Why Your Brand Message Doesn’t Reach Your Audience?

If your brand message doesn’t reach your audience, you’re not really building a brand, learn how to resonate, keep reading.

Why Your Brand Message Doesn't Reach Your Audience?

To make your business successful, it’s imperative that you build a powerful and recognizable brand around it. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs put a lot of effort into creating unique brands, but they are unable to send their brand message to the target audience. In this post, we will share some of the main reasons why that happens.

Your brand message may not get conveyed to the right people if you:

1. Don’t Understand What Your Brand is 

Having a clear understanding of your brand is pivotal. You need to know how your brand is different from others. You also need to know your mission statement and values. Don’t just have a general idea of these aspects in your mind- put these thoughts on paper and put the final version in your brand book. 

2. Don’t Have a Clear Brand Message 

Brand message should always be simple and easy to understand. Think of the taglines of all the popular brands- Just do it (Nike), I am loving it (McDonalds’), Think Different (Apple), etc. These taglines are short yet powerful. Most importantly, these taglines (brand messages) are also very clear. Since they are clear, they are memorable and impactful. 

3. Don’t Have Clear Brand Guidelines

As mentioned earlier, you should keep the basic principles of your brand- the messaging, mission statement, etc. in a brand book. This brand book lists the brand guidelines and helps to create a visual style guide for your brand. When you need to redesign the website, or create a new blog post, then you can always refer to this brand book to select the tone, visuals, etc. for the content. It goes a long way in maintaining brand consistency. 

4. Don’t Know the Target Demographic

Make sure that you know the people you are selling your brand to. Some of things you need to know about them include- age, gender, location, lifestyle, purchasing capacity, profession, etc. This information will help you align your brand message with the people for whom it’s created. 

How to Improve Your Brand and Make the Messaging More Effective?

If you want your brand message to be clearer and more powerful, then you may need to work on your brand. There are certain ingredients that every brand must have. The following are some of them:

  • Appropriate Logo: Having a logo is a must for every brand. However, it’s also important that the logo you have is relevant to the brand. If your knowledge about creating logos is limited, then it’s recommended that you do some research on your end. You may also use an advanced logo tool such as Tailor Brands to redesign your existing logo or create a new logo.
  • High Quality Images: The images you use in your website, blog, email newsletter, etc. should be HD and professional. You don’t have to buy licensed images though. There are plenty of websites such as Pexels where you can download copyright-free and high-definition images for free.
  • Brand Voice: If your brand is a person, then the way they talk to others forms their voice. It’s important that you pick this brand voice wisely and also keep it consistent across all channels (social media, blog, etc.). The brand voice could be authoritative, informal, educational, etc. but it should be in line with the brand’s guidelines. 

If your brand isn’t making waves across the industry but there was a time when it used it, then it’s possible your brand is outdated. You may give your brand a refresh, a new identity to get back on track again. There are many things you can do in this regard- redesign the logo, website, etc. or come up with a different marketing campaign- the list is endless.


It’s painful to have a great brand only to see it not making any impact in the industry. This usually happens because entrepreneurs expect good business visibility after the brand is created. The reality is that building a brand isn’t enough- you also need to market this brand. Once you understand this, you can identity the things that are preventing you to reach your audience. You can fix the gaps and then surely, your business will grow.