15 09, 2015

Does Pinterest Have A Place In Your Search Budget?

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Pinterest is often thought of as a social network, and it is to an extent. You can follow people (including friends), and they can follow you back. You can interact with them and even send them direct messages. In these regards it’s very much in the same stable as Facebook, [...]

5 09, 2015

Inside The Pros and Cons of Naming Rights

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The Wall Street Journal reported that the first major sports naming rights deal took place in 1973 to the tune of $37.5 million. The locally based Rich Products bought the right to put their name on the stadium used by the Buffalo Bills. The deal took 13 months to iron [...]

27 08, 2015

Google Launches Structured Snippet Extensions For AdWords

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Google announced that it is starting to roll out structured snippet extensions for text ads. These enable advertisers to provide structured information to show up in their ads.This post Google Launches Structured Snippet Extensions For AdWords, was originally published on WebProNews.You can select a predefined header and enter a list [...]

25 08, 2015

Dealing With High Competition and High Costs Per Click

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When Google AdWords first began, not many businesses even had Web pages, and fewer still used the advertising tool. As a result, competition was relatively low for any business that did use Google AdWords. That, in turn, meant the cost was low too. However, things have changed and now, for many businesses, the cost per […]

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4 06, 2015

Native Advertising Expected to Dominate

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The rise of native advertising is a lot more than a fad or the latest shiny object on the digital landscape, as Marketing Land observes. It represents an important way to reach consumers at precisely the right time: when they are online and engaged in a specific topic. Consumers Reject [...]

2 04, 2015

How To Use PPC To Dominate Local Search

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Anybody in online marketing can tell you that Pay Per Click (PPC) can work for you, but unless you know how to use it to your advantage, and how to properly market using this method of advertising, you might wind up spending a lot more than you would like to. [...]

27 05, 2014

You Better Have A Plan When It Comes To Website Design and Advertising

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When it comes to website design and advertising; it pays to have realistic expectations paired with a solid strategy and a plan. In today’s world of internet sales and booming eCommerce businesses, many people are interested in getting on board with an “easier way of doing business”. Unfortunately, easy access [...]

3 09, 2013

Focusing on the “Bigger Picture” When it Comes to Design, Advertising and Marketing

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Do we focus too much on the components and miss the bigger picture? Most businesses don’t care much about the nuances between graphic design, advertising and marketing — what they want is results. Simply put, when we look at different service providers, graphic design is essentially the dressing on a [...]

9 08, 2013

Advertising Outside the Box

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You don’t have to be a marketing insider to know that the world is cluttered with ads. Everywhere you turn there are messages vying for your attention and products fighting for your pocketbook. In order to rise above the noise, savvy companies are thinking outside the box and implementing ambient advertising methods – incorporating an ad’s surroundings to add dimension and an element of surprise to their message. These ads – often called guerrilla advertising – are visually impactful and have the ability to stop viewers in their tracks specifically because they were cleverly and carefully crafted for the space in which they reside. Successful ambient advertising has the ability to go above and beyond the boundaries of typical ad space. When this type of advertising is done well, consumers feel compelled to share their experience; that’s why there are so many images of this type of advertising on the internet. Here are 10 shining examples of ambient advertising to put a smile on your face and possibly inspire you to think creatively about your companies’ advertising strategy. […]

19 06, 2013

Google Is Reinventing Advertising

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Exasperated by massive banners and pop up ads taking over your computer screen? That very complaint has been reiterated constantly over the course of the last two decades. Fortunately, a number of changes in Internet advertising have occurred. While the annoying pop up ad still makes its presence known from time to time, marketing approaches are now far more clever. The last few years have proven especially revolutionary, with marketing efforts focusing on mobile devices and social media. That evolution continues with the release of the revolutionary Google Project Re: Brief. Essentially, Google Project Re: Brief involves a reimagining of commercials from the golden age of advertising, for the digital age. Lauded for their ingenuity in decades past, these commercials have the potential to prove that, no matter the medium, great ideas always lead the way in advertising. New versions of classic commercials for Alka-Seltzer, Volvo, Avis and Coke may be adapted to better serve online viewers, but the basic feel of the ads is the same, making them enjoyable for both nostalgic older viewers and the tech junkies of the younger generation. […]

23 04, 2013

7 Most Clever Ads on Television

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In March, we highlighted five minimalist print ads that were both aesthetically pleasing and effective. It’s difficult to achieve the same design in television commercials, so advertisers go for a smart hook or angle to win over viewers. They’re also willing to pay massive bucks to do so. According to direct.tv, a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl cost almost $4 million and companies weren’t afraid immediately to buy out the space. But big budget or not, some commercials rise above the others concerning originality and concept. 1. ‘Ship My Pants’ (Kmart) […]