8 Ways to Write Like a Content Marketing Pro

Is your content getting your site nowhere? These 8 tips will get you writing like a content marketing pro, keep reading to find out.

Write Like a Content Marketing Pro

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What’s the biggest difference between your content and what a content marketing pro puts out?

Professional content writers share informative content that a specific audience find engaging enough to check out and insightful enough to keep reading to get answers to their questions.

So, what is the key to writing like a content marketing pro?

We asked the team at Peachy Essay, who provides professional essay writing, blog writing, dissertation writing help, and other services what the key is to writing content like a pro. Their answer;

Simply put, it’s providing value to the audience.


The role of content writer is a significant one in terms of marketing any business online. Some businesses use social media strategies to promote their work while others prefer content in the form of blogs or e-books. It doesn’t really matter the channel — It’s the content writer’s responsibility to strengthen the image of the company by attracting and engaging the right audience. If done right, then content writing can bring not only readers but also paying customers to you.

It’s one thing to say it, but it’s an entirely different thing to do it. Effective content writing is 1 part research, 1 part information, 2 parts personality and 3 parts delivery. Let’s discuss what it takes to be able to write like a content marketing pro.

1. Writing an Intriguing Headline

If 100 people are visiting your blog then 80 out of them only reads the title of your blog whereas, the rest of the 20 people will read the main body of your blog. This means that the heading of the blog should be eye-catching and appealing that it compels the readers to know more about the blog. 

2. Writing Unique and Original Content

Before starting to write content, try to do plenty of online research. Google about the topic on which you’ll be going to write or you can also look for some content on other social media sites like YouTube, and Quora. Create a rough framework of what you’ll be going to write. Don’t try to copy and paste the information. This will not be going to give you any reward. Even if you try to do so your readers will lose interest and also you will be going to lose their trust. In the end, try to fill the gap in your framework with some of your original content. Keep in mind that as a content writer it’s your job to take your content to next level.

3. Using SEO

If you want to become a content writer, you must be familiar with SEO first. If your content is SEO optimized, then it will increase the ranks of your content on any website you are publishing. Moreover, having the know-how of SEO will be going to help you to know about the challenges that are faced by the readers. Not only this it will also help you to make content that solves the problems of your reader more accurately.

4. Adding Multimedia to The Content

If it is possible then try to add an image or a video to your blog particularly if it is long content. This will keep the reader engaged throughout the blog. Through this trick, you can increase the traffic to your blog. 

5. Proofreading 

After you have finished your content, always proofread it after a few hours of completion. You will then be able to correct small grammatical mistakes and can fix the sentences.  Making mistakes is not a big deal but leaving them as they are is surely a big mistake. Moreover, grammatical mistakes can also leave a bad image of you on the readers.

6. Relating Content with Reader’s Life

If you want to be a pro in content writing you have to relate your content to the life of your readers. Let’s say you are writing an article on “A comprehensive guide to PowerPoint presentations” Now the students will surely visit your article if they want any sort of help in making a PowerPoint presentation otherwise it doesn’t sound appealing. 

But if a student improves his presentation skills then he can improve his grades. If you can build a relationship between presentation skills and a student’s success rate, then your article suddenly becomes fascinating. This will affect the reader and thus compel them to read your article and visit your website more often.

7. Writing Focused Articles

Always make sure that the article is focused and has a single clear idea from start to the end. The article should be in such a way that it flows naturally and give your article a clear idea. Several points can be made as a part of a single idea but readers should have a clear idea of what they are supposed to take away from your article.

Let’s suppose that you have written half of the article and now you came to know that you have moved away from the main focus. That’s okay! Just go back to re-edit after finishing the first draft.

8. Analyzing Your Work

Last but not least if you want to be a content marketing pro, it’s important to analyze the content you are creating. If you notice that the content, you are creating is read by the people and they are also sharing it then you can adapt your efforts to strengthen these positive results. There is no such standard formula to becoming the best content writer. But if you write regularly, do experiments with your writing styles, and try different methods then this can ultimately improve your writing skills. 



To become a content writing pro you have to first define your target audience. If you are unclear about who you are writing for and what they want to hear from you then you won’t be able to succeed in the field of content writing. You can surely write some nice words but that won’t create any sales for you. Start with your targeted audience and you will be able to create better.