Blogs With Great Designs to Follow in 2020

Blog design is important across every industry, you’ll want to reference these blogs with great designs for inspiration and audience communication.

Blogs With Great Designs to Follow in 2020

Many businesses and individuals use blogs to get their messages across to their readers. Whether the blog writer is trying to sell a product or service, share a recipe, or anything else, it’s important that their blog looks nice.

If a blog’s text is hard to read, if the page is filled with too many ads, or if the pictures don’t make sense to match the text, then readers aren’t likely to stay on the page for long.

Check out some of the blogs below to see great blog design in action.

Thrive Global

Thrive Global is a fairly simple blog when it comes to its aesthetics. It is very business-like. Its color scheme focuses on light colors, mostly involving shades of blue and green. This provides a professional look. The pictures on the site are also anything but silly and match the article topics well.

For the most part, this isn’t an artsy blog. They get their ideas across in a straight-forward manner. Their website is easy to follow and its simple for readers to find what they are looking for.

One of the most impressive features of this blog is its logo. It’s beautifully designed. Even though it is simple, it is pleasing to look at. Having an aesthetically pleasing logo is one of the best things an aspiring blogger can learn from this blog. To make a similar logo, try using a free logo maker online.

Sincerely, Jules

Social media has become an important part of almost every internet-users’ online experience. Because of this, it’s not strange to see blogs replicating many of the features of social media websites. Many bloggers love to fill their websites with pictures, videos, and links to their social media accounts. Sincerely, Jules incorporates many aspects of social media into her blog.

The blog has a very Instagram-esque feel to it. As readers scroll through the blog, they will come across large pictures and small pieces of text. By clicking on the pictures, readers will be lead to the full article. Even without clicking on any of the articles, viewers can still enjoy the blog by simply taking in all of the pictures.

Sincerely, Jules also has links to her social media profiles right on her page. if readers want even more readable content, links, or just more pictures, it’s simple for them to find it. All in all, this blog does a great job of being simple, clean, and fun for young readers. To see similar blogs, check out this list of blogs that use social media on their websites.

The Good Trade

Blogs don’t need to be filled with pictures to be nice to look at. The Good Trade is a great example of this. This blog uses a minimalist style. For those who don’t already know, minimalist styles don’t use a lot of bright colors, fancy texts, or a million pictures to get their message across. Instead, they rely on their great content to get their blog attention online. However, this doesn’t mean that the blog looks bad. Instead, the minimalist style keeps the blog looking simple and clean.

Just like with Sincerely, Jules, each article is headed by a picture or a few pictures that set the tone of each article. Unlike the last blog, the pictures are much smaller. This is the case, except when a new category is introduced. Category pictures are much larger, but this is actually a good thing because it makes it clear that a new topic is beginning.

The pictures themselves are also minimalist. They focus on one or two elements at a time. They are nothing like an eye-spy book. Viewers have only one thing to focus on in each picture. The colors in the pictures also tend to be muted or use pastels. This wonderfully fits the general theme of the blog.


By checking out blogs online, usually blogs run by women stand out as being the most beautiful. However, blogs don’t need to be feminine to be aesthetically pleasing. One of the best examples of a masculine blog that has a nice appearance is Mantelligence.

This blog has a darker color scheme than the best of the blogs on this list. However, that doesn’t make the text hard to read. The blog has a plain white background with black text and borders and dark green buttons and other elements. In blogs, as well as in art, it’s important to use contrasting colors to make things visually appealing. In terms of text, it also makes it easier to read.

One thing that this blog does that the other blogs on this list didn’t do is put the titles for each article directly on the header picture for each article. Many of the pictures also use muted colors or the colors are edited to look darker. This makes the white text for the titles stand out, making them easy to read. The titles also seem to have a shadow behind them, which also helps them to stand out.

Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes puts many of the aspects discussed in this article already into one great blog. Their logo is simple and pretty. The creative design shows a flower-like shape made out of spoons. It’s cute and a bit funny, which perfectly sets the mood for the blog.

The blog itself is covered in brightly-lit pictures of tasty-looking foods. While the blog does not say so directly, it’s likely that the blogger took the pictures of the food herself, which adds a layer of realism and shows that she is being genuine.

She also uses a mix of titles above articles, along with titles on the pictures, like in the Mantelligence blog. This helps to mix things up. While viewers might not know what to expect, everything on the blog is easy to understand and pleasing to look at.

All in all, great blog designs will always have a few things in common. Having pictures to draw in viewers, text that is easy to read, and interesting content will always keep readers coming back for more. So, make a beautiful logo, find some aesthetically pleasing pictures, and hook up your social media account to your blog. If you can do this, then you can make your blog look wonderful!