Business Infographic Tips: How to Create Visuals That Sell

Visual marketing has become an essential part of any effective business strategy. Read these business infographic tips and create visuals that sell.

Business Infographic Tips


Business infographics became the marketing rage in 2012. That’s when social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were coming of age and marketers were looking for ways to break through the noise.

Infographics proved to be effective because they take complex sets of data and turn them into visual masterpieces that can be understood in seconds. People process and retain visual information, which makes this a great marketing tool for your business.

The challenge is to create a well-designed infographic. Check out these business infographic tips to make your infographics easy to understand and shareable.

What Are You Trying to Say?

Do you know what you’re trying to communicate? You should have a topic in mind before you start to create an infographic.

If you’re not sure, conduct research on questions and hot topics in your industry. You want to have an infographic that your target audience can understand and relate to.

For example, if you target parents of teenagers, you want your infographic topic to be something that is important to them.

Collect Your Data Points

What are the data points that you want to include in your infographic?

This step often trips people up because they want to put too much information in the infographic. Just because you can put a lot of points in the infographic doesn’t mean that you should. You want to keep it as simple as possible.

Instead, have one big point that you want people to walk away with. You can then have a few supporting data points.

The Promotion Plan

You should consider how you will get your idea out to the masses before you design your infographic. You should also set a goal for your infographic.

For example, you want the business infographic to drive traffic to one page of your website. You’ll need to make sure the infographic is on that page. There should be a plugin installed on your site that allows others to share images and content on your site.

You then need to decide where you will share the infographic. You can use your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You want to leverage channels that our target market uses. For a B2B target, you may consider LinkedIn.

Design Your Business Infographic

The hardest part is designing your business infographic. How do you organize the data and everything that you’re trying to communicate in one graphic?

You can start by getting ideas and inspiration from other infographics. This is a great way to think about the possibilities. They can also make the design process much easier.

You do need to refer back to your promotion plan when you’re designing your infographics. Remember that social media channels have different image requirements. You want to size your infographics appropriately for the best chance to be shared.

Design a Business Infographic for Better Visibility

It’s hard to break through the marketing noise with your business message. You can when you have an effective business infographic that people can remember and share.

You want your infographic to be relevant to your target market and simple to understand. The tips listed here will help you do just that.

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