Business Cards The Little Marketing Tool With Big Impact

Business cards are still biggest bang for the buck in terms of marketing tools, learn how to make them a powerful tool in your arsenal.

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For about $25, you can make Business Cards the Best Marketing Tool to generate a 1,000 possible leads – we’re going to show you how.


Business cards, despite all of the technology improvements, are still essential. No amount of technology will be able to take the place of a pocket sized leave behind.


Business cards are usually exchanged at the first meeting of the parties involved. One may even argue that it is a professional, handshake in a way. No matter how many years go by, a business card remains a necessary marketing tool.

Have you ever been caught without one?

I have and it makes you feel pretty stupid when you randomly meet a person and then they ask; “oh, do you have a business card?” and you don’t have one.


If you are wondering how to grow your business a business card is by far the cheapest marketing tool to help you generate leads. I know COVID has made approaching people a little harder the past couple of years, but people are getting back out there and you should be ready with your business card.

What’s the Use of Having a Business Card?

Small business owners rely on business cards for selling their products. And it also helps them to build relationships with others in the sector.


A well-designed business card may set you apart from the competition. A visually beautiful business card is more likely to be seen and remembered. Recipients are more inclined to keep a business card if it is visually appealing. 


Some of the best branding agencies say that people are reluctant to toss out business cards, and because of that someone who was a cold lead originally converts long after receiving the card.


Your business card is an inexpensive marketing tool.


Easy mobility and increased brand awareness are two advantages of its portable feature and there is no reason you shouldn’t have one. 

What Is the Best Way to Use Your Business Cards as a Marketing Tool?

Your name and contact information alone won’t be enough to promote your business. Especially when it comes to creating a professional-looking business card.


A business card could be designed by various marketing firms and creative agencies. There are currently a lot of reputable marketing businesses out there, choosing one might seem too daunting. However, a good place to start is by working with local branding agencies. 


For example if you’re located in Vacouver, do a quick search for branding agencies in Vancouver. One can simply set up an in-person meeting to discuss every detail of the plan, without the hassle of possible miscommunication.


These marketing companies know various effective promotional methods, strategies, and hacks to help build a brand. They are also familiar with ideas which can make a business card the most effective marketing tool.


If you’re ready to begin, here’s what you should look for in a business card design: 

1. An Appealing and Informative Design Is Required

Start with professionally created or customized business cards. Why?


  • Keep in mind that the business card represents your brand. The logo and tagline are the first things to incorporate. These cards serve to identify your company to the person who receives them. Take control to make it easy for customers to identify your brand. Do it by combining shapes, colors, and text uniquely.


  • Your business card should clarify your organization’s mission and role. Mention your company’s tagline and your title on your card. 

Emphasize the job role. Job titles on business cards help small business owners and freelancers get discovered.


  • A business card’s most important component is its contact information. Prospects will remember you better if you give them one of your business cards. There’s no use in having a website if no one knows how to reach you.


  • There are many reasons for having your business URL on your business cards. By handing out business cards, you are presenting another way for prospective customers to contact you. In doing so, they will visit your website right away. 


  • If you desire a business connection, be clear about what you can do for them through your card. Specialists exist in a plethora of fields. Each of us has a unique set of talents, from photography to medical, coding to writing.


In that case, you can try to list them on a card in a few words. Any credible branding and web design agency will know what information should be on the card.


  • It’s no longer possible to run a company without using social media. List the channels where potential customers may receive a decent sense of what you have to offer. Your personal Facebook page does not need to be included on your business card. It won’t be as effective as other marketing approaches.


  • You need to express yourself uniquely with your card presentation! Make sure that the details on your card are appealing enough for them to go over it and keep it. 


2. Convey The Brand’s Story

Your business card conveys what your firm stands for in a nutshell. The business card of a graphic designer will be different. It’d be best if it reflects the designer’s art style. In that way, the business card can double as a sample of your skills. .

Your business cards will communicate your brand’s narrative as a marketing tool. A good branding agency for startups will advise you on the most refined techniques.

3. Never Miss an Opportunity to Hand It Out 

Keep them with you at all times. Giving out business cards is suitable for every ‘per chance’ encounter. The more people will get your card; the more your brand will gain visibility.


To further promote your business, hand out business cards at various events. Participation at a job fair or other events is a great opportunity to meet new people and build a wider network. You’ll be in a better position to offer your résumé or business card if you do this.


Your business card will be a terrific marketing tool to expand your network as you will encounter numerous corporate people.

4. Make Sure to Include a Call to Action

You’ll need a Call to Action (CTA) on your business cards if you are hoping to generate sales from them. Your business card is more than just a way to exchange contact info. It’s your own 2.5×3 salesman. 

Thus, your business card must provide a great call to action that draws prospects in. Make it short and memorable. 

5. Stand Out 

To gain success, you have to stand out from the crowd. Aesthetically appealing, snappy, and engaging business cards increase consumer recall.


Coordinating with an expert graphic designer of a branding agency will result in a memorable business card. It will let your brand shine from the rest of your competition.

6. Reciprocate

Whenever you find yourself in a position to give a business card make sure to ask for one in return. This simple act goes a long way in making a memorable impression. Make a note of the date, place, and any relevant information on the card. A follow-up conversation with this individual will benefit significantly from these remarks.

7. Work With Previous Customers

Ask a previously satisfied customer whether you may leave your business cards at their office. They can give your cards to others where you may gain more clients, even those who are originally outside of your target population. If you mention it on the cards, potential clients will be aware of your great job and skills.


When you give out your business card to someone, keep in mind that you are exposing your profession and field to people who may not know you personally. As such, these cards should leave a good impact on whoever may receive it. Let the design of the card show that you are seeking long-term exposure and commercial opportunities.


Leave your business card design to the pros. Your business card will attract potential buyers to be effective as a marketing tool.