23 06, 2019

How to work in the United States as a creative the practical realities

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How to work in a creative industry in the United States: the practical realities Travel can open your eyes to the world, particularly in terms of culture. However, sometimes, it can inspire us to also base ourselves in a country permanently. Working in the creative industry isn’t restricted to the [...]

30 01, 2018

Experiencing Super Weird Job Interview Questions Lately?

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Experiencing Super Weird Job Interview Questions Lately? Job hunters are more likely to face some super weird-ass job interview questions to help interviewers uncover what lies beneath the resume. Finding a job these days is no easy feat. With so many other qualified skilled jobhunters vying for the same role [...]

16 04, 2013

A Small Business Case Study – Our Experience With Hosted VoIP Phone Services

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Hosted VoIP Systems — A Small-Business Case Study. . . What’s the true cost of a hosted VoIP solution? You may be surprised to find out why one small business posits that on-site VoIP systems are a “no-brainer” for getting better features and savings. Pixel Productions Inc. is a small, boutique, brand development agency located in Southern Oregon. Like many small to mid-sized businesses, Pixel was faced with a decision on what type of business phone system to purchase. Typically, the three main factors regarding business phone systems are: price, quality, and reliability. Most businesses shop price comparisons and end up choosing cheaper, hosted VoIP phone service providers such as Vonage or Nextiva with the hopes of saving money. That’s what Pixel did at first, and like many other small businesses, they discovered there are often hidden pitfalls associated with hosted VoIP phone service providers. […]

24 08, 2012

Graphic Design Company Adopts Office Shark to Honor Shark Week

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Sure you can go to any Design Company for services, but none of those companies will let you pet their shark. Everyone here at Pixel Productions Inc. is a huge shark week fan. This year in honor of shark week we have adopted a new member to our office... We [...]

9 08, 2012

12 Funny Faces of the 2012 London Olympics

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While the most memorable images from the 2012 London Olympics will surely be ones of victory, passion and strength, we wanted to share the pictures capturing hilarious facial expressions.

28 03, 2012

Welcome to The Wall of Shame – Stealing Content Doesn’t Instill A Lot Of Faith In Your Website

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Removing our company name and leaving extra blank spaces where a name should go? Can you read? The sentence isn't even complete. Delilahconcepts, the most recent content hijacker was a little less pathetic, you at least put your own business name instead of ours. Hey Sandy Cole and Shirley Stokes, when you say, "in order to provide you with an excellent design solution, we make sure that you have a complete understanding of our graphic design process", do you actually mean Pixel Productions graphic design process. Do you know what our design process is?

22 03, 2012

How Stress and Lack of Sleep Got One Designer’s House Blacklisted by Jehovahs Witnesses

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So, how did stress and lack of sleep cause the Jehovah's Witnesses to black list my door? Well, I had decided to take a whole weekend off, maybe get a little rest and recharge a little bit. This plan was doomed from the start. Neither of my kids slept at all that night, unless you count that non consecutive 2 hours when everybody's eyes were closed as sleep. So, when the whole family got up at 5 am you might be able to imagine how thrilled I was to face the day.