zerox phaser 7760 won't print after Yosemite UpgradeYou’re not the only one, but you can stop swearing – there’s a fix.

Well, we’re about three months into the OS X release of Yosemite I was finally compelled to upgrade. GoToMeeting, which is essential for my client meetings, stopped supporting my current OS, so I made the switch.

While I try to at least keep up with technology, I don’t always upgrade my operating system straight away because I’m a little leery about the bugs.

But hey, what’s the worst that could happen?


Oh, ya, The Consequences of Becoming An Early Adopter.

Since my Mac isn’t brand new, the update significantly slowed down my machine. This of course has lead to a serious increase in application crashes, system crashes, and down time.

Out of all of these issues, the biggest issue turned out to be the inability to print. Apparently Xerox does NOT support the Phaser 7760 print drivers for Yosemite. At a graphic design company, printing is pretty important.

After weeks of scouring the Internet for a solution, our 18 year old college intern Dillon, came up with this solution after reading this post.


How to get your Xerox Phaser 7760 to work with OS X Yosemite.

Currently, Xerox does not provide driver support for their Phaser 7760 on Yosemite. This extremely ‘easy’ fix involves “tricking” your mac device to think it is running an older version of OS. Then you can safely download the latest Xerox drivers.


Step 1) Go into your Macintosh Hard drive and work your way to the Core Services folder (System>Library>CoreServices) and then find SystemVersion.plist


Step 2) Right (control) click on SystemVersion.plist and click “Get info” and change the privileges for the folder to Read & Write for your user

*(Make sure you click the little lock in the bottom right corner to unlock the files so you can edit them!!)



Step 3) You cannot edit SystemVersion.plist directly, so you must first copy it to your desktop and open it with TextEdit.


Step 4) This is the file that your computer references to tell what version it is running. Here, you can change the 10.10.1 to 10.9 (Or whatever version you are trying to “revert” back to) then save the file, and move it into the CoreServices folder replacing the SystemVersion with the edit you just made.



Step 5) Now we need to download the most recent driver for our Phaser 7760. The latest driver requires Mac 10.6 through 10.9 and you can download it here:


Step 6) Now that you have the latest driver for your printer installed, we need to revert the changes we made to SystemVersion.plist by going to the Core Services folder and again, copying it to your desktop. This time you change the 10.9 back to the 10.10.1 version you started out on. Save the file, and move it to the CoreServices folder and replace the SystemVersion file that is already in there.


That is all that there is to it!


This process of “tricking” your mac into thinking it is running an older version can be used for a wide variety of things. In our case, we had to use this trick to get the latest Phaser 7760 drivers installed on our machines.