2 10, 2015

What Ranking Factors are Important for Mobile Websites?

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Five months after Google’s mobile friendly update, it hasn’t quite turned out to be the ‘mobilegeddon’ that some predicted.However, it has started to make an impact, as some of the data from a new Searchmetrics’ mobile SEO report shows.For example, the percentage of mobile-friendly websites in the top 30 results [...]

29 09, 2015

How to Create the Perfect FAQ Page

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Every website should have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. As the name suggests, this page is dedicated to questions that are frequently asked by your target audience. If you run an e-commerce website that sells pet accessories, for instance, visitors may ask about the sizing of dog clothes. Covering [...]

21 09, 2015

Mobile Website Design: 5 Principles to Keep in Mind

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Google announced in early 2015 that it would begin using mobile-friendly websites as a search engine ranking factor. As a result, many businesses realized that they could no longer ignore designing a mobile interface for their sites.This post, Mobile Website Design: 5 Principles to Keep in Mind, was first published on [...]

2 09, 2015

Web Design: 7 Stock Photography Mistakes to Avoid

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Stock photos are an excellent resource for businesses that cannot afford custom photography, but many people fall victim to some common pitfalls related to their use.This post, Web Design: 7 Stock Photography Mistakes to Avoid, was first published on WebMarketingToday.Following is a list of seven “don’ts” for using stock photography [...]

13 08, 2015

Speed Matters: How to Reduce Your Site’s Load Times

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You've heard people talking about it, but you haven't taken action to reduce your site's load times... Why not? Are long load times costing you sales? Many webmasters overlook the importance of maintaining a fast website, assuming it has little-to-no impact on their conversions. But long load times can and [...]

10 08, 2015

‘Trust Signals’ to Make Your Website More Trustworthy

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Adding the right trust signals to your website can make a world of difference in its conversion rate. Internet users have become increasingly reluctant to submit their credit card information online, and for good reason: many websites have lax security, placing such data at risk for a breach. By including [...]

7 08, 2015

Separate Mobile Domain vs Responsive Web Design

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There are several different ways to optimize a website for mobile compatibility, including the use of a separate mobile domain or a responsive web design. While both of these techniques are capable of creating brilliant, fully functional websites that work on smartphones, there are nuances between them that shouldn't go [...]

21 07, 2015

Statistics On Just How Important Responsive Design Is

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Are you responsive online? Here are some shocking statistics that prove the importance of responsive design for your website and business practices.From my perspective "responsiveness" means a great deal online and the statics indicate that it means a great deal to your customers as well.Most people will quickly make the [...]

15 07, 2015

Understanding Mobile Shoppers: 3 Tips to Reach Your Mobile Audience

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Consumers today have come to rely on mobile devices for much of their shopping experience. Mobile commerce is huge, and is still on the rise. Forrester reports that mobile commerce will reach an estimated $293 billion in sales by 2018. So, understanding mobile shoppers' behavior is key if you want [...]

4 02, 2015

How to Design with User Experience in Mind

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There is a direct link between user experience, marketing goals and your web design. The type of web design that you choose will drive your consumer's experience, and your design should make sense for your website's purpose. User experience requires that an e-commerce site should not have the same functional [...]

14 01, 2015

Redesigning Your Website to Better Appeal to Customers

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Is your website as effective as it used to be? Considering that the number of sites online has doubled in the last two years alone, chances are that it is not. It might be time to redesign your website to better appeal to your customer.Even the way that the search [...]

17 10, 2013

3 Fundamentals Of Responsive Web Design

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In this rapidly shifting and expanding world of web-browsing devices, it is important to understand that your website must be accessible from laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and even fancy eyeglasses and watches. Responsive web design is a method of designing your website, so that when the winds of change [...]