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How Can My Business Benefit from a Toll-Free Phone Number?

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference, like having a toll-free phone number for your business, learn why.Toll-Free Phone Number

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A toll-free phone number is a contact number that does not charge the person who is calling. They are a popular choice for business contact numbers or customer service lines that need to be accessed nationally, since they allow customers to get in touch from anywhere in the country without being charged a long-distance calling rate. Toll-free phone numbers usually have three-digit prefixes, and 800 is usually the most popular. No matter what kind of business you are running, a toll-free phone number can be very advantageous for your company. Here are some of the main reasons to consider upgrading. 

Improve Your Image

If you have ever called an established, professional company like your cable TV provider or electricity company, you probably contacted them on a toll-free phone number. Toll-free phone numbers are typically associated with businesses that are professional, well-known, and well-established, which is why using one for your company can help to improve your image and reputation. 

Boost Customer Convenience

Making sure that the customer has the best experience is a top priority for any business. However, businesses that do not use toll-free numbers will often create an inconvenient and sometimes expensive process for customers who need to get in touch. On the other hand, toll free numbers can easily be set up so that calls can be forwarded to the appropriate place regardless of where the customer is calling from. It helps the customer avoid pricey long-distance call charges and eliminates the need to track different phone numbers to get in touch with different departments or members of staff. 

Improve Brand Awareness

It is often possible to add an element of personalization to a toll-free phone number, making it specific to your brand and easier for your customers to remember. These are known as vanity numbers, and they are the ideal option for businesses that want to improve their contact information as a way to boost brand awareness. You can choose your number so that it resembles your brand name or an important word in your slogan, for example. 

Widen Audience Reach

A toll-free number can be a very useful tool to have if you are moving your business outside of your local area and want to expand to reach a wider audience. A toll-free phone number lets customers know that you are not just a small, local business, and your company has a much larger presence. If you are looking to grow your business outside of your town, city or state, a toll-free number can help with this. 

Improve the Employee Experience

A toll-free number for your business doesn’t just make things easier for your customers. You and your employees will also benefit from the upgrade. When you use a toll-free number alongside a cloud-based business phone system, you can easily set it up so that calls can be forwarded to yourself or your employees from anywhere using any device. This is especially handy if the events of the past year have led most of your employees to work remotely, but still need to be available to customers looking to contact the business. 

Enjoy More Flexibility

When you use a toll-free number, your business’s location doesn’t really matter. This makes businesses automatically more flexible. Whether you decide to up and move to an entirely different state or close down your office and allow all your employees to work from home permanently, your contact number will not change and there will be no need to worry about making sure that your online presence and your customers are updated, which can be a huge task. No matter where in the country your business goes, a toll-free number can easily be taken with you.  

Boost Marketing Results

A toll-free number allows you to easily set up a range of different extensions that you can apply to different marketing campaigns. If you are displaying a contact number in the call to action of different advertisements and campaigns, using a unique extension for each allows you to gather more data about your audience and makes it easier for you to see which marketing campaigns are performing better than others. You can then use the information that you collect when putting together future marketing campaigns to improve and optimize your efforts for the best results. 

It’s Affordable

Getting a toll-free number is an easy process for most businesses. Along with this, upgrading your contact details to a toll-free number is also very cost-effective. While you’ll often see these numbers used by the bigger companies, they are certainly able to fit into the budget of a smaller business or start-up. You can sign up for a toll-free number for just a few dollars per month. In addition, you can easily use them alongside a cloud-based business phone system, which you can add additional features to and scale as your business grows. 

Improve Customer Relationships

Last but not least, getting a toll-free number can help you improve your relationship with your customers, which every business owner knows has a positive impact on reputation, profit, business growth, and much more. When customers can easily contact a business, their satisfaction levels will soar. On the other hand, if you’re using a local phone number that customers from a different state will have to pay a lot to call, or a number that is not easy to remember, this can have a damaging effect on your customer relations. The easier and cheaper it is for customers to get in touch with your company when they have a question or issue, the more satisfied they will be with the service that they receive from the start. As a result, your business will enjoy a strong reputation, better word-of-mouth marketing, and customers who are loyal. 

Getting a toll-free phone number might seem like a very simple change to make to your business’s contact details, but it has a lot of business benefits to consider. Along with improving customer relationships by ensuring that contacting your company is as easy and convenient as possible for them, a toll-free number can improve your public image and boost employee satisfaction too. 

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