Perfect Your Content Marketing Strategies In 5 Steps Within 24 Hours

Content marketing is a tricky concept. It often requires you to take care of the little things for productive results. Click here to hone your content marketing skills in just 5 easy steps.


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I have been practicing content marketing since 2015. From sharing relevant blog posts to publishing content on Instagram and Facebook, I have tried almost every step to boost my content marketing strategies. However, the content marketing strategies that actually kicked off after years of thorough practice and testing are consolidated right here in this post.

The thing is content marketing is not just about sharing presentations, videos, blogs and articles — it’s about taking care of the little things in your content that will certainly render your marketing efforts fruitful.

So, Here’s How I Improved My Content Marketing In Just One Day

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5 Tips To Hone Your Content Marketing Strategies In A Day


It takes a lot of practice to identify the perfect content marketing strategies. And I am sure you have already been practicing with your content for quite a while now. You’ve probably sent out relevant emails and shared all your content on social media posts really well.

Did not get the desired results?

If not, here is a list of tips for you to perfect your content marketing efforts in a day just like I did. Just focus on the right things and you are good to go. Let’s begin. 


1. Format the content smartly 


It doesn’t matter how you choose to promote your content online. Your target audience will not read it if the formatting is not readable. You must make it a point to engage with your target audience on an emotional level and you need to choose the right font for that. You don’t have to make your content fancy or unrealistic. It should be simple with proper fonts and typeface.


Make sure your content is readable even in mobile devices. Remember that nearly 51.51% of daily traffic comes from mobile phones. Use bullet points, easily digested sections and legible fonts to make it easier for your target audience to pay attention to your content.


2. Connect with influencers 


As per Adweek, the influencer marketing industry is set to reach nearly $10 billion by 2020. From Instagram to Snapchat, each networking platform consists of its own set of influencers with different demographics. Research and get hold of an influencer who has pretty good popularity in the online world. Request him/her to make your content viral since that’s how you will beat your competitors as well.

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You can even use Buzzsumoto search for the influencers in your industry. Say you belong to the assignment writing industry. Make sure you choose the influencers from a solid academic background. You can’t choose a make-up artist for that purpose, right?


3. Focus On Evergreen Content


It is always a good idea to generate content that is trending and current. But, you must also use evergreen contents to keep your visitors coming back for more. Take Neil Patel’s content on ‘how to get more views on YouTube channel‘ for example. Founded in 2005, this content is still up and running on YouTube pretty good. Use the right tags to appeal to your audience just like Neil did in this content. Your evergreen content should ALWAYS be relevant to your target audience.


Once I wrote an article on ‘Tips to complete homework on time’ for one of my clients. This query is something students will always relate to no matter what. Therefore, it took me only one evergreen content to draw the attention of my clients’ target audience.


4. Follow a strict schedule 


Customers love consistency. If you share a blog every Sunday, make sure you do so for as long as you want to engage with your target audience. Create a content calendar to take care of all your content marketing strategies at the right time. You may have to post images on Instagram on Sundays, or you may have to send emails every Tuesday. Follow the schedule to post all the contents as you have planned. This will help you engage with your readers better through new pieces.


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Now you can’t end up delivering irrelevant stuff in an attempt to maintain the schedule. This will only divert your audience to your competitors. Take your time to plan the perfect topic for your next content and post accordingly.


5. Use pinnable images and infographics 


Pinterest houses over 70 million users and 80% of them are women. This shows that the platform has enough room for growth if you know how to use it.

Did you know that 80% of Pinterest pins are repins?

Therefore, if you can produce superior quality and relevant images, there are higher chances that your image will be repeatedly repinned.


You post an image on Instagram. Your followers may share it for some days and that’s it. Most of the people don’t even remember the tweets that they shared after a certain time. But, repins on Pinterest can help your image circulate on the platform for months and years even.


6. Use YouTube for Increased Views

Looking for a fast, easy and affordable way to get more views on YouTube?

Struggling to grow your audience and in need of a major performance boost?

If you’re a business looking for the biggest audience, you can’t ignore Youtube as a part of your digital marketing strategy. YouTube is the second largest search engine and the second most visited website in the world after Google. More importantly, it is home to the single most engaging form of content online, so learning how to harness this power is essential to grow your business.

Whether starting from scratch or working on the effectiveness of your current content marketing strategies, YouTube could make all the difference. Media Mister, one of the webs leading YouTube marketing experts has put together this infographic to help you get more leads on YouTube!


how to get views on youtube infographic


Wrapping Up, 


Content marketing is no easy feat. It takes time to show the desired results. You may have to work hard round the clock to produce good traffic and revenue for your business. Focus on top-notch quality content and implement the tips mentioned above.

I did the same and it has proved profitable for my content marketing efforts. Why don’t you try that out and see the results for yourself?