7 08, 2015

Separate Mobile Domain vs Responsive Web Design

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There are several different ways to optimize a website for mobile compatibility, including the use of a separate mobile domain or a responsive web design. While both of these techniques are capable of creating brilliant, fully functional websites that work on smartphones, there are nuances between them that shouldn't go [...]

21 07, 2015

Statistics On Just How Important Responsive Design Is

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Are you responsive online? Here are some shocking statistics that prove the importance of responsive design for your website and business practices.From my perspective "responsiveness" means a great deal online and the statics indicate that it means a great deal to your customers as well.Most people will quickly make the [...]

15 07, 2015

Understanding Mobile Shoppers: 3 Tips to Reach Your Mobile Audience

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Consumers today have come to rely on mobile devices for much of their shopping experience. Mobile commerce is huge, and is still on the rise. Forrester reports that mobile commerce will reach an estimated $293 billion in sales by 2018. So, understanding mobile shoppers' behavior is key if you want [...]

4 02, 2015

How to Design with User Experience in Mind

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There is a direct link between user experience, marketing goals and your web design. The type of web design that you choose will drive your consumer's experience, and your design should make sense for your website's purpose. User experience requires that an e-commerce site should not have the same functional [...]

14 01, 2015

Redesigning Your Website to Better Appeal to Customers

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Is your website as effective as it used to be? Considering that the number of sites online has doubled in the last two years alone, chances are that it is not. It might be time to redesign your website to better appeal to your customer.Even the way that the search [...]

17 10, 2013

3 Fundamentals Of Responsive Web Design

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In this rapidly shifting and expanding world of web-browsing devices, it is important to understand that your website must be accessible from laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and even fancy eyeglasses and watches. Responsive web design is a method of designing your website, so that when the winds of change [...]

22 10, 2012

The Difference Between Referencing a Website and Copying a Website

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Being able to determine the difference between using a site as reference and blatantly copying a website seems like a clear case of common sense. So, why does it seem that when it comes to material online, so many people are making the decision to just “take” what they find?In the web design business, having reference to different websites is useful in starting the web design process off in the right direction. It’s always beneficial when clients have done research on their own and are able to provide insight to their style preferences or help define features and necessary programming functionality that they may require.Legitimate research certainly includes checking out other sites and industry competitor sites to see what’s good, what’s not and what makes some sites more successful than others. But there is a very big difference between “referencing” and “stealing.”So what’s the difference between referencing and stealing?Reference is just that, something that will allow a design team to develop concepts that are unique and compelling but guided by style parameters that will ultimately meet the expectations and approval of the client. Copying is stealing – it’s that simple. Stealing website content, imagery, and design can be punishable just like any other form of theft. […]

12 10, 2012

Why Your Website Needs Good Photography

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Bad photography on the other hand, is like showing the world your pockmarked, drunken duck face. An image like that will haunt your business for a long time, so it’s best to avoid the embarrassment. Put your best image forward with quality photos.

20 07, 2012

How To Fix Background Image Scaling On Ipad Safari Browser

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So, if your website's background image is getting scaled down and all of your content appears normal, just add the following code to your CSS style where your background image is applied. . .

21 06, 2012

10 Funny 404 Error Pages

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  Everyone at some point in their hours of endless web surfing stumbles across the disappointing 404 error message. This happens sometimes when a link is broken or if you accidentally mistype the url. Usually these are just blank pages that direct you to go back from whence [...]

22 02, 2012

Where Website Design Ends And Seo Begins

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Professional SEO is an investment in your websites’ success where ultimately the traffic generated and business driven to your site will pay for this investment. Website design and SEO services work hand in hand to make a successful website, however you may need to go to two separate agencies to get both of these services.