7 04, 2016

Complex IT Networks – Challenges and Concerns

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Complex IT Networks – Challenges and Concerns Contemporary IT environment is becoming increasingly complex and it can be extremely challenging for CIOs to understand and voice their requirements when managing and upgrading their networks. The contemporary IT environment is becoming increasingly complex and it can be extremely challenging for CIOs [...]

1 12, 2015

Yahoo Strikes Deal to Include Google Listings in Search Results

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The next time you perform a search on Yahoo, you may notice some new listings in its search results. When unveiling its third-quarter earnings, Yahoo also disclosed an unlikely partnership with Google that allows it to display some of Google's organic and paid listings.For more than a decade now, Google [...]

28 09, 2015

Etsy Local: New Marketing Channel for Boutique Shops

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This article, Etsy Local: New Marketing Channel for Boutique Shops, was first published on WebMarketingToday.Etsy is an online marketplace for entrepreneurs who sell handmade or vintage items. Since its founding in 2005, the number of active Etsy sellers has increased to 1.5 million and the number of active buyers has [...]

24 09, 2015

Facebook to Introduce Thumbs Down Button

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It's been a long time in the making, but Facebook has officially announced plans to introduce a thumbs down button. In the social media giant's 11 plus years of being in business, it has limited users to liking posts with the thumbs up button. But Facebook has now said that [...]

12 09, 2015

The Current Status of Google’s Penguin Algorithm

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I get a lot of emails saying things like this: "We were hit by Google's Penguin algorithm. We did a thorough link cleanup six months ago and NOTHING has changed."This post, The Current Status of Google’s Penguin Algorithm was first published on SearchEngineWatch.An incredible number of small businesses have been decimated [...]

18 08, 2015

Key ecommerce statistics from Ofcom’s Communication Market Report 2015

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The 2015 Ofcom Market Communications Report includes interesting statistics on consumer attitudes to ecommerce and what influences purchase decisions. This post was originally published on econsultancy.com It seems the ecommerce market is still growing at a decent pace. Figures published in Royal Mail’s latest annual report estimate total parcel volume growth [...]

16 09, 2014

Open House: Come Meet the Team!

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Open House Hosted by Pixel Productions, Inc. on FridaySeptember 26th, 2014Pixel Productions, Inc. is located in Medford, but their business is perhaps less knownlocally than to businesses outside of Southern Oregon. In a move to gain local visibility,Pixel has purchased an office building for their boutique design agency. Local businessowners [...]

18 08, 2014

We’ve Moved! Pixel Productions Inc. Has Officially Moved to 29 Hawthorne Street in Medford Oregon

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Pixel Productions Inc. has recently purchased a new property located at 29 Hawthorne Street in Medford Oregon to better embody their boutique graphic design and web development agency image. Along with this move they added a representative in the Portland area for strategic business development. Pixel Productions Inc. is officially [...]

28 02, 2014

Pixel Productions Inc. Hires Kevin Williams As Head Of eCommerce Development

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Pixel Productions Inc. hires award winning eCommerce and multimedia developer, Kevin Williams, to head up their eCommerce and multimedia department. This is a strategic move for Pixel to help businesses build their brands online.Pixel Productions Inc. hires award winning video production and web designer, Kevin Williams, to head up their [...]

10 12, 2013

Pantone – the world leader in color – has announced the 2014 color of the year.

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Creatives from all disciplines turn to Pantone for color cues and influence. After all, Pantone takes a serious and multifaceted approach to predicting color trends. This past Thursday, Pantone revealed it's color choice for the new year and it looks like we'll be painting the town purple with Pantone 18-3224: [...]

13 08, 2013

Craigslist Scam Notification from the Real Pixel Productions Inc.

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There is a company located in Miami Florida posting jobs under our name, Pixel Productions Inc. that direct you to (onebuckresume ) — This is a scam! We have worked very hard to build a great company, strong brand image, graphics and message that our customers have come to trust. A Florida company has stolen our brand logos and graphics and is using them illegally along with the closely altered domain of pixelproductioninc.com that redirects to our legit site: www.pixelproduction(s)inc.com. We are doing everything we can to combat and remove these false ads, but as you may know, these types of internet criminals are resourceful and clever. They use fake craigslist ad listings with real companies names then tell you to use their resume service, OneBuckResume to put your resume into their executive-classic format. This is a disgusting practice as most of the people applying don’t have jobs and are scammed into spending money on a job that does not exist. Shame on you Linda ( if that is even your real name). Your stealing from people and your tarnishing good brand names. […]