How to Communicate Directly with Consumers in 2020

Customer communication is one of the most important factors in driving success online, learn how to communicate directly with your consumers.

How to Communicate Directly with Consumers in 2020

In business, circumstances sometimes arrive where you need to contact consumers directly. In other words, you need to speak to them about unfolding circumstances within your company or to deal with a PR event. 

In these cases, you need a more direct line to your consumers, something that feels like you’re talking to them directly. In this short article, you’ll learn how to best communicate to consumers in times of emergency or unprecedented conditions, during which you want placate, calm or reassure your customers that your company is handling a specific issue.

Press Interviews

By getting on to the mainstream news, or being interviewed by the press, your company can communicate directly with consumers on a personal basis through the medium of television, or newspapers and journals. 

If you’re handling an issue that is in the public eye, you are likely to be contacted by journalists yourself. In the case that you’re not, you should turn to media relation services in order for them to help you arrange interviews with key news providers so that you’re able to say your piece and manage the PR surrounding your business.

Social Media

The clue here is in the name. Social media enables interactivity, which means that you have a direct line of two-way communication with your customers and web users writ large. As such, if you’re looking to handle an unfolding PR event within your company, it can really pay to start a dialogue on your social media channels and to post updates on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

These updates are often taken up by the press as official statements; meanwhile, you can deal with any queries and replies you get from customers directly on the social media platforms themselves. 

Email Marketing

The next best thing in the digital communication world is an email that’s personalized to each customer and consumer who has left you their email address. By using an email marketing program, you will be easily be able to send out communications regarding your PR event, ensuring that you include all of the information you need to communicate in one simple and straightforward piece of writing. 

By addressing your customers with their first name and using a tone of voice that’s reassuring and informative, you’ll be able to establish a direct line with those consumers who mean the most to you and your business.

Targeted Advertising

Finally, if you’re not handling a PR event, but you’re looking to speak directly with different types of consumer, it may be worth your time to invest in targeted advertisements online. These look at the data profile of specific web users and match them to the demographics that you’re trying to communicate with. Your advert will only be shown to those consumers, and you’ll only be charged for the adverts shown to these consumers, too. This makes for a great line of communication for companies to use when they’re trying to target specific consumers with their products.

There you have it: four ways you can communicate directly with your consumers in times of difficulty, or to boost your profits through enhancing your sales figures.