7 03, 2017

This is How Website Design Affects Your Sales Funnel

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This is How Website Design Affects Your Sales Funnel Before you build a website take a moment to think about why you're building it in the first place. Understand how website design affects your sales funnel.   It’s exciting to build a new website, or even have one built for [...]

23 11, 2016

Establish Your Brand By Creating an Effective Company Logo

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Establish Your Brand By Creating an Effective Company Logo Effective company logo design captures the essence of your organizations' message and persona providing iconic presence when establishing your brand.   A logo personifies and embodies the presence of a brand. The best logos have common characteristics that seek to accomplish [...]

11 05, 2016

Should I Fire My Design Client?

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Should I Fire My Design Client?When, if ever, is the right time to fire your design client? If you're client shows signs of begin a real problem, the sooner the better.We've all had that bad design client. You know, the one we want to get rid of but never do. [...]

18 02, 2016

5 Things to Consider When Redesigning a Website

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5 Things to Consider When Redesigning a Website Here are 5 important things to consider when redesigning a website, because you don't want to watch your website redesign go up in smoke.When was the last time that you redesigned your website? If it's been over a year, then it's probably [...]

8 12, 2015

It’s a Wild Ride Building an API Specifically For Graphic Design!

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Nerve-wracking indecision Doing something new always causes feelings of exhilaration and panic all at the same time and, generally, in equal measure. It can be quite a task if you are trying to create an application program interface (API) since you need your wits about you. Still, it can’t be [...]

4 12, 2015

The Five Phases of Brilliant Web Design

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The phases of brilliant web design and development are quite similar to creating a plan for a new product or creating a brief. Great planning is essential for great web design.The phases of the website creation process include:Defining the projectThe business or organization needs to identify the reasons for creating [...]

19 11, 2015

Design Tips to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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Can design really boost your conversion rate? In most cases it really can and here are a few design tips that may help you improve the way your website performs as well.What is a conversion rate?Before we go any further, you need to understand what a conversion rate is exactly. [...]

7 08, 2015

Separate Mobile Domain vs Responsive Web Design

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There are several different ways to optimize a website for mobile compatibility, including the use of a separate mobile domain or a responsive web design. While both of these techniques are capable of creating brilliant, fully functional websites that work on smartphones, there are nuances between them that shouldn't go [...]

8 04, 2015

4 Great Cloud-Based Services for Graphic Designers

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There's no shortage of cloud-based storage services for businesses and individuals. There are the perennial heavyweights such as Google Drive and iCloud, and then there are some lesser-known services that have found their own niche in the market. But which ones have come out on top as the best cloud-based [...]

27 03, 2014

Background Textures: Tips To Make Your Website More Attractive

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Kissmetrics found 93 percent of consumers will buy a product based on its visual appearance. A 2002 Miami (Ohio) University study asked men and women to rate the importance of physical features of a potential mate on a scale of 1 to 10. Men's mode response was 8, while women's [...]

13 02, 2014

Graphic Design Career Basics for Highly Creative Minds

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Graphic Design Career Basics for Highly Creative Minds Heading towards a career path in graphic design? Internships are a great way to get real-world experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for graphic design careers is listed at $44,150 for annual salary and the hourly rate [...]

7 11, 2012

Selling Yourself As A Professional Designer Is An Art Form In Itself

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As a graphic designer you need to think of yourself as equal parts artist and salesperson. For your business to grow you have to sell yourself every day and that might take adopting some tried and true sales techniques.