3 11, 2015

Are These Contributing to Your Site’s High Bounce Rate?

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A high bounce rate is a serious problem that webmasters must address. Unless your website serves as a “gateway” to another website, you should work to keep your bounce rate as low as possible. Today we're going to reveal some of the most common reasons of a high bounce rate [...]

29 10, 2015

Why Aren’t People Liking My Facebook Page

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Why Aren't People Liking My Facebook Page and What Can I do About It?The number of people who like your Facebook Page is a direct measurement of its success. The more likes it receives, the greater the engagement. And with a large number of followers, you'll have an easier time [...]

29 10, 2015

How to Create a Social Media Calendar

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Local businesses know they have to post on social networks frequently, to stay engaged with fans and followers. However, it is a task that often gets put on the back burner or, worse, overlooked entirely. Using a social media calendar can help alleviate this problem. Below, I discuss what a [...]

28 10, 2015

Top 14 Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rates

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I've often looked at bounce rates and associated metrics as a way to measure the general stickiness and appeal of a website. In my case, this has normally been blogs and publishers' sites, but the principle applies generally. Here are several suggestions for ways to keep visitors from leaving your site [...]

26 10, 2015

10 Steps To Target And Connect With Potential Customers Effectively

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Are you rolling out a new marketing plan or looking to give your current one a face-lift? Columnist Steve Olenski outlines 10 steps to help you connect with customers and foster leads. Brainstorming an effective marketing strategy is never easy work — you have to make decisions on who you [...]

9 10, 2015

What Do Mobile Users Want From Your Website?

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Most business owners are already well aware that they need a mobile-friendly website.It's no longer simply the information provided by a site that matters to prospective customers and to Google, it's how that information is presented.Poor presentation, as well as a dearth of information, can actually drive prospects away and [...]

8 10, 2015

3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Mobile Search Ranking

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Part of my job at Econsultancy is collating digital marketing stats from across the web each week, and one of the most frequently cited points is that a rapidly increasing share of total online activity is happening on mobile devices. This trend towards mobile is set to continue in the coming [...]

8 10, 2015

Engage Website Visitors With 75 Great Content Ideas

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Tired of writing the same old boring blog posts over and over again? Get some inspiration from contributor Stoney deGeyter's massive list of content ideas. I just did a search for “content is king,” and Google produced more than 300 million results. If you have not heard this phrase by now, [...]

8 10, 2015

Boost Organic Search Results with Long tail Keywords

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There's an old advertising slogan which says, "If you wish to capture someone's attention, whisper."It seems counterintuitive, but think about how others respond when someone whispers. They lean in to ensure that they can hear clearly.The data-driven nature of the marketing cloud environment pushes the limits of customer privacy. But organic [...]

6 10, 2015

Tips To Avoid An Adwords PPC Budget Horror Story

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Lately I've been hearing some horror stories related to Adwords PPC budget management. While spending under budget can sacrifice some opportunities, severe overages can be devastating to the advertiser.To set a proper budget strategy, first let’s examine how AdWords and Bing Ads budgets work. Campaign BudgetsThis sets a total maximum dollar [...]

2 10, 2015

10 Great Local Marketing Tips To Start In October 2015

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Web Marketing Today gathered advice from ten marketing experts, designed to help local businesses market online with greater impact. This month, comments focus on ways businesses can leverage local SEO. Some include references to recent changes made by Google to the “local pack.”Make Your Local Presence KnownLarry Alton“[T]he big national brands will [...]

17 09, 2015

Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

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Landing pages are designed for one basic purpose: to generate conversions. This may include selling a physical product, selling a digital product, generating leads, or even attracting email signups. You can improve the conversion rate of your landing page by following the tips listed below. Limit LinksWhy should you limit links [...]