20 06, 2012

Which eCommerce Platform Should I Use for Mobile Commerce?

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If you're in the early stages of deciding what eCommerce platform to use, choosing a platform like BigCommerce that allows for easy expansion and integration with sales tools and online marketing is critical. There are plenty of open source platforms that you can work with, but none will have the versatility and support that BigCommerce does.

9 05, 2012

How Do I Customize the Products Warranty Tab on Big Commerce?

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How to customize the BigCommerce "Warranty" Tab. Currently, you can pretty easily customize the warranty tab in your BigCommerce store to really be anything you want. This example shows you how to customize your warranty tab to be a "Related Products" tab.

2 05, 2012

How Do I Edit, Customize or Change My Home Page in BigCommerce?

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How do I edit or update my homepage in BigCommerce?...is probably the most common question we receive.

9 04, 2012

How Do I Edit My BigCommerce Files Using FTP?

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If you're new to BigCommerce and you would like to have more hands on control over your store design then you will probably want to edit your files via FTP. Here is a quick overview of where to get the FTP information so that you can do this. . .

20 03, 2012

How To Move The Add To Cart Button On BigCommerce Product Page

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By default in many of the BigCommerce templates, the "add to cart" button is crammed against the quantity box and kind of askew in the vertical alignment. If you're like me this probably really bothers you, so if you are trying to move the "add to cart" button that is placed next to quantity, a quick and easy fix is to move the add to cart button below the quantity box... here's how I can do this?

9 03, 2012

Paypal isn’t Adding Shipping or Tax to My BigCommerce Checkout

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I am using Paypal to checkout in my BigCommerce store, but it isn't charging for shipping. Unfortunately, Paypal checkout allows people to bypass the BigCommerce checkout page and purchase your products without being charged for shipping or tax. Not good, but you can fix it!

6 03, 2012

How the Hell Do I Set Up My Google Checkout on BigCommerce?

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So, When setting up your Google Checkout as a payment Gateway for the first time there are several factors that you need to take into account that could cause errors when trying to checkout. These are obstacles that are NOT clearly documented on Google's website. They're Google, Why would they?

27 02, 2012

Use The BigCommerce Google Website Optimizer to Increase Your Online Sales

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Use both store wide and item-specific tests to improve the conversion rate of your online store. Does single page or multi page checkout drive more sales? Use Google Website Optimizer to find out. You can run six storewide tests as well as per product, web page and category tests to try different on-page elements such as product name, photo, description and more.

27 02, 2012

Vertical Search, Google’s Biggest Fear And How You Can Profit From It

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In this video BigCommerce co-founder Mitchell Harper discusses Google's biggest fear and explains how you can profit from it. Long story short, as more and more vertical search websites and mobile applications are released (such as Quora for Q&A, Kayak for hotels and flights and UrbanSpoon for restaurants), fewer and fewer people start their Internet session at Google.com. These new websites and mobile applications, over the next few years, will result in a drop in traffic to Google as it becomes less relevant, but will provide an opportunity for creative entrepreneurs who understand how to get their products and businesses on these new websites in a way that will make them a part of the conversation and relevant to the searches for content being performed.

27 02, 2012

Mitchell Harper Shares Extremely Effective Guerilla Marketing With Twitter Tactics

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http://www.pixelproductionsinc.com/big_commerce.php - In this video BigCommerce co-founder Mitchell Harper shares an extremely effective Twitter guerilla marketing tactic which you can use to attract thousands of followers and dozens of customers to your online store. Guerilla marketing tactics are defined as those which reach a huge number of people but are cost effective (free) to implement. Twitter has over 100 million users now and many are searching for the products you sell, so if you want to increase your sales for virtually $0 then this video is an absolute must watch.