7 Strategies to Boost Your BigCommerce Store Sales

Want to know how to boost your BigCommerce store sales? Of course, you do, start with these 7 proven strategies to drive more sales to your BigCommerce store today.

Boost Your BigCommerce Store Sales

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/JKUTrJ4vK00


No matter how big your store is, one of your goals will always be to increase sales and customer conversion rates. Whether you choose to focus on attracting new customers or rationing existing ones, you need to come up with various strategies that will help you sell more. 


As a store owner on the BigCommerce platform, there are numerous strategies you can try. Every so often, there is a completely new fad everyone seems to be taken with. However, sometimes the tried-and-tested ones work much better and can ensure steady sustainable growth. Here are seven proven strategies to boos BigCommerce store sales for your use. 

1. Improve Your Website and Checkout Speed

Loading speeds are not only a ranking factor; they also play a crucial role in user experience and retention. If someone has to wait longer than 5-ish seconds (and even that can seem like too long for some), they will choose to bounce. 

Hiring an experienced developer who knows how to work with your server and optimize your code can make a vast difference. You don’t have to strip back the elements on your page completely. Just ensure that they are loading in the right order and that they are of the right size. 


Improving checkout speeds is equally important. Make the process as simple as possible. If you can have just one step, that would be ideal. Don’t ask for superfluous data, and don’t make your customers answer too many questions. Let them get to their items fast and securely. 

2. Offer Alternative Payment Methods

There are so many digital wallets and payment methods available today that you will be missing out on a lot of conversions if you choose not to offer at least the most popular ones. Some people just don’t want to share their credit card information with you, and you won’t be able to change that, no matter how safe your checkout processes are. 

Amazon, Apple, and Google Pay should be an option if you can provide them. You should also try to accommodate payments in digital currencies. As long as you offer more than PayPal and credit card, you can expect your sales to increase. 

3. Establish Trust and Highlight Reliability

There are countless online stores available to your customers, and they are bombarded by them at every step. They can’t open a website or look at a social network without being served at least one laser-focused ad that is telling them to buy something they actually like. 


They won’t buy from just anyone, though. Most shoppers are aware that there are many fake stores out there and will only choose to do business with those they trust. 


Add unobtrusive trust signals to your pages: reviews, testimonials, user-generated content, awards, customer logos, use cases, and case studies. They will help your showcase your reliability and ensure your customers see you as a brand they can trust their personal information with. 

4. Nurture Your Shoppers in Every Stage 

Don’t forget that you need to shower your customers with attention at every stage of the sales funnel. Even after you have converted someone, don’t just let them go and forget all about them. 

Personalized emails and offers, notifications when an item has come back in stock, birthday cards: all of these simple to create touches can do wonders for customer retention. Provide stellar customer service, and actually speak to as many customers as you can to gauge their experiences with your store and products. You can learn much more that way than through any number of focus groups. 

5. Rely on Automation

Running a BigCommerce store takes up a lot of time. There are too many tasks to get through in a day, and you need to learn sooner rather than later that you and your staff will never be able to tackle them.

This is where workflow automation comes in. There are dozens of processes you can automate and let a tool do the hard lifting for you. Anything from email marketing to invoicing, follow-up emails, and inventory management can be automated. 


The key lies in outsourcing repetitive and tedious tasks. Don’t post on social media manually; instead, get a tool where you can schedule all of your week’s posts. 


However, to make automation work for you, don’t forget that you also need the human element. Automation can only do so much, but if you pair it with human input, it can skyrocket your sales. 

6. Build Relevant Links

You will also need to work on your online reputation and referral traffic. You can do that by building quality, relevant links on reputable websites that are already read by your target audience.

The best SaaS link building services may not come cheap, but they will secure your results. You will notice that your rankings are going up, but more importantly, you will see some very qualified traffic. 


Think of link building as relationship building. If the agency you work with does a good job, you will see an increase in sales from the recommendations the bloggers you work with provide off their website too. 

7. Learn from Real-Life Data

Finally, you want to make sure you are relying on real data when making your sales-oriented decisions. Don’t trust someone else’s numbers: take a good look at your own

Your dashboards are filled with relevant and useful information: bounce rate, customer flow, heatmaps, cart abandonment rates, etc. You can easily discord that, for example, most people choose not to buy a certain product because the shipping is too high or the waiting list is too long. 


Implementing the tiniest of changes can often lead to the best results, so keep an eye on the important KPIs and analyze them as a whole, not as isolated numbers that don’t mean much. 

Wrapping Up 

Boosting BigCommerce store sales is a never-ending battle. You need to keep improving all of your sales and marketing tactics continuously and vigorously. However, the better you get to know your customers, the easier this will be. You will no longer be selling to strangers, but to a group of people, you know and have a good rapport with.