How to Boost Follower Loyalty on Social Media

The 5 Golden Rules of building follower loyalty on social media — don’t neglect them. Find out how to boost your follower loyalty on social media today.

boost follower loyalty

Are your social media followers loyal to your brand?

Just because a user ‘likes’ your Facebook Page doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she will choose your brand over a competing business. Thankfully, there are ways to boost follower loyalty on social media, some of which we’re going to discuss in today’s blog post.


Post New Content Regularly


The golden rule of social media marketing is to post new content on a regular basis. Without content, there’s no reason for users to follow you, let alone remain loyal to your brand. This is why it’s a good idea to plan your social media content ahead of time, focusing on high-quality content that’s relevant to your audience’s interests.


Host Contests


Some of the biggest retailers already use do it, so why aren’t you? Hosting contests on social media boosts follower loyalty, as it provides them an incentive for engaging with your brand. Perhaps you can give away a free product or gift card to a random follower. As a side benefit, hosting contests will often encourage even more people to follow you on social media. Contests are typically shared with family and friends, some of whom may also follow your brand.


Remain Transparent


Don’t try to hide or otherwise conceal aspects of your business on social media. Maintaining a high level of transparency creates a sense of trust in your followers, which in turn makes them more loyal to your brand. So when developing you social media pages and profiles, include as much information about your business as possible.


Respond to Questions and Comments


When a follower leaves a comment or asks a question on your social media account, take a moment to respond. You don’t have to write an essay-long response. Rather, something as simple as “thanks for the comment” is enough to show followers that you care about their thoughts. Far too many businesses overlook the importance of responding to followers. Don’t make this mistake; respond to followers’ questions and comments.


Send Followers Special Coupons and Promotions


You can also boost the loyalty of your followers by posting special coupons and promotions on social media. Whether it’s a 10% or buy-one-get-one-free, promotions such as this encourage users to keep following you. Furthermore, it provides an incentive for following, which is a special discount. This, combined with the tips listed above, are sure to boost followers loyalty on social media.