you only to edit and change its grammar if needed. Leave the tone and style unchanged.

8. Make it fun.

Last but not least comes this tip. You do not want to sound too dull. That is why it is your job to make sure that you sound fun.

You can add a joke, humor up the situation or share some experience from your own life. These things will make the email fun and interesting. Moreover, they will make you sound like a human, not a robot.

Do not just focus on the main goal of your email which is to sell something. But instead, try to build the bridges with your customers with your wit and sense of humor. After all, people want to have fun. So, give them what they want even in a promotional email. Email marketing is an art. And only the most skilled artists get to the top here.

Take a look at this email order confirmation from Native… this is a perfect example of conversational writing utilized beautifully for personalization and humor.

convesational writing in email confirmation

Even if I didn’t like the product, I’d keep ordering just to keep getting the emails – every single one is personalized with a whitty unique message like this!

However, we are sure that you can master this art too if you use our tips carefully. Follow our steps, memorize them to implement when writing an exciting email that will boost your conversion rates.

Sure thing practice makes perfect. So, cut yourself some slack and learn on the first emails. However, as you polish your skills and get better email writing, you will be surprised at the results properly developed letter can bring. Just give it some time and be ready to invest hard labor.

What do you think the most effective tips for crafting a conversational email are? Do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments. We would love to hear from you!